Oracle SOA Suite 11g Installation Issues

I am trying to install Oracle SOA Suite 11g but I face the following problem during installation. There are some prerequisites marked as failed. I am wondering why the overall result of the check is not executed. In addition, I have a problem startin

Merge 2 XML files into the same C # elements

I need to create a WebService that takes the name of a city as input and returns Location, Country and Weather information of the City. The thing is that the ID, Location, Country is in one XML file and all weather details in another. <City> <ID&

what kind of application account for SOA application core?

for example,I have two applications,one is internal systems for the enterprise,the other is for dealers.In order to finish a business process both of them should collaborate each other ,such as order management,return management.I just simply add a s

SOA vs. Client-Server vs. Web Service - What's the Difference?

After reading some literature on the topics of SOA, Web-Services and Client-Server architectute. I really confused about these terms because can't see the real difference between them. Can someone explain what the actual difference between SOA and Cl

HL7 Messaging Using the Mule ESB Community

Mule Healthcare Toolkit is a collection of features that facilitates integration with healthcare systems by providing the tools needed to easily create, read and transform HL7 version v2.x messages within Mule... Unfortunately, it is available only f

SOA implementation with CQRS

I am trying to implement a mvc4 website. This website is supposed to built on the principles of service oriented architecture (i.e all the different modules like patients ,users will be separated as a service). This website is a plain website

Is Azure Service Bus supposed to replace your SOA?

Previously in my web applications when a CRUD operation (or any other task for that matter) was made (from the UI) I would use a simple pattern like the following utilizing WCF. GetUserByIDResponse response = new UserServiceClientProxy().GetByID(new

distributed transaction .net java SAP

I use several systems connected by Service oriented architecture, those systems include : .NET technology, Java WebLogic Service, and SAP RFC. is it possible to achieve distributed transaction across these different technologies ? for example when up

Differences between Camel and BPEL

The SOA concept is easy to grasp, but I am not familiar at all with enterprise service integation architectures and technologies like BPEL and Apache Camel. I know that BPEL helps orchestrating services, and that Camel is an implementation of Enterpr

service architecture - web services | soa

I would like to understand which approach suits the best to manage the below scenario. Say for example there are 25 applications mostly in java and are web based deployed across different platforms jboss, websphere & tomcat. Each application exposes

Debugging in the WCF service

So we run in an SOA architecture. I have a service that I'm trying to debug into a call that comes from a WinForms app in a different solution. In this winforms app I have referenced the service on localhost correctly in the app.config, and now I wan

SOA RESTfulness with Single Entry Point

I have a service-oriented architecture with a single gateway for all client requests. I like this because the gateway is tidy, hides all "internal" services, and acts as a dispatcher and homemade load balancer. Because of my design, however, the

Connection denied to a Swordfish service registry

i try to set up a swordfish environment, but i'm failing with setting up the service registry. the first screenshot below shows the setting of the service registry in the sopera toolsuite. the second screenshot shows the error message when refreshing

Why are separate standards needed for web service security?

Why WS security is needed to provide tokens,signatures etc if there are ssl communication to achieve this purpose? How can WS security used to provide integrity,confidentiality and authenticity that ssl can't provide?simply why ws secuirty(If possibl

WCF data contracts and Enums sharing

We currently have a WCF service that has been setup with its own DataContracts for the enumerations. We then have a mapping layer between the DataContract Enums and the Common Enums available in our business layer. The same thing happens on the clien

Is n-tier software design a subset of SOA?

Is n-tier software design a subset of SOA?no . It is not . SOA is a design strategy for an enterprise. There is lots written about what it is elsewhere, however it decides how systems interact using services. N-tier software architecture is applicati

Proxy service & amp; Business Service

Can i use a proxy service without a business service while configuring message flows in Oracle service bus? If so is what scenarios would we use it?You can create a proxy service that does not use a business service. Some reasons for such an approach

SOA and WCF design issues: Is this an unusual system?

I have found myself responsible for carrying on the development of a system which I did not originally design and can't ask the original designers why certain design decisions were taken, as they are no longer here. I am a junior developer on design

Prepare to move to EDA / SOA words of wisdom?

We are currently getting ready to move to an Event Driven/Service Oriented architecture (know it will be a long process). Just wanted to get some words of wisdom if anyone has any advice. Our mgmt is starting to really push the transition, but coming

Access to SOA architecture data

In my SOA architecture, I have several WCF services. All of my services need to access the database. Should I create a specialized WCF service in charge of all the database access ? Or is it ok if each of my services have their own database access ?

SOA test

How is SOA testing different than traditional testing of applicationThe think you must remember is that within an environment where there are a lot of dependencies, you must have all that dependencies mapped and all paths must be tested. Having servi

WCF data contract and reference entity data?

Soliciting feedback/options/comments regarding a "best" pattern to use for reference data in my services. What do I mean by reference data? Let's use Northwind as an example. An Order is related to a Customer in the database. When I implement my

Central Authorization Service?

Are there any open source centralized authorization services available? There are lots of solutions for centralizing the authentication information (eg: CAS and JOSSO), but what about the authorization information? There are some really good authoriz

IDE Features for Web Services

What are the service oriented architecture/webservices features available in IDE.A lot of IDE's simply let you enter the URL of a webservice and autogenerate clientside proxies at the click of a button. This means you also get intellisense for the we

How can I scan the MSIL code to find some function calls

I am to build a SOA gui framework, and I'd like to autodetect services, and service dependencies from client modules. I have code such as this so far, which works using attributes, placed on class modules: [ServiceProvider(typeof(DemoService3))] [Ser

Is WebSphere ESB scaled?

I'm looking for people who have had experience scaling IBM's WebSphere to high traffic volumes. This is in terms of both the number of messages and the size of the data. Have there been any issues and are there any gotchas to be looking out for?I wou