Duplicate mongoose handle url slug

I am storing url slugs from blog titles in MongoDB using Mongoose. So for instances when users enter the same blog title, I want to do it like how Wordpress handles it which is appending a number on the slug and increment it for every duplicates. Exa

Add specific words to the WordPress custom type slug

I have a WordPress installation with a custom type (places) wich produces this permalink structure: http://example.com/places/the-first-site/ And I would like to show all my sites like this: http://example.com/places/visit-the-first-site-and-enjoy/ w

Trouble When Deploying KeystoneJS Using Digital Ocean

I'm getting the below error when I try to deploy my Keystonejs website. It works when I run it locally. However using digital ocean on: 512 MB Memory / 20 GB Disk / LON1 - Ubuntu node v4.4.0 on 14.04 it gives ... node keystone.js { [Error: ENOENT: no

Gem to generate slugs similar to Limax in NPM?

I'm looking for a Rails gem that generates slugs for strings and also knows how to handle asian/russian/etc characters (anything non-english). This is what I typically use in a Node app, is there something similar for Rails? https://github.com/lovell

get the article from mysql db with slug url

Im developing my own PHP Mysql site. I used to fetch data by id like this : mysite.com/articles.php?id=12 now i want to change the url with slug: mysite.com/articles/google-search or mysite.com/articles.php?article=google-search I dont want to use id

method not defined `name 'for nil: NilClass for custom slug

I have a Restaurant model that use Geocoder to gather the city, state, and neighborhood on a before_validation callback. class Restaurant < ActiveRecord::Base # attrs: :name, :address, :city_id, :neighborhood_id ... before_validation :geocode geocode

Link ID in wordpress url

Currently I am working on a wordpress website, but I stumbled upon a little problem. I am using wp_page_menu to make a navbar to get to my other pages. Now it directs me to www.mysite.com/sport, but I need it to direct me to www.mysite.com/sport#head

slug of the page with rewriterule in htaccess

I'm using Rewrite Rule in htaccess to get page data by slug. I'm doing it manually by adding lines to .htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !www\.example\.co\.il$

django 1.6: create a slug URL

I have a clinic model and currently their links look like this localhost:8000/clinic/1/ I want to make them look like this localhost:8000/clinic/Nice-Medical-Clinic/ I want the slug to be the name of the clinic Here is the models.py class Clinic(mode

slugging friendly URLs in php

I have a problem concerning php,mysql, apache's mod_rewrite and a slug function for friendly urls. I have a table in mysql with series. This table has an auto_increment ID and an unique_key string that is the name of the serie. What I want to do is:

Python - The shortest way to format a string into a URL

I'm involved in a web project. I have to choose the best ways to represent the code, so that other people can read it without problems/headaches/whatever. The "problem" I've tackled now is to show a nice formatted url (will be taken from a "

Remove all special characters from a string

Possible Duplicate: Regular Expression Sanitize (PHP) I am facing an issue with URLs, I want to be able to convert titles that could contain anything and have them stripped of all special characters so they only have letters and numbers and of course

combine two fields for slugs in the rails

I have used Slugged gem, and have it working fine in standard mode which is slugged on one name field. Next thing I want to do is to combine two fields into the slug, example I have a link model that is linked to two item records. I want the link slu

SEO question about URL slashes in slugs

I do a lot of development in Codeigniter and Wordpress, but I'm wondering something in terms of SEO when it comes to URL segmentation. Wordpress automatically adds children page slugs onto a parent page. For example: http://example.com/parent/child/c

Check if a string is a possible abbreviation for a name

I'm trying to develop a python algorithm to check if a string could be an abbrevation for another word. For example fck is a match for fc kopenhavn because it matches the first characters of the word. fhk would not match. fco should not match fc kope

CakePHP Advanced Routing

How do I create URLs like this (English as default): For action index in Categories controller: /categories /en/categories /de/categories ... for action view in Categories controller: /categories/englishslug /de/categories/deutshslugWhat's missing fr

Stackoverflow as Urls with Rails

Most tutorials about prettifying Urls in Rails explain how to get Urls like www.example.org/resource/3-some-sluggish-slug, which is very easy by using the to_param method. What I want is to prettify Urls in a Rails 3 app like Stackoverflow does (www.

Automatic clean and SEO friendly URL (slugs)

Definition From Wikipedia: A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a page using human-readable keywords. To make the URL easier for users to type, special characters are often removed or replaced as well. For instance, accented characters are us

pre-populated django fields break with dashes

I started putting prepopulated_fields options in my admins and funny stuff started happening I have this model class Pelicula(models.Model): nombre = models.CharField(max_length=50) slug = models.SlugField(max_length= 15, unique= True, help_text = "N

php / regex: & ldquo; linkify & rdquo; blog titles

I'm trying to write a simple PHP function that can take a string like Topic: Some stuff, Maybe some more, it's my stuff? and return topic-some-stuff-maybe-some-more-its-my-stuff As such: lowercase remove all non-alphanumeric non-space characters repl

Periods in Django's SlugField

Question Why can data loaded via the initial_data.yaml fixture populate a SlugField with a slug containing a period and not generate an error? Code Here's an excerpt of the model: class Project(models.Model): slug_code = models.SlugField(max_length=1

How to make Django slugify work properly with Unicode strings?

What can I do to prevent slugify filter from stripping out non-ASCII alphanumeric characters? (I'm using Django 1.0.2) cnprog.com has Chinese characters in question URLs, so I looked in their code. They are not using slugify in templates, instead the

Pros and cons of using DB id in the URL?

For example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/396164/exposing-database-ids-security-risk and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/396164/blah-blah loads the same question. (I guess this is DB id of Questions table? Is this standard in ASP.NET?) What