Sharing URL generation from uuid4?

I'm having a bit of a problem figuring out how to generate user friendly links to products for sharing. I'm currently using /product/{uuid4_of_said_product} Which is working quite fine - but it's a bit user unfriendly - it's kind of long and ugly. An

iOS: share data between different users

I'm super confused with this, please forgive me if it has been answered elsewhere. I'm very new to iOS and would like to create a simple shopping list app. User A should be able to create a shopping list which can be shared privately with user B. Onc

How to share an image URL to WhatsApp on Android?

I need to share an image to WhatsApp in my app. I have the image URL. For sharing to WhatsApp, I am using the following code. String image_url = "";

Custom share buttons

I am trying to implement social media sharing buttons on my Website. I am successfull in implementing the facebook sharing button. My Code : <div id="fb-root"></div> <script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTa

Unable to share folder - Error: 'Incorrect function'

I'm unable to share any folders. I'm always getting the following error: An error occurred while trying to share [your folder]. Incorrect function. The shared resource was not created at this time.I applied following solution with success : http://so

Share the hash through Perl scripts

Is it possible to share a hash created by a Perl script by another Perl script on a Linux machine ? ./ # Creates a hash after parsing a file # Takes several minutes and hash consumes 4Gb of memory ./ # Reads hash ./

Sharing option with the iOS app?

i want to share app info on social network with all social networking application that are previously installed in device. i have one demo images just like this, if any idea please give me. Thanks in advanceUsing UIActivityViewController you can Shar

Intention to Share Android vs Real Facebook Integration

I am going to integrate "facebook sharing" into an app. Basically a timeline post with a link and an image and text. What is the difference between an elaborate Facebook 3.0 integration vs using the Android OS' share intent with certain paramete

The file sharing violation occurs after the file is created?

So, I'm attempting to create a .txt file, and then write some silly data to it. But I'm getting a sharing violation. I sense that it may be because I'm attempting to create a StreamWriter for a file directly after creating it, but that doesn't make s

VBA Excel - How to unprotect and protect with vba

I have a workbook in which i have several sheets according to requirement. In this workbook i have used macros and to lock some particular cells and columns i have used unprotect and protect options. Everything works fine on my machine but when i mak

How can I create responsive share buttons

I'm trying to create social sharing buttons responsive to page size like Techcrunch or Business2Community does on their articles. You'll notice that once you shrink your window the buttons jump to above the title. Can anyone tell me how this was done

Facebook SDK for iOs does not work properly

I'm developing an iOs 5 app and I'm trying to add Facebook sharing with Facebook SDK. I've been coding a lot but it doesn't work. This is the code I use from the Facebook Developers Site: - (IBAction) buttonpressed { facebook = [[Facebook alloc] init

Integrate Twitter into the iOS 4.3+ app

I'm trying to integrate Twitter with my App right now. I have successfully set up the iOS 5 TWTweetComposeViewController, but this does not work on iOS 4.3. What's the best method to also integrate Twitter posting into iOS 4.3?Sharekit is a framework

centralized / distributed sharing

I would like to make a system whereby users can upload and download files. The system will have a centralized topography but will rely heavily on peers to transfer relevant data through the central node to other peers. Instead of peers holding entire

Sharing data on a Cocoa application

I have searched for how to correctly do this, but I don't believe I have found my answer. This is my setup: NSWindowController loads in 2 different NSViewControllers (only one is displayed at a time). When I drop a file onto the NSViewController's vi

Code sharing between two different git projects

I have two different .Net projects, hosted on github. I would like to create a shared "commons" library for the two projects. How should I structure my repository to facilitate this sharing? Ideally, a change in this common library in one projec

Best practice for passing configuration to each GUI object

I am writing an application, where I do have few different windows implemented, where each window is a separate class. Now I need somehow to pass a single configuration object to all of them. My GUI is designed in way, where I have one main window, w

Django shared model

I'm looking how to do the best something like a UserControl in ASP.NET in Django. For example: 1) There's a Book model defined 2) There's a regular representation of the book which I want to use all over my site (called "book_template.html"). No