PyQt: Retrieving QLineEdit Values

I'm developing a chat program using Python-3.5 and Qt Creator for the GUI. At first when Enter is pressed it calls the first function called run_chat. So far so good. But when the if statement is true, I want to get the next value entered by the user

Connected signal clicked do not execute the reminder

im trying to make an application in python 2.7 with QtDesigner and PyQT 4.11. In the application I want to have two QPushButtons that change the value of a QSpinBox when clicked. I've read several pages of StackOverflow answers concerning problems wi

Can not find the right way to bind qml signals to cpp locations

I'm using QT 5.7. My main.qml file's root element is 'ApplicationWindow'(which btw always underlines visible, width and height as invalid properties even though they work. I'd like to know a fix for it or the proper way to do this since I can't edit

Public functions versus public niches

In my one year of Qt programming, I have learnt a lot about signals and slots. But not enough... Slots can be used for receiving signals, but they are also normal member functions. So... Is there any reason

Signals and slot machines in Qt4

I'm trying to create a signal and slot in Qt4 and I am fairly new to Qt. From what I understand in Qt5 it is just created automatically and this is not the case in Qt4 it seems. I'm trying to create a an action when the user clicks on an option in th

How to call two functions when a button is clicked?

Here is my button # Delete button deleteButton = QtGui.QPushButton("X", self) deleteButton.clicked[bool].connect(lambda: self.delete_listener(listener)) I would like to do something like deleteButton.clicked[bool].connect(lambda: self.delete_lis

Qt and & ldquo; Not such a slot & rdquo; Error

I wrote the class and add a slot: class graphShow : public QObject { Q_OBJECT public: graphShow(){} public slots: void upd(QGraphicsScene &S); }; Implementation of graphShow::upd is here: void graphShow::upd(QGraphicsScene &S) { QGraphicsTextItem*

Modify the attribute by clicking on the PyQt array element

I am currently practicing GUI-programming using Python and (Py)Qt, and I ran into a bit of a problem. I have a simple GUI which contains but two widgets: A QTableWidget and a QLabel. The table is populated with a list of names, which are actually att

Location of the unrecognized inherited class

I'm trying to implement a custom class of QTcpSocket but it seems that my slots are not recognized at run time I always get : Object::connect: No such slot QTcpSocket::timeoutSlot() Here is my code : my header : #ifndef CUSTOM_SOCKET_H #define CUSTOM

Simple digital clock using Qt and QThread

I want to create a program by using Qt framework. The aim is to write a program which uses QThread to show a simple digital clock. but nothing happened when running. This is the subclass of Qthread for running paytamtimers.h #ifndef PAYTAMTIMERS_H #d

Qt.Signals & Slots.ConnectingProblem

I'm experiencing some troubles with Qt's "signals and slots" mechanism. I have something like that(NOTE: this is only quick example): class A : public QGLWidget { Q_OBJECT private: int *m_ptr; public slots: void addPtr(int *ptr){m_ptr=ptr;} ///B

QSpinBox ValueChanged is returned multiple times

Let's suppose I have a QSpinBox with a value 123.45 in it. If I manually edit it and start erasing the five, valueChanged is fired for the value 123.4. Happens again if I go on erasing the four. And it's also fired if I press enter after finishing ed

Incremental downloading of files using signals and slots

Before implementing this I would like to check if this will lead to undefined behaviour or race conditions. When uploading files to asure, this must be done in blocks. I want to upload 5 blocks in parallel and they all get their data from the same fi

How to pass arguments to callback functions in PyQt

I have around 10 QAction (this number will vary in runtime) in a toolbar, which all will do same thing, but using different parameters. I am thinking to add parameter as an attribute to QAction object, and then, QAction's triggered signal will also s

Signals vs Signals2

I have application that may benefit from using one of boost's signals libraries over a homegrown solution. The application is multithreaded but the part that does the signal processing is single threaded. Is there any reason to prefer Boost.Signals2

How to capture the signal of Q (double) spinbox

I'm writing a mini application by means of Qt 4.7. And I have a reoccurring problem with some QSpinBoxes and QDoubleSpinBoxes. I set the editingFinished() signal and when I change the value in any of these fields they send two signals: when the spinb

How to put the waiting condition in Signal-Slot?

I am doing one web related project. Recently I hit on this situation. This is just a stub Class My_Class { public: My_Class(); void start(); public slots(): void after_Load_Function(); } My_Class::My_Class() { //Some initializations connect(WebPage,S

Qt GUI application: warning if QObject :: connect () failed?

I recently migrated my Qt project from Linux to Vista, and now I'm debugging signals blindly. On Linux, if QObject::connect() fails in a debug build, I get a warning message on stderr. On Windows, there is no console output for GUI applications, only

Qt signals & amp; inheritance issue

I am relatively new to programming with Qt and had a question. Short version: How do I inherit signals defined in superclasses? I am trying to subclass someone else's nicely made QTWidgets to change some of the default behavior: //Plot3D is a QWidget