How to let other people use ssh to connect to my computer?

My operating system is Mac OS X. I want to use bash command to let other people use ssh to connect my computer. How do I do?set up a user account for them on your computer; allow logon privileges for the user. OS X Server puts a pretty GUI face on do

can not retrieve the Git remote repository from Sourcetree

I Generated ssh keys and configured my git and SourceTree. I could git pull and do other operations from Git-bash. Note: I have added the following in .bashrc to make it work. eval `ssh-agent` ssh-add However, when I try to git pull in SourceTree, I

can not connect to github via ssh

I tried to clone one of my repositories on github from my newly installed linux machine running manjaro with fluxbox. i set up the and and uploaded the correct ssh key. but i always get The authenticity of host ' (192.3

Non persistent SSH connection

I have the following script which SSH's into a network server and executes some commands, for some reason the SSH connection opens but by the time the commands are executed it closes (I think), as a result the commands are failing with below error? C

SVN error at Eclipse folder cash does not exist

Im installed svn server in Centos 6.6 via ssh Then i imported some file svn import /var/www file:///var/svn/myfiles -m "initial import" I can see my repository on the URL but when i tried to check out the project via svn on eclipse i got the err

Raspberry PI does not connect to SSH

I just got my Raspberry PI and I want to use in headless mode(it's better for me and I don't have an HDMI monitor). I connect my PI to laptop normally, I can ping it, I can find it on the web browser, but I can't connect as SSH. Please help me!Maybe

Python unit tests work after all tests

I need to test smth on python via ssh. I don't want to make ssh connection for every test, because it is to long, I have written this: class TestCase(unittest.TestCase): client = None def setUp(self): if not hasattr(self.__class__, 'client') or self.

Quit an SSH session but not a script

In my bash script, I do: ssh [email protected]; cd ~/apple; echo "Before Exit" exit echo "After Exit" I never see Before Exit or After Exit. I can understand why I may not see Before Exist as my script at that stage is in another

The gnome terminal tabs open multiple ssh connections

I have a file with a list of servers: SERVERS.TXT: From a gnome terminal script, I want open a new terminal, with a tab for each server. Here is what I tried: gnome-terminal --profile=TabProfile `while read S

How to add a hostname to known_hosts using Python?

I am using this code to add server to the known_hosts: subprocess.Popen(['sshpass', '-p', password, 'ssh', '-o', 'StrictHostKeyChecking=no', add_key], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0] This adds hostname to the known_hosts but the server hangs

non-interactive SSH password in JAVA

I have a program that requires cascaded SSH, i.e. it ssh A server and then using same connection ssh B server. Server A is acting as a bridge. I have an instance of shell which is used to ssh first server. When I am doing ssh [email protected], it asks shoot from github

I am trying to pull or clone a git repo from my joyent smartmachine thru putty. I can connect to my sever easily, but as soon as I write: git pull [email protected]/accoutName/repo , I get the following error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal:

How can you get the SSH return code using Paramiko?

client = paramiko.SSHClient() stdin, stdout, stderr = client.exec_command(command) Is there any way to get the command return code? It's hard to parse all stdout/stderr and know whether the command finished successfully or not.SSHClient is a simple w

How to make SSH go directly to a specific directory?

when you do an "ssh second_machine" you are able to connect to second_machine on your home directory But usually i am working in my_machine in directory with very long path, and i want to connect to second_machine and move to my working director

How to create a bash script to check the SSH connection?

I am in the process of creating a bash script that would log into the remote machines and create private and public keys. My problem is that the remote machines are not very reliable, and they are not always up. I need a bash script that would check