How can I keep the session open after login?

I have a login in my project but always when I open my app after I close it, have to login again. I use Firebase to authenticate, but I want something like: check if user is logged -> if not - open login, else - open my main activity" I don't know

How can I store my data locally using iOS + Swift?

This question already has an answer here: iOS offline data storage tutorial 2 answers I am new for Swift iOS development. I want to store my data (name, image_path) locally while my app is not able to upload it (no internet connection etc). I have st

To create a registration form using C # and SQLite

I would like to create a simple registration form for WINDOWS application. I am using SQLite database which can be embedded into the project as I need to create a .exe file and mail it to my friend. Now my registration form has 2 text boxes. textBox1

SQLite android2 database

This question already has an answer here: When is SQLiteOpenHelper onCreate() / onUpgrade() run? 12 answers public static final String TABLENAME = "EMPLOYEES"; public static final String TABLE = "CUSTOMER"; public static final String[]

Problem with Android SQLite: "No Column" error

This question already has an answer here: When is SQLiteOpenHelper onCreate() / onUpgrade() run? 12 answers I'm making the app that stores a list of the user's purchases in a SQLite database in android. A problem I'm having is I can't delete any of t

Get a definition of non-class found error in the error?

I am writing an android app but using JUnit to test it out some of the more java-specific functionality before creating activities and the android-specific functions. As I write out the JUnit tests and execute them bit by bit, I am finding failures a

How to remove all tables from Sqlite in android

I search a lot, lots of about this. But little helps. The matter is the upgrade and downgrade of database. If just upgrade or downgrade, it's simple. when upgrade,modify or add tables(keep data,it is important), when downgrade, delete the known table

Simple join request for two queries:

I have two Queries which are related to two identical tables (Column names and everything is same) Query1: "SELECT * FROM Notifications ORDER BY SUBSTR(DATE('NOW'), 0)>SUBSTR(DateToNotify, 0), SUBSTR(DateToNotify, 0)"; Query2: "SELECT *

Save float number sqlite rounded error

I'm saving float data in sqlite trough in my aplicaton. The problem is that when I saving the value 99999.99 the sqlite is rounding it to 100000.00. And the same is happening when i try to save 999999.99, its rounding it to 1000000.00. What is happen

SQLite Net Index and Lambda Expressions

We are using Xamarin with SQLiteNet as ORM. In our data layer class we have the method below. filter = ri => ri.ItemVersioniId == itemVersionId; The method is getting the records matching the Id. If the lambda expression is hardcoded, instead of usin

The foreign key syntax error table is not created

My table is not being created because of a FOREIGN KEY syntax error but I cant seem to figure it out. I made sure I created the int first before I called the FK. Here's teh code for my class with the FK public class PlayerStatsDatabase { public stati

How to DELETE a line with a GUID value in SQLite

I have a column in SQLite of GUID type, I have tried a query like this, and it returns no error, but the row is not deleted DELETE FROM MyTable WHERE Id='4ffbd580-b17d-4731-b162-ede8d698e026'; In SQLite Browser the Id values look like binary values,

how to show unique data using the sqlite database in android?

I have created database in SQLiteOpenHelper class. I've also done insertion in database in Button click event in other activity( Now, when i display data on listview then two same entry generated. How to display distinct record i

Is the database updated when an application is updated?

I have an App in my Device, that contains database, if I update that app from the App Store, then database of App will be updated or it uses the same database of previous App.If you stored your data in NSDocumentDirectory or NSLibraryDirectory, your

How can I see the SQLite database (no emulator)?

For development , sometimes we need for a faster programming , the SQLite database state of our programs . But i can only extract database if it's on emulator , not mobile . Then my exactly question is ¿Is there a way to see the android sqlite db or

Saving SQL queries in Android

I am using the query functions in order to build the SQL queries for my tables. Is there a way to see the actual query that is run? For instance log it somewhere? So far the best I could do was to have a look at the cursor's member mQuery using a bre

OrmLite removal failed

I am performing a simple delete of a ormlite object. The code is below. But no matter what, the object never get deleted. Dao<Subscription, Object> dao = helper.getSubscriptionDataDao(); dao = helper.getSubscriptionDataDao(); QueryBuilder<Subscri

Saving dates in SQLite?

I've found this from this link: 1.2 Date and Time Datatype SQLite does not have a storage class set aside for storing dates and/or times. Instead, the built-in Date And Time Functions of SQLite are capable of stor

EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using SQLite (FMDB) and threads on iOS 4.0

I am using FMDB to deal with my database which works fine. The app uses a background thread which is doing some work and needs to access the database. At the same time the main thread needs to run some queries on the same database. FMDB itself has a

SQLite swivel table, setwise like SQL should be

I have some data. 224,000 rows of it, in a SQLite database. I want to extract time series information from it to feed a data visualisation tool. Essentially, each row in the db is an event that has (among other things not strictly relevant) a time-da

SQLite add a primary key

I created a table in Sqlite by using the CREATE TABLE AS syntax to create a table based on a SELECT statement. Now this table has no primary key but I would like to add one. Executing ALTER TABLE table_name ADD PRIMARY KEY(col1, col2,...) gives a syn

py2exe + sqlalchemy + sqlite problem

I am playing around with getting some basic stuff to work in Python before i go into full speed dev mode. Here are the specifics: Python 2.5.4 PyQt4 4.4.3 SqlAlchemy 0.5.2 py2exe 0.6.9 setuptools 0.6c9 pysqlite 2.5.1 from distutils.core imp

Django and Sqlite competition problem

I've done a bit of reading related to the concurrency issues with sqlite, but I don't see how they'd apply to Django since it's inherently single threaded. I'm not using any multiprocess modules either. I have absolutely no experience with concurrent