Retrieve the WP system tray (notification area)

For some control layout calculations, I need to know the height of the notification area. Sure, I know that it equals 32 pixels in portrait mode in WP 7/8/8.1, but it's not a good idea to hard code this value for the future releases of the OS. How ca

Can not update ServiceReference or add again after deletion?

I have a web app project and silverlight project in the solution. I have WCF file in web app, and I get the below error while updating the ServiceReference There was an error downloading 'http://localhost:5678/DataForSilverlight.svc/_vti_bin/ListData

web2py - does not redirect

I'm writing simple app in web2py. I would like to use Silverlight as frontend. Web2py needs to expose some files at top level. For example, Silverlight application requests I created file in web2py: #

Silverlight login error wcf

I'm about a month away developing my silverlight application (this is my first). Everything went rather smoothly until today, when out of the blue I started getting this message: An error occurred while trying to make a request to URI 'http://localho

Need to wrap my head around Async operations

I have custom control and I have interface this control exposes to it's users. public interface ILookupDataProvider { string IdColumnName { get; } IEnumerable<IDataColumn> Metadata { get; set; } void GetDataAsync(string parameters, Action<IEnumer

SL4. Binding by ElementName Does Not Work in DataTemplate

There is an another headache with DataTemplate. Description: Using Silverlight 4, Mvvm, etc. (standart set of developer tools for Silverlight LOB applications). List of entities is succesfully binded to DataGrid. One property (nullable bool BoolValue

The XAML layout is TextWrapping Nothing in WP7.5

I've run into a bit of a strange problem with some XAML layout in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.5. Basically, I'm creating a number of textboxes in a grid in a canvas, using my own bullet points. The issue is that the first bullet point (see below)

Analyze the URL for the video ID

I used to embed YouTube video's via a link I have in a database. YouTube no longer allows me to embed in this fashion. Instead, I need to extract the video ID from the URL I have stored. Here is an example of the link:

Update ValidationSummary after UpdateSource

I'm forcing an update of every textBox in a silverlight page: this.txtName.GetBindingExpression(TextBox.TextProperty).UpdateSource(); Everything works fine (the textbox shows its error, etc...) but ValidationSummary is not refreshed... Any idea?? Edi

Why does this fail in Firefox and Chrome?

This is a common piece of JavaScript used to show a customer splash screen in Silverlight: function onSourceDownloadProgressChanged(sender, eventArgs) { var myHost = document.getElementById("Xaml1"); var rectBar = myHost.content.findName("r

Access to the hosted WCF service of Silverlight 4

I have a self hosted WCF 4 service, catering the same contract via basicHttpBinding for Silverlight 4 clients and wsHttpBinding for the others. The code is very short and simple and provided here. I get the following error when trying to access the a

c # Regex on the XML string manager

Trying to fiddle around with regex here, my first attempt. Im trying to extract some figures out of content from an XML tag. The content looks like this: I need to e

Not able to navigate the click button?

Following is my code.I am not able to navigate from MasterPage.xaml to Slide_show.xaml on a button click. public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(MainPage_Load

Playing back video using Silverlight

Here I am new to Silverlight and I have to implement a video player in with C# , I found some article about video player and media player. I am implementing according the tutorials but the that is not working here I am sending my code please

Pure C # Silverlight video coding lib?

Is out there any Pure C# Silverlight video encoding lib? By video I mean not only pictures compressor but also audio compressor... So to say I'm looking for some kind of lib not only for compressing but also for sinchronisation etc... so to say I giv

Maintain the session in Silverlight

I am creating a Silverlight with WCF connectivity. I would like to create and maintain a session after user login in Silverlight and do the following. On successful login, create a session object and store session id, user id, user name, session stat

Why does not Silverlight support compiled regular expressions?

The Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 Beta framework do not support compiled Regular Expressions i.e: RegexOptions.Compiled I'd be interested to hear the reasoning behind why this is the case if possible.I guess it comes down to same reason for many de

UserControl that has a generic class in its inheritance tree

I'm trying to create a UserControl that inherits from a generic class. It does not directly inherit from a generic class, but through an intermediate class that does not use generics. This compiles and works at runtime, but I get an error at design t