Edit the text UpdateProgress by clicking on the button

I have this but it´s not working... did I miss something? I need to change the text withing UpdateProgess on button click for example. This is my ascx: <asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgress2" runat="server" AssociatedUpdatePanelID=

Calculated SharePoint column

I have a simple calculated column in my SharePoint 2010 list. It takes the list item ID, adds 100 to it. When my users are creating items in the list, the calculated column does not get updated unless I go in, edit the column (do nothing) and save it

Check if workflows are used or not?

We are migrating content from one SharePoint (MOSS 2007) to new platform (SP 2013). We have situation where we have to fix some items manually on each site. Is there a way I can know if any workflow is used in the site or not? P.S: Workflow related f

get sharepoint list data in html

My boss asked me today if it is possible to use Sharepoint list data into an external HTML website... The client have a sharepoint intranet and an HTML website. They are publishing news on their sharepoint but they'd like to recover the news (sharepo

Open an Excel file from the SharePoint site

I'm trying to open an Excel file from SharePoint using VBA. Because the file I'm looking for might be different each time I run the macro, I want to be able to view the SharePoint folder and select the file I need. The code below works fine when I wa

Sign in and develop with SharePoint Server 2013

I recently setup a sharepoint server 2013 on our company and have found really good examples how you can override the suitbar with custom links. Now that I'm trying to implement those examples i get to that point where Visual Studio 2012 and Office d

How to test an event receiver?

I am pretty much going crazy trying to get a SharePoint List Event Receiver to work. I have created an EventReceiver Project in VS and can debug it however, the break points don't work. Basically its the same issue lots of people have had but none of

Sharepoint .aspx page

I have been told I will be let go at the end of the week if I can't figure this out by the end of the day. I need help in figuring out this issue. I am trying to create a .aspx page for a sharepoint site. This is the code I have... <script runat="

Sharing Powerpivot reports

I have generated a report in Powerpivot for excel and want to share it with other members of my team. I do not want all of them to download and install Powerpivot add-on. I found out that the report can be shared over SharePoint 2010. For this I need

How to get the Sharepoint image in relative URL format

I have an SPListItem that I return a full image url: http://sharepointsite.com/images/bob's picture.jpg I return this url by calling this: splistitem.File.ServerRelativeUrl I want to be able to turn this url into this: http://sharepointsite.com/image

sharepoint list Vs library-developer point of view

What is the exact differnace between sharepoint list and library in developer point of view?According this blog, http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/22731, use Library for storing documents, and use Lists for data, for example, a database reco

Create a friendly alias for a SharePoint site

I have a test Sharepoint server running on a Windows 7 machine. The url is http://liu-t500-01 and i want to create a user friendly alias http://temp for it. i have added temp to my hosts file (an A/host entry) and i have also created an alt

Import a SharePoint site before creating a site collection

I've exported a number of sites from one SharePoint server. I have created a web application (url http://jps) but have not yet created a site collection. I am attempting to import these sites on another server, and have three questions. 1) Do I need

Digitally signing InfoPath forms

I have an InfoPath 2007 form with custom .NET code. In order for it to be accessible on our Sharepoint server, it needs to run in full-trust (I get an error about the form trying to access my computer, and therefore it cannot run). In order to run in