Modernization Struts 1.x Application

I would like to modernize my Struts 1.x application. There are quite a number of articles which advocate migration of codes, instead of rewriting the entire system. I would like to seek the advice of someone who has successfully modernize legacy appl

Spring's deployment deployed on Tomcat will not start

I have a working Spring application that contains a embedded Tomcat. As a executable war, it works fine. As I'm going to use AngularJ for the front end, it isn't very practical to have the Spring project in an executable jar, as I will do debugging i

Including HTML and JSP ViewResolvers Simultaneously

I'm trying to utilize Thymeleaf's ServletContextTemplateResolver as well as an InternalViewResolver in my application in order to resolve both html and jsp views returned in my controller. I've set the order of the Template Resolver to 0 as the resol

Could not upload a large file to the server using Spring MVC?

This question already has an answer here: Uploading files in Spring with Tomcat related to the maximum size allowed 1 answer I've read the article "File upload using Spring MVC and annotation configuration" (

How do servlet filters work in the spring?

I'm trying to add a CORS filter to my Spring web application but the filter is not being executed. I've followed the relevant steps here: to no avail. I'm not using Spring Boot. I'm bootstrapping my appl

memory leak - metrics-meter-tick-thread and new I / O client

I am running spring-mvc application. When i was closing Tomcat server, it shows SEVERE: The web application [/myapp] appears to have started a thread named [metrics-meter-tick-thread-1] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memor

Can not retrieve hibernate result?

I can't extract result in hibernate.. I want to check an account when they sign in but it throws an exception: could not extract result. My sample code: My Pojo: @Entity @Table(name = "account") public class TestAccount implements Serializable {

Tomcat 404 Page with spring shape

In my web.xml page I have the 404 error mapped to a jsp page as: <error-page> <error-code>404</error-code> <location>/WEB-INF/jsp/errorPages/error404.jsp</location> </error-page> The redirect on 404 works fine. I get to

Android and IOS backend framework choice?

I'm going to development a mobile application (not mobile web application) with android and ios versions. I need a back-end server to store and process the data. So mobile application only use for present the data from back-end server. Now questions:

Spring pattern object

I want to set to different data,like SoyMapData dataFormsMenu=new SoyMapData( "class","menu horizontal", "caption","", "id","dfMenu", "innerContainer","div", "helper"

Encoding issue using Spring MVC

I have a demo web application that creates users. When I try to insert data in other languages (like french) the characters are not encoded correctly. The code on the controller is: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") @RequestMapping(value = "/u