Spring-boot oauth2 / oauth / token 404

so I have an existing SpringBoot project. a) I added this at the top of my main @Configuration class @Import({ WebSecurityConfiguration.class, OAuth2ServerConfiguration.class }) b) The contents of the above 2 classes are the same as what is in this p

spring security http antMatcher with multiple paths

I have the following spring security java config rule (with version 3.2.4) which works: http.antMatcher("/lti1p/**") .addFilterBefore(ltioAuthProviderProcessingFilter, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class) .authorizeRequests().anyRequest()

Spring Security on a non-Spring web application

Am trying to use Spring Security but all the tutorial I've found use the Spring framework for web application: So my Question is: Is it possible to use the Spring Security in a simple java web application without using the Spring Framework or are the

spring gravel security connection does not work

I am using grails 2.1.0. I have installed spring-security-core plugin. When I create user it is creating it. But when I try to login then it shows: "Sorry, we were not able to find a user with that username and password." And there is also anoth

Spring security tags do not work in error pages

I have custom error pages for each error code I wish to handle, though I'm finding that the spring-security tags are not working when using these pages. As an example, with the below only "One" shows: <%@ page session="false" %>

LDAP integrated with Spring with LdapTemplate

In spring, how embedded ldapcan be used with spring-ldap Template. Currently, my configuration is - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns:xsi="ht

Spring rest model with OAUTH

My controller layer is wrapped with spring oauth2. I am writing an integration test to test the api calls to controller, so I decided to use RestTemplate. Following are commands I use via curl: curl -v --cookie cookies.txt --cookie-jar cookies.txt "h

Spring Security: How to force https with a flag?

With Spring security I configure the parts of my web app that need to be secured by https with security:intercept-url tag. For example: <security:intercept-url pattern="/**/*secure*" requires-channel="https"/> <security:interc

Spring Security 3.0 form-login Transfer to external resources

Can the form-login tag make use of URLs to external resources? I have two Web services running in separate application contexts [Case #1]. They could be on separate machines as well [Case #2]. I want the first service to use Spring Security to enforc

Grails + Security Application

Im working on a legacy grails application. I have a couple of tables like this User ( id, name,enterprise_id) Enterprise (id, name) Asset (id,description, enterprise_id) I want to validate that when a certain user wants to access an asset, it has the

Is the SecurityContextHolder thread secure?

I use SecurityContextHolder and a custom UserDetailsService to obtain UserDetails from SecurityContextHolder: Object o = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal(); UserDetailsDTO user = (UserDetailsDTO) o; I left out the n

A security framework ready for Guice?

Has anybody seen a framework which is either written to work with Guice or a library that integrates an existing security system (ie: Acegi) with Guice? I have found the following thus far... http://code.google.com/p/warp-security/ (I think this aban