Spring AOP - proxy object returned by the method

In this example: public class ConnectionPool { public java.sql.Connection getConnection() { ... } } @Bean @Scope("singleton") public ConnectionPool connectionPool(...) throws Exception { return new ConnectionPoolImpl(...); } I want to monitor ca

How to run aspect in spring without xml?

How to run an aspect in Java. How to run an aspect in Spring using annotations, without xml file? Many other tutorials using xml file for configuration ascpect.Define a custom annotation; @Target({ElementType.TYPE ,ElementType.METHOD}) @Retention(Ret

The appearance of the custom annotation does not work

I'm trying to write the aspect with @Around advice for custom annotation but some why it doesn't call. Here my code: @Aspect @Component public class AspectMeasureTime { @Around(value = "execution(* com.beh.businesslayer..*(..)) && @annotation

AOP with custom annotation in Super class does not work

custom annotation @Target(ElementType.METHOD) @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface CustomAnnotation { } custom annotation handler @Aspect public class TestAspectHandler { @Around("execution(@com.test.project.annotaion.CustomAnnotatio

Store statistics with Hibernate

I have AOP aspect for counting times some service was called: @Aspect @Component public class CounterAspect { private Map<Integer, Integer> gettingEventStatistics = new HashMap<>(); @Pointcut("execution(Event EventService+.getById(Integer

Spring MVC Application / truncated session bean-security

I'm trying to figure out how spring manages to inject thread safe request/session scoped bean in controller component (which is singleton and multiple threads accessing those beans through methods). As example consider HttpServletRequest field in con

AOP @Around: returns the answer BAD_REQUEST

In a Spring rest application, every single URL must start with an application id (appId). This appId must be validated in every single rest service. Instead of duplicating code, I tried to create an @Aspect with an @Around advice. This is correctly e

Spring 4 + aspects

I have problem with aspects. They don't firing. I have small aspect: @Aspect @Component public class SynchronizingAspect { @Pointcut("execution(public * *(..))") @Around("synchronize() && @annotation(Synchronized)") public void

Is it possible to use Spring AOP without creating beans?

Spring AOP depends on proxy mechanism - J2SE dynamic proxies or using CGLIB(according to the spring documentation). Is it possible to use the AOP mechanism defined by Spring without creating/declaring the beans in the spring application context? If i

opening error of spring 0: unbound

below mentioned is my aspect @Aspect public class TestAspect { @Around("execution (* com.test..*(..))") public void simonAspect(Joinpoint joinpoint) { System.out.println(" --- Interceptor --- "); } } and .xml file is <?xml version=&

Spring AOP @Pointcut Does Not Fire @Before Method

I have an @Aspect and @Pointcut method annotated to fire @Before a @Controller request method, it seems to be matching (as I'm not getting any errors) but it is not firing my advice method at all. I changed my pointcut for testing purposes to be as s

Can the annotation can get a contextual object?

Maybe title "can annotation get context object?" is not correct, but I don't know how to give it a right and clear one. I use Spring AOP + Java Annotation to save log, here is my code: CategoryAction.java : @ServiceTracker(methodDesp="save

Is the injection of dependencies somewhat similar to PDO?

Had a discussion with colleagues at work : and we were confused if AOP is somewhat similar to DI as proxy objects come into play @AOP , and read(below) that Spring DI also uses Dynamic Proxies to create objects http://www.postsharp.net/blog/post/Ande

aop spring phrase for subpackets

I've written spring aop expression around type like @Around("execution(* com.mycomp.proj.parent.child1.*.*(..)) || execution(* com.mycomp.proj.parent.child2.*.*(..))") But this expression won't be applied for new packages if they will be created

Spring PDO and exceptional interception

I'm trying to configure Spring so that it executes advice when a specific exception subclass (MyTestException) is thrown: public class MyTestExceptionInterceptor implements ThrowsAdvice { public void afterThrowing(Method method, Object[] args, Object

Spring AOP: the board is not triggered

Trying to design simple aspect,that will print word "logg" to console,when any of public methods executed. aspect: @Aspect public class LoggingAspect { @Pointcut("execution(public * *(..))") public void publicServices() { }; @Before(&q

Blend of JDK and CGLIB proxies in the spring

I have an application running with Spring, and I'm using AOP in some places. Since I want to use the @Transactional annotation at interface level, I have to allow Spring to create JDK proxies. So, I don't set the proxy-target-class property to true.

Class Hierarchy Problem Using @Transactional

Project setup: Spring 3.0.5 / JPA 2 / Hibernate / @Transactional We work with several different Data Sources (and hence different transaction managers), but have common Service base classes, as a lot of the functionality is reused. So we thought we'd

Invoke an AOP proxy by calling the method in the bean

lets say the I have got a bean called with two methods 'foo' and 'goo' and 'goo' is marked with AOP interception call. is it possible to write any piece of code inside 'foo' in order to invoke 'goo' method not directly but through the proxy wrapper o

Synopsis Spring AOP Point for AND, OR, and NOT

I'm having trouble with a pointcut definition in Spring (version 2.5.6). I'm trying to intercept all method calls to a class, except for a given method (someMethod in the example below). <aop:config> <aop:advisor pointcut="execution(* x.y.z.

Automation of unmanaged beans annotated with @Component

I want to use @AutoWired to inject a non-managed bean configured with @Component into a managed bean. I'm pretty sure I have the configuration right, but for some reason I keep getting the exception: No unique bean of type [foo.Baz] is defined: Unsat