Why does the Spring Core project use Spring Boot (STS)?

I'm using Spring Tool Suite and learning Spring. I've created a Spring Start Project. The project wizard ask for the version of Boot. I'm just practicing Spring and doing output to the console. Why do I need Spring Boot? There's not way to create a s

Springboot & gt; WebServlet - Skip the Spring Container

I have springBoot standalone application. I used @SpringBootApplication, @ServletComponentScan annotations in my standalone application. All my components, beans getting initialized in spring container and prints in the application startup. Inside my

How to use Spring Page without spring data

Hi i'm using below code for find article using spring with plain hibernate. public List<Article> getArticles(int currPosition, int pageSize) { Criteria c = getSession().createCriteria(Article.class); c.addOrder(Order.desc("createdDate"));

Spring Boot ActiveMQ - Port already in use: 1099

I am new in ActiveMQ and I need to create spring boot aplication where are publis activeMQ queues. Therefore I created the simple SpringBoot application @SpringBootApplication @EnableJms public class Application { @Bean JmsListenerContainerFactory<?>

Spring's deployment deployed on Tomcat will not start

I have a working Spring application that contains a embedded Tomcat. As a executable war, it works fine. As I'm going to use AngularJ for the front end, it isn't very practical to have the Spring project in an executable jar, as I will do debugging i

How to plan a Hibernate program once a day

I am using Spring REST with Hibernate and I have developed a program in which data is coming from database calculate and it is updated into another table in database. But I want to run this program once in a day at a given time because I want to calc

call to the primitive JPA method throws WrongClassException

public static UserDetail UserDetail.findUserDetail(Long id) { if (id == null) return null; return entityManager().find(UserDetail.class, id); } We are using spring Roo. Above is Roo generated finder method. Partial stack trace is as follows: Caused b

Unable to find the declaration of the item 'beans'

I have the spring jars of spring-3.2.0.RC1.jar and trying to implement Apache ActiveMQ helloWorld program from tutorial given here. The xml configuration file is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns:jms="h

How to AutoWire an object without Spring XML context file?

I have an Interface with Component annotation and some classes that implemented it as follows: @Component public interface A { } public class B implements A { } public class C implements A { } Also, I have a class with an Autowired variable like this

How to add JPA to the existing eclipse project?

I have an existing eclipse project (JAVA application), now I created a table in xampp - phpMyAdmin. In the project I need to implement all the queries and database in two ways: 1) JDBC 2) JPA and to choose one of them using the Spring mechanism. So I

is not a valid value for the date

I'm using spring ws 2.0.2.RELEASE I have a web service that creates a sales order Two of the elements in the SOAP call are dates: <ns3:requestedDate>2012-06-06T01:00:00.000+10:00</ns3:requestedDate> <ns3:orderDate>2012-06-06T10:25:09.681

Tomcat 404 Page with spring shape

In my web.xml page I have the 404 error mapped to a jsp page as: <error-page> <error-code>404</error-code> <location>/WEB-INF/jsp/errorPages/error404.jsp</location> </error-page> The redirect on 404 works fine. I get to

How to test @DELETE relying service call from JMeter

I am trying to find how to issue a call to the following restful service from JMeter: @DELETE @Path("/user") void removeUser(String userId); There are plenty examples on POST, GET, but I cannot find one for delete. Specifically, I cannot find a

Spring Web Services

Hi I want to implement a web service on a remote application server that will perform write actions to the database. Another application running on another application server will be consuming those web services that are exposed. How would I go about

How to provide business logic in the spring in a remote server?

Using Spring as Framework, if i need provide business logic's service to either JSP/Servlets(on Web Servers) or to Application desktop client or Mobile clients, the only way to accomplish the logic business(without EJB) in a remote server is through

Thread safety in JSF

Assume that we have Spring bean UserController with singleton scope. All my further reasoning is based on my assumption that "singleton" scope is almost similar to application scope i.e. we have only one instance for all users. If this is wrong