SQL Server: Check Caps or Lowercase After Certain Characters

I have data like 'John is my name; Ram is my name; Adam is my name'. My rule is such that every first letter that comes after ; should be capital letter. How do I select all values that satisfy the rule?The other answers show how to transform rows in

Divide the dataset into 60%, 20%, 20%

I am trying to move from 2 sets of data to 3 sets as explained in the above question. Following is the script I used: set.seed(125) d <- sample(x = nrow(db), size = nrow(db) * 0.60, ) train60 <-db[d, ] valid40 <-db[-d, ] Is there a way to modify

Divide the global arguments of a function?

Is there any command in vim that can split the arguments of this function and put them in a list: qsort(void *base, size_t nmemb, size_t size, int (*compar)(const void *, const void *)); to get ["void *base", "size_t nmemb", "size

Java read the contents of a text file

import java.io.File; import java.util.Scanner; import java.lang.*; public class ReadFile { public static void main(String[] args) { int i=0; String[] myStringArray = new String[]{ }; try { Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in); File file = new File(

how to divide a list into different python strings

i have a list object like this value = [<employee 'Mark Twain' as 'Captain'>,<employee 'Huckle' as 'Cowboy'>] now i would like to have the employee and in a seperate variable like emplo[0] and as[0] like emplo[0] = 'Mark Twain' as[0] = 'Captai

JQuery - Fractional chain (for each)

Current Code Below - I have to copy and paste each arr[0], arr[1], arr[2]. However, in the future I may have more or less array options and would like the code to auto update itself without needing to alter my code. Basically, I want to create a "for

How to separate a string and remove spaces from the parts?

I am trying to create a console app. The user enters a statement like: create column in table with values {Name, Address, Age, Telephone} ./ What I am hoping to do is take the line above and create variables: var v1= create; var v2 = column var v3 =

Python sharing chain twice

i'm trying to split a string twice with the goal of converting a>b where b contains numbers and is split into multiple x/y pairs a = '{1;5}{2;7}{3;9}{4;8}' b = [[1,5],[2,7],[3,9],[4,8]] my code is currently this... b = a.split('}{') for item in b: it

Divide a file into several parts

I'm trying to make a File copying application in Qt. I need to split the source file into several files so that my copy function can copy portions of data one by one and update the QProgressBar. To update the progress accurately I need to split the s

split the text into several parts

I wanted to split a large text into 10 pieces (somehow equal parts). Ii use this function: <?php function chunk($msg) { $msg = preg_replace('/[\r\n]+/', ' ', $msg); //define character length of each text piece $chunks = wordwrap($msg, 10000, '\n'); r

generate all IP addresses between two IP addresses in Java

I am trying to get all the IP addresses between the two addresses("" and ""). I splited the string to integer first. Then i tried to printout all addresses between these two. But the output only shows that ea

Objective C - Divide NSString into a table, maximum number

I am new to Objective-C, so I am trying to split an String into an Array in this format: NSString *str = @":49:DE:Bahnhofsstr:12:39:11"; NSArray *arr = [str componentsSeparatedByString:@":"]; I receive the following objects in arr: [@&

Split is regex

Having this string: Paquete Trend Exterior -alfombrillas, faros antiniebla, llantas de aleación de 15- (300), Paquete Winter -asientos delanteros calefactables, parabrisas térmico- (300), Paquete City -control de aparcamiento trasero, retrovisores pl

Divide a file into multiple outputs

I am trying to divide a big file into different files containing single information for each variable inside the file. my input file look like this: #CHROM POS ID REF ALT QUAL FILTER INFO FORMAT PID008SM ...info here 1..... #CHROM POS ID REF ALT QUAL

Java split string by newline regex with a question mark

I've written a Java class which must pull elements out of a string containing newlines. As a first step the code must split the input string by newline and place the results into an array. This is all working fine except in one specific case. I'm usi

Separate string of memory

I have a large collection of tab separated text data in the form of DATE NAME MESSAGE. By large I mean, a collection of 1.76GB divided into 1075 actual files. I have to get the NAME data from all the files. Till now I have this: File f = new File(dir

Android - split when a line break in String? (Paragraphs)

I am currently retrieving some information from a text file (.txt) that contains some paragraphs. When I retrieve the String from the text file I want to split it so that I each paragraph is in a String object. Here is the text I get from the text fi

What is $ dummy and split without parameter means in Perl?

I need some help decoding this perl script. $dummy is not initialized with anything throughout anywhere else in the script. What does the following line mean in the script? and why does it mean when the split function doesn't have any parameter? ($du

VB.NET split on new lines (C # conversion)

I'm trying to convert this code from C# to VB.NET string[] lines = theText.Split(new string[] { "\r\n", "\n" }, StringSplitOptions.None); Here's what I have, the problem is it is printing the whole of the text box contents in the messa

Split Regex Chain

I'm using the first time regex and I want to split a string in three vars Target: '[|'.$1.'||'.$2.'||'.$3.'|]'; //each single var. what I have: preg_match_all("[|(.*)||(.*)||(.*)|]", $loadedList, $result); I'm really getting crazy, therfore your

Java: Get the last element after the division

I am using the String split method and I want to have the last element. The size of the Array can change. Example: String one = "Düsseldorf - Zentrum - Günnewig Uebachs" String two = "Düsseldorf - Madison" I want to split the above Str

How tokenize / tokenize / split a delimited string in Perl?

How do you split a string e.g. "a:b:c:d" into tokens for parsing in Perl? (e.g. using split?) Looking for clear, straightforward answer above all (but do add any interesting tidbits of info afterwards).Yes, split is what you want. @tokens = spli