Automatic redirection of visitors to the relevant website

I have just discovered the code which is redirecting the visitors based on their IP address. For example if we want to redirect our visitors from to as ".in" is our local domain and ".com" is the international do

Pass the discount code in the Orders API on Shopify

I have been trying to develop an app that takes an order on Shopify on a different channel. I successfully placed an order through the API but I am not able to include the discount code along with the order. The JSON object for the POST data is as be

Text on Image - Make is responsive for small screens

I'm very new to programming and I'm trying to modify my Retina template to customize my Shopify store. It's been fun so far and have had good results! However I'm stuck on this question: How do I make my code responsive? I managed to add the HTML and

Shopify custom setup page for the app

I tried searching up and down, but haven't found any thing that would even give a hint. My question is, If it is possible to create a custom setting page for a custom (public/private) app with Shopify? What I want to achieve, is something like a cust

Shopify API API Tag Returns 400 HTTP Error

Shopify return HTTP 400 error when I made a request to script tag for creating script. HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request Server: nginx Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 22:16:00 GMT Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Transfer-Encoding: chunked Connection: kee

Dynamic attribute names in Shopify Cart

I'm so close on this, but I just can't get the syntax right. I've been messing with this off and on for days. Essentially I have a greeting card message and I want the message to be filled in by the customer for every Greeting Card on the checkout pa

Comparing two large files takes more than four hours

I have an online store that has about 15,000 products that get's updated everyday. Currently I upload the new list everyday, but it poses some issues (like downtime being a huge issue) and I wanted to come up with an alternative. I created a script t

Shopify Order Form Ajax Loops Twice

I have a Ajax order form on a product page. When you click the #submit-table button it will display a drop down menu showing the updated cart information, including updated quantities and prices together with the products that have just been added. T

How to make a clickable top-level drop-down

Im making a store in shopify, and have set up the navbar as a dropdown. Clicking the nav links will only make it display or hide the drop down, but what i need is for it to, on the first click, display, then clicking the parent will follow the link.(

Escape characters in a liquid chain

I am trying to put together a tag list that contains various sizes (in Shopify using Liquid). The sizes use single and double quotes for inches and feet. Because it uses both, it is causing issues with the string closing properly. I have tried using

Ruby variable dynamic link as an object

Consider the following loop {% for product in collections.settings[collection_setting].products %} {{ settings[collection_setting] }} - {{ product.title }} {% endfor %} Here settings[collection_setting] is equal to green but this does not work. If I

Shopify API - Import an image with PHP

I am trying to upload an image to my shopify store with PHP via the API but it is failing. $images = array ( "image"=>array ( "attachment" => $borderedImage, "filename" => "rails_logo.jpg" ) ); # Making an

Shopify - Update / Remove metafield via metafield API using PHP

I've been stuck trying to update or delete a metafield that i created on user registration via the shopify customer API. At first i tried to update the metafield using the customer API but it told me that the metafield already existed and i cannot ad

Shopify Carrier Service API does not display dates

I have registered a carrier service using the Shopify API. Shopify requires max and min delivery dates to show rates on checkout. I am passing these fields. But now I don't want to show these days with my rates titles. Is this possible? Now the rate

How can I convert ~ 24000 product titles to URL keys?

I have an array with ~24000 products. The hash will be saved as a CSV and uploaded to a Shopify shop using the products import method. When I manually create a single product, the product url key/handle is automatically generated based on the product

Add custom CSS and JS to Shopify

I am working on getting vertical tabs for a page on Shopify, using the 'Atlantic' theme. As this theme does not have vertical tabs by default, I have used the external JS and CSS "jquery-jvert-tabs". My question is, if I upload the JS and CSS fi

How to add scopes to an existing Shopify application installer

I have built Shopify public app with Read Orders Scope only, Now i just realized that i will have to also add a new asset to my installers store. I can't add the new 'write_theme' scope to my Auth request because i am getting an error from Shopify sa

Test the localhost app in Shopify

It's possible to test an app created on my localhost, on my Shopify test shop? Thank you.Yes, you can install apps running on localhost into a Test Shop. Just make sure you've set your urls and callbacks correctly in your app and the app settings in

Can not receive a permanent access token for my Shopify app

I'm following the Shopify instructions to get a permanent token for a particular app/shop combination ( I'm able to get the temporary token and then use a simple html form to receive a permanent token: But

Shopify theme with compass and Sass

Does anyone have a workflow for developing Shopify themes with Compass and Sass? I am really close, I just need to figure out how to not make Sass barf on the CSS liquid tags. Here's what I've got: A sass/compass project in directory (ex:, "/newwebsi

python api - shopify.Variant 404 Error

Trying to create a new Variant using the python lib. After creating a shopify session I simply try to create a Variant instance as per the docs session = shopify.Session('<My Url>') session.token = self.provider_access_token shopify.ShopifyResource.