Initially hide toggle div

I am trying to initially hide MyDiv. Then it is revealed on the click with toggle functions. However, I cannot initially hide it. <button onclick="myFunction()">Click Me</button> This is my DIV element. <script>function myFunct

VBA: Show list on click

I searched for a way to show a listbox on certain event, here a click, but wasn't able to find it If MsgBox("Souhaitez vous reprendre un bordereau déjà édité?", vbYesNo, "Edition Bordereau") = vbYes Then PreCheckPlot Else rest of comma

Call the function with a lot of values

How to call all options in only one mode? Example: hide("house, building, clothes") or hide("house","building","clothes")... Is possible? // == shows all markers of a particular category and ensures the checkbox is

Why is not my menu & ldquo; to display correctly?

I used a layout similar to a menu how it has the main menu and a submenu that appears when you hover over it. In this case, I'm trying to have a "Share" menu with the icons the submenu on the same line. I picked details from

Display icons are not correct on the live website

I develop the website At homepage there are some blue squares and there's an Icon Font in it. Everything is fine at my Development-Server: but not at Live. I have no idea what the problem is? I've

Show and hide DIV based on user input

I have an input box for zip code entry's, when a user inputs a zip code I want to show a specific DIV. It starts with everything hidden except for the input box and go button, then the user enters a zip code and the matching DIV shows (the DIV ID wil

Showing categories in the WordPress loop

HI I have added a loop code to a WP page to display a list of thumb of posts. It works fine, but it shows each post I have published, even if isn't in the categories choosen. It's a problem because some posts shouldn't be showed! Could you help me pl

jQuery show / hide for an item only on one page

My problem is that I have some table data that gets loaded into the page from a MySQL database with a PHP while loops, it lists a teams results. In that loop there is a table row that gets hidden by default with a class of "scorers", there is th

Containers with the same class to have a separate jquery effect

Okay so I made a quick program that shows the hidden text when you click on a box. The problem is, when you click on either box, it shows the text in both of them. I only want it to show the text from the box you clicked in. Javascript: $(document).r

Hide Next / Previous Link from function

I'm working with a previous post trying to limit the number of list items using jquery and I need to hide the next/previous links when it reaches the end of the list. I'm sure this is a simple addition, but I can't seem to find a solution to augment

Java method that runs when the window is open

I need to set up a listener that can call a method every time a show() method is invoked to display a window. How can I do this?You'd probably be interested in WindowListener. From the tutorial, "How to Write Window Listeners": The following win

jQuery cache div, div watch with new content

I am trying to retract my div, then show it with new content based on which link they clicked. HTML: <div id="menu"> <ul> <a href="#" title="content_1" alt="about" class="menu"><li>

hide / show div tilting cycle

WHAT I HAVE: 3 buttons when one is clicked it gets hidden and its corresponding box is shown in each box is a link to close the box when clicked the box hides WHAT I NEED: when the close link is clicked and the box closes, i need the button to be sho

jQuery, flip ()

My page has dynamic divs and within them I want to toggle between two divs. I need to preserve the original value of the div so this may be the wrong approach Here's my code thus far, I cannot seem to get it going. $(".change").live("click&

Show child div11 in the same div div as another child tag p

I want to hide p by clicking on the (p) tag within the parent div(1 or 2 or 3) the p will disappear and the div div(11 or 12 or 13) p will appear in acordance with the p that disappeared in that division. How do I do that without using ID names? <!DO

Javascript show / hide randomly does not work

I am using this javascript/jquery to hide a part of my page and show a new part. It was working yesterday, and then I came on today and its not working. I did some editing such as adding a "snowing" javascript, and a javascript code that changes

jQuery affecting programming by programming

I'm working on a shopping cart for a client. We have up and down arrows next to product images to select the amount of an item you want to purchase. I'm trying to get this to automatically update the shopping cart also. So any item that has a value o

Problems with CSS hover

I would like to show an img when i hover over another but nothing is happening. Any advice on what i can do to change the code **HTML** <div id="container-collection"> <img class="clothes1" src="Images/smallest/JPEG/IMG_3

git: how can I list ALL files present at a given commit?

I'd like to get a list of all the files present in git at a given point. I've tried issuing something like: git show --pretty="format:" --name-only f21b25e76d146 This only shows the files that where added though, not ALL the files present in the

Using jQuery hide multiple times

I'm using the code below to replace a minimize icon to an expand icon when clicked. $(document).ready(function(){ $("#expand").click(function(){ $(".expandicon").hide(); $(".shrinkicon").show(); }); $("#shrink").cli

jQuery Hide-Reposition-Show bug in Internet Explorer 8

$('.hexLink').hide(); //Hides All hexLink elements renderHexagons(); //Position hexLink elements positionElements(); //Position elements within hexLink elements handleEvents(); //Establish events and handlers and Show hexLink elements My problem with

Perform a search to filter in the Jquery list

Hey, I am trying to create a search field that will filter or show/hide(which ever is best) the list elements based on what the user typed in and clicked the search button. I have no idea how to do this. everything I tried does not work unfortunately