Does Forth support multithreading?

I had a short look at the Forth programming language for a while. Is it possible to do multithreading with synchronization primitives in Forth? For example, is it possible to do n-by-n matrix multiplication with multiple threads in Forth? If so, what

How can I implement a simple stack-based programming language

I am interested in extending my knowledge of computer programming by implementing a stack-based programming language. I am seeking out advice on where to begin, as I intend for it to have functions like "pushint 1" which would push an integer wi

something like stackbased objects in c ++ for javascript

Looking for a construct in javascript which works like the destructor in stackbased or local object in c++, e.g. #include <stdio.h> class M { public: int cnt; M() {cnt=0;} void inc() {cnt++;} ~M() {printf ("Count is %d\n", cnt);} }; ... {M

registers vs batteries

What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages to using a register-based virtual machine versus using a stack-based virtual machine? To me, it would seem as though a register based machine would be more straight-forward to program and more efficie