How can I remove the spacing on the right side?

I'm coding this site , and running into the following issue: on the right side of the entire site is a space of about 40px - i cant figure out where its coming from .. can anyone help me with this? It happended after i chan

C ++ program needs help debugging

#include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip> #include <stdlib.h> using namespace std; struct football_game { string visit_team; int home_score; int visit_score; }; void printMenu(); int main() { int i, totalValues = 0;

PyQt4 GUI Box Layout Fixed Width

Is there a way to set a fixed width of a QHBoxLayout? For example, when I have two small widgets in it that take up little space and I don't want the two to split over the entire screen width when I full screen the app. The widgets already have their

How to give a large spacing in HTML

I know we use   for spacing in HTML, but what if I need to give large spaces of around 2 or 3 tabs? I need my page to look as below: <html> <body> <b> A              B              C </b> <br> <b> D              E      

CSS min-height property causing margin problem?

I am trying to make a div which has a CSS-generated triangle attached to the bottom of it. It works perfectly when the height of the div above is set using the CSS height property, but when I use min-height instead, it results in there being an unwan

Space to the right of each list item

Not sure why there is a space to the right of each li, as you can see here when you mouse over it. Obviously don't want it there and can't figure out how to get rid of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is the code: HTML: <header> <d

Python spacing

Lets say I have the following variables: cheques = 1 x = 2 numberOfBACS = 87 and so on. Now in this case it's very simply to see the variables, but add in equations etc... and this section of code can become hard to read. Through Pycharm I can use sp

Remove the indentation from an unordered HTML list

div.content that is containing ul.searchlist with two lis (areas with the white background) is not aligning at the left completely as it has some extra spacing (area with the red background) and I don't know what is causing it to appear and how to re

Space programmatically a UILabel from the edges (iOS 7)

How can i programatically space a UILabel element from the edges (equidistant)? I'm a bit stuck on this issue, as I've got no idea which property to call, or if it is a property I need. Is there anything auto layout can do for me?Very easy, using thi

Zurb Foundation remove the left padding of the right div

I'm not using SASS, I'm using CSS. How can I remove the left padding from the right div? I want to remove the left padding only for when it's showing the large size column, if its size is smaller than the large size, I want it to stay using the left-

Using \ t to align a file output

I am trying to format a file output so that everything is lined up nicely, and its almost working. I've used \t to try to give the output a uniform rigid look. It is almost there, but it isn't quite working for one (see below) I think it is because t

Interline after endl and cost?

I noticed that in the following code: cout << "Please enter your number: "; cin >> Number; cout << "Is this spaced"; The output in the command window for C++ automatically puts "Is this spaced" in the next l

Printing a regularly spaced table from a list with a for loop

I'm sorry for asking this really elementary question, but I'm really stuck here... I've tried googling this, and using the search function, but can't find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to print a table of values from a list of objects. But as the

Android Gridview No spacing

Good Evening Everyone, I have a gridview of images, but I want them flush against each other (without the border that appears when tapped). I've set vertical and horizontal spacing to zero along with the padding. However, when tapped, the gridview "t

HTML table spacing alignment

I'm brand new to html and I was wondering how I could I make a table to display something like this. "name"_ _ _ _"date" _ are suppose to be "blank spaces" I always want "name" aligned on the left and "date&quo

jquery problems filling the mobile navigation bar?

I am adding navbar in my header, trying to have it look like the tab system found here: however when I add this code below to my app, the header navbar has padding and weird spaces all

Strange spacing left inside DIV helps!

For some reason theres a space to the left inside of the div heres a picture of what i'm seeing CSS div {margin:auto;} li{padding: 0px; margin: 0px; display: inline; float:left;} ul{height: 20px; text-align: left; vertica

get the spacing between android columns sdk

I have four columns and four buttons I got them to all line up like I want it to, but they are all scrunched together. is there anyway to make it so that the layouts have spacing? this is what I have: <TableLayout android:layout_width="fill_parent

Swing: check box spacing vs. labels

How do you remove/reduce the spacing between checkboxes with MigLayout? import java.util.Arrays; import javax.swing.JCheckBox; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JPanel; import net.miginfocom.swing.MigLayout; public class CheckboxSpacing {

Spatial Webkit Behavior - Corrected by Web Inspector

I've encountered a random issue in Webkit based browsers (tested in Chrome and Safari). On a website I maintain I've been updating the artwork we use for our error messages, and it looks great in all browsers except Webkit based browsers. The problem

ksh - passage parameter with space

am trying to pass a parameter with a space in ksh via variables. Here is some sample code to demonstrate the issue. As you will see the parameter with the space is later handled as two variables - not what I am after. *Update - I didn't copy and past

Add additional spacing between a subset of parcels

I'm trying to output 6 figures into one image, in a 3x2 layout. I'd like to place extra space between the top row and the bottom two rows. Is this possible using R? I've looked through the documentation for par and plot and can't seem to find an appr

how to have the spacing html / css

i have an html/css code here, which will result to this one.see image below. I would like to add another 3 columns under the first "Future Event" How can I do that? already posted the code: thanks what would be the code for the spacing of paragr

WPF tabulation controls the spacing between headers

The default behavior of the WPF Tabcontrol is to place the Tab Headers adjacent to each other, without any empty space in between. What if I wanted to specify a gap between the headers? Do I have to define a control template for this? I'm relatively

Horizontal menu CSS - equidistant?

I guess this is a common question but haven't found any good answer about it, and questions around here are not exactly my case. Also, this is my first question so please don't be too harsh on me. lol I have a standard CSS menu, made with UL and LI t