Link width to a columnWidth of a grid not visible in XAML

im trying to bind the width of a button and a TextBox to the width of a column they are in. Additionally i want to change the visibility of the whole grid. I set visibility to "Collapsed" and in the code behind file i change the visibility to vi

WP7 DatePicker, TimePicker Data Link

I'm building an application that needs to display and accept dates from my model ( which is retrieved from a database). The model exposes a property called EntryTime: private DateTime entryTime; [Column] public DateTime EntryTime { get { return entry

WP7 dynamic ListBox with GPS value

I'll try to explain my problem ... Sorry for the English translation to Google. I'd like to dynamically display the values ​​in a gps listBox I have a class that stock values ​​gps: public class LocationManager : INotifyPropertyChanged another with t

What are the limits of Silverlight?

What is the significance of Silverlight out of browser mode in terms of installation, privileges, restrictions and updates? Is it possible to run Silverlight(in browser mode, within web pages) in full screen mode (like when pressing F11 key )? What a

Call / generate dynamic javascript from Silverlight

I'm not sure this is supported but wanted to see if any of you had come up with something creative to work around this. Is there a way to call javascript from silverlight, without having to define any javascript functions on the aspx page/external js

WPF for the people of Silverlight

For the last couple of years I have worked with Silverlight (from version 2 to 4) and never seriously used WPF. Are there any quick tours/links/tutorials that explains and introduces WPF: differences to Silverlight and its unique features?A possible

Silverlight website on mobile phone

I'm developing a Silverlight website and one of the functionality requirements is for the rotating images to show on all browsers. The test site looks great in all desktop computer browsers. The problem now is on mobile phones the system isn't loadin

Set the background / color image in WP7

I can't seem work out (even though I have seen other apps) how to set the whole background of a WP7 page to a image or colour, like in Panorama for example. If i set Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="#FF0079C1" Or <Grid.Backgroun

External alias in XAML

I'm currently using a library that implements Menus and ContextMenus for Silverlight 3 and 4. This library defines a MenuItem class in the System.Windows.Controls namespace. No problems with SL3 because there is no MenuItem class elsewhere in the Sil

Full site in Silverlight 4. Convenient or not?

Similar question: Using Silverlight for an entire website? That question is over 2 years old. Silverlight has gone a long way from Silverlight 1.0 Beta 1 to Silverlight 4.0 Final. Would it be practical to create a full Silverlight web application the

Do you use an off-browser Silverlight application?

I know a lot of Adobe Flex out-of-browser applications, almost all of them being Twitter clients :) But I haven't yet seen even one out-of-browser Silverlight application yet. Do you use any? provides a desktop client for twitter using sil

Preventing Simultaneous Editing of Data in a Web Application

I am building a web app in Silverlight which allows users to view and edit a database. In order to prevent multiple users from editing the same data, I was thinking of implementing a lock and key mechanism, so that other users are made to wait when o

Call function on another client

I have one very weird question. There are 2 Silverlight Client 1. Admin 2. User Now, I want a scenario wherein the Admin Silverlight can initiate a function call on the User Silverlight. Pretty much a newbie with SL so wonder if that would be possibl

Should I use Json or Xml in Silverlight?

I'm communicating with several services from a SL component using both TCP sockets & HTTP web requests and we are discussing what (data) format to use - JSON or XML. I'm wondering what others have choosen and why? Cheers AWCI choose XML, purely becau

Silverlight xap file hosting, single blank screen displayed

I have a SL 3.0 xap I want to host in a ASP.NET website, I have access to the XAP file and I have created a HTML page to host the SL component. When I access the page all I see is a white screen where the SL component should be, SL is loaded but the

The AppDomain.GetData method is not accessible?

I am developing a Silverlight 3 application and I would like to delegate all unexpected error handling in a single instance of a class I have named ErrorHandler. This class has one method named HandleApplicationException, plus a couple of other metho

Silverlight Cross Domain Policies

In a silverlight application, I want to access the page the silverlight .xap file from an HTTP subdomain, but have the web services access a different subdomain for sensitive information over HTTPS. I set up clientaccesspolicy.xml at the root of the