Sort items by a specific class name

I'm trying to order the div based on the col-md-x. First col-md-4 and then col-md-8. I tried the sort function of jQuery in this variant: var divElement = $('.container').find('.row').sort(sortMe); function sortMe(a, b) { return a.className > b.class

Sort a multidimensional array by size value

When uploading images via HTTP I get the following array. How can I sort them by the size of the images in descending order, so the biggest size images would be uploaded the first and the smallest size the last? Array ( "name" => Array ( [0]

Sort alphanumeric table Swift3

I have a function I was using in Xcode 8 Beta, which sorted an array alphabetically then numerically. The function I used was: func sortArray(arrayToSort: [String])->[String]{ let sortedArray = arrayToSort.sorted { (first, second) in

ExtJS 5.0.1 sort the datastore

I have a combobox which populates a list of countries as defined below. However when I load the combobox the entries get populated based on their order in the database. I would like the combobox to load alphabetically. Can anybody assist on how I can

Sorting a student array by last name alphabetically in Java

I currently have this program read the contents of a text file and calculate the averages and amount of test scores taken and print them out neatly in a small data table. These are the names, amount of quizes taken and average of each student: James

overloaded operator & lt; on the pair not to be used in sorting

I have overloaded the less than operation for pair<int,int>, so that I can sort a vector in a particular manner. I want it to be in ascending order according to the first key of a pair, and if the first keys are equal, then I'd want it in descending

Sorting objects in a list and Combining values

This question already has an answer here: Sorting a list of a custom type 3 answers I have an std::list<object> and object has 6 integer and a char array elements in it. I want to sort these objects with a specific integer (lets say integer a) and a

PHP: Sort the array by the exploded value

How can I sort an array by a value from an exploded string? To make it a bit more clear, I have data stored in a textfile in the following format: Value_1|Value_2|Value_3|Value_4|Value_5 Value_1|Value_2|Value_3|Value_4|Value_5 Value_1|Value_2|Value_3

Sort table elements by date

I have the following array. dates = ["6/23/2014", "8/5/2014", "8/19/2014", "6/26/2014", "8/19/2014", "8/19/2014", "7/8/2014", "6/3/2014", "7/30/2014", "7/3/2014

Sitecore ranking by date of creation

I am having trouble figuring out how I can sort a list of items in descending order according to their created date (I know Sitecore allows for sorting items in ascending order by their created date). I'm still pretty new with Sitecore, so I'm not su

Android: Sorting table layout content on a column basis

i made a table layout with 4 columns and rows were added dynamically. i want to sort columns in the table layout according to there respective data. first two column contains images and independent to each other and other two columns contain string d

Sorting a huge text file using hadoop

Is it possible to sort a huge text file lexicographically using a mapreduce job which has only map tasks and zero reduce tasks? The records of the text file is separated by new line character and the size of the file is around 1 Terra Byte. It will b

PHP sort tables by specific key in another table

Possible Duplicate: Sort multidimensional Array by Value (2) How can i sort array by specific key inside it: array( array(5, 2), array(5, 3), array(3, 1), array(5, 4) ); It's an array that has several arrays with 2 values, how do i sort by the second

out of range vector index - bubble sorting

I've got this piece of code that implements a bubble sorting of an array. Being compiled in MS VS 2012 it works up to a point: UPD: I've added a lot of checking to trace the exact place where a crash happens, an it's like this: it swaps the first two

Sorting input text in multiple div using javascript / jquery?

There are three fields(first name, Last name & age) displayed in text boxes. Each field is displayed in separate div's. There are 4 records. On clicking a sort button above each field the div records should be sorted based on the data type of the fie

Why does array_unique sort values?

This refers to one of my previous questions: array_unique vs array_flip - This states that array_flip(array_flip()) is much quicker than array_unique() when dealing with simple strings and integers. What I would like to know is why array_unique() cre

Django overhead pagination with sorting

I try to implement pagination structure in Django with some sort options however, I can't figure out how can I do that properly. def search(request): eList = Employer.objects.filter(eminence__lt=4).order_by('-eminence') paginator = Paginator

WPF DataGrid header

I'm working with a WPF DataGrid which presents a set of imported files into the program. Everything works fine but I've faced a problem sorting file sizes when the header is clicked! The normal sorting method cannot differentiate between 12*GB and 12

Sorting the JSON object

Having a problem trying to sort a JSON object. Basically, people can add products in any random order to our order form, but the order it shows in the summary needs to be how we want them to be positioned (not the order they select them), so thats wh

Selection Sort Strings (Java)

I need to know how to sort an array of Strings, I know how to do a selection sort, however I have BOTH numbers and letters in the array. The idea is to sort a hand of cards. This is what I have ... clubsArry[0] = 7C clubsArry[1] = AC clubsArry[2] = T

Using the comparator to perform a custom sort

I want to develop a sorting demo for car list. I am using data table to display car list. Now actually I want to sort the list by car color. Here it is not sort by alphabetic order. I want to use my custom sorting order like Red car come first, then

Python - How to sort a list, by an attribute of another class

I have some elements in a list in one class. I want them sorted in a new list, and they have to be sorted by an attribute from another class. Can anyone give an example? My code so far looks like this: class Carcompany: def __init__(self, model, prod

Elegant way to sort a table like this

This is my array: $arr = array(-3, -4, 1, -1, 2, 4, -2, 3); I want to sort it like this: 1 2 3 4 -1 -2 -3 -4 So first there would be values greated than zero sorted from the lowest value to the highest value, then there would be negative values sorte

How to sort a list & lt; T & gt; by a property in the object

I have a class called Order which has properties such as OrderId, OrderDate, Quantity, and Total. I have a list of this Order class: List<Order> objListOrder = new List<Order>(); GetOrderList(objListOrder); // fill list of orders Now I want to

Oracle 10g-Express Query

I want to perform a special query on a table in my oracle database. I want the result to be sorted according to an enum that I have. the enum goes as follows: private enum days { Saturday = 1, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, } I want th

Sort an array of objects in Ruby by the object attribute?

I have an array of objects in Ruby on Rails. I want to sort the array by an attribute of the object. Is it possible?I recommend using sort_by instead: objects.sort_by {|obj| obj.attribute} Especially if attribute may be calculated.