How to send SMTP emails with PHP without using a third class

I've been using PHPMailer to send SMTP emails, and also have heard some recommend various other 3rd party classes. I've always been a surprised and a little disappointed that this functionality is not native in PHP. Do I still need to use a 3rd party

Send an email OAUTH2 SMTP Outlook Java

I am using the scopes: mail.send, mail.readwrite,, offline_access, openid, email, and profile (although I am fairly confident I do not need all of these -> goal is to read inbox and send emails, while also getting email and name if they exi

C # Send an e-mail using the SMTP e-mail

I'm rather new to SMTP and IIS settings but according to the documentation on I've read the web this should be working. What I'm trying to achieve: To send an email from the server to a users email using an existing SMTP Relay Server. What I have don

The text file attached to the email sent with Python is empty

I'm creating a program that creates a text file, then sends an email with the text file as an attachment. Right now, when I create the text file, it works perfectly, and the text file contains everything I need. However, when I send the email, the at

PHPMailer does not send it with the correct address 'from'

I'm using PHPMailer linked to my gmail account. I've required the autoloader, created a function to handle sending mail, then fire the function to test. It all looks like this: require "PHPMailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php"; function sendMail($to, $s

Exim script before the queue

I need to open exim relay to a list of ips in a mysql database. I think if I can run a script before a email is queued, I can do that. Is there a way? Mail Enable for windows has a similar solution called "SMTP Inbound Command Scripting". # conf

How can I send an email with a layout

I am using grails mail plugin. When I submit my form, it will send an email from [email protected] to textField name="email successfully but how can I send an email with a layout...not blank like this picture

Send an email Delphi XE5

i'm trying to send email from Delphi XE5 (android) with Indy components: In form i have a TIdSMTP and a TIDMessage. When the form is created: testform:=Ttestform.create(self);; the application halt's and i dont know what is wrong... i s

SMTP 450 when sending mail with Net :: SMTP

SO. I'm failing at sending mail from my Perl script. This is what my code looks like: use Net::SMTP; $smtp = Net::SMTP->new(""); $smtp->mail("myemail\"); $smtp->to("myemail\

Send emails using VB code

Not sure if this question has been asked elsewhere... For a website project that I'm working on, I created an ASPX web form that will send an email containing the contents of the form on button click. I tried it and it worked when I'm using the Yahoo

How to send emails from a spring app using gmail?

I am working on a spring (annotation based) application. One of the page asks user to provide their contact details and message. Once this page is submitted, I want these details to be sent by email to my company ID. Can someone provide sample exampl

Send an e-mail with CodeIgniter using 'mail' or 'sendmail'

I built an intranet app that needs to send email (low volume). I will not be able to use the SMTP server of my organization, so I need to send these emails via sendmail or mail. However, when I config my email as: $config['protocol'] = 'sendmail'; I

Is it wise to use SMTP.SendAsync in

I'm writing a code that sends 2 codes to 2 different emails (to check that owner of both emails are the same person). And I got the error: System.InvalidOperationException: An asynchronous call is already in progress. It must be completed or canceled

.net process incoming email

I need to receive email and parse and act on the contents programatically. I've done this before by setting up a postfix server and piping the incoming mail to a php script that handles this. That would be overkill though for a new project i'm workin

How to send an HTML email from an website

In my Website I create New users and what I have to do is send email to the user from the website with their Login details. I created a webservices to send email and it works fine. I want to add some HTML stylings to the Email I send to the u

How to analyze email rejection notifications

What options do I have to parse the e-mails that have bounced? I am receiving the bounce notification from e-mail servers but don't know what to do with it. Thanksthere is a bounce parsing library available for perl:

How can I do a service that sends emails every 5 minutes?

Hy, I have a c# program that sends emails with GMail SMTP server and I want to make a service or something running behind that sends this emails every 5 minutes. Does anyone have any idea how can I make this with c# and options that sprin

Send emails via SMTP and test

I've got a PHP app with an invitation system where users can invite other users to try the service. Internally we use google apps for our domain to send/receive emails ( 1) My question is, can I send emails from my server with the from

Writing a Python Mail Server with Authentication

I'm trying to write a simple mail server using Python. I found smtpd that can be used as a simple smtp server, but I don't think it supports any form of authentication. For pop or imap, I haven't found anything at all yet. I do know Twisted has some