SharePoint sends a notification by assignment

I created in SharePoint a list. It has several columns, one of these columns is called assined to. It contains one or more person. What i want, is that an email is send to the new person/s, if a new person is added to this column. Now i searched a li

SharePoint Designer 2013 keeps asking for credentials

SharePoint designer 2013 keeps asking for credentials when I try to open site to modify it I have SharePoint designer 2013 and front end server SharePoint 2013 I tried the following steps to fix it but also not working with me: scenario one: Get Tool

How to clear the SharePoint designer cache?

I created a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013, but I can't see my changes. I think that SharePoint Designer is cached. How can I clear this cache?Here's a batch file that I use to quickly clear anything that SharePoint Designer might have cached l

convert my website to a sharepoint site

I am new to sharepoint online 2013. I have a simple mapping application(webmap with html5/css/js (javascript/jquery) that I would like to move into a sharepoint subsite/master site available to my sharepoint users (that they must be logged in to see)

How to set up a development environment for sharepoint 2013

I had installed sharepoint 2013 foundation, sql server 2012 in Windows Server 2012 operating system in virtual machine. I need to setup development environment for sharepoint 2013. Can any one help me on what I have to install apart from that. I have

SharePoint server is not installed on this computer

I am new to SharePoint and I am using SharePoint 2013. I have installed the SharePoint server 2013 on one server and I want to create web parts from vs 2010. But my vs 2010 is present on different pc and I am getting the below error. "A SharePoint se

How to check logged-in user using Javascript in sharepoint

I need to check whether the logged in user is a administrator or non-admin user by using JavaScript in sharepoint designer or content editor webpart. Can anybody suggest?You can use JQuery and SPServices to examine the group a logged in user belongs

How to add a Web Part to a SharePoint wiki page?

I have a team site. I understand that the default home page of a team site is a wiki page. I want to add a web part zone to this page. How can I do that? By default it already has Web Part Zone -. You can use SharePoint designer to add a web part to

Sharepoint Designer

I am using sharepoint designer.Just beside terms and Conditions Check box I need to put a hyperlink Which will open up a web page with all terms and conditions. How can I do that in sharepoint designer. Many thanksOpen the page in Sharepoint Designer

Sharepoint and its templates / templates

I'm trying to learn how to customize a sharepoint site. I've seen a lot of examples and they all seem to have one thing in common, the navigation are all the same. Ie the left nav with the different pages and docs. top nav with mostly links to sub-si

Sharepoint Blogs: Sorting based on date of publication

I have a sharepoint intranet portal which has many blogs and they have customized design. We use default Data form webpart for displaying blog posts. By default the posts are sorted based on "created date". I have a new requirement from the clie

how to design such a workflow in the sharepoint designer

how can such a workflow be created in sharepoint designer. should start when a new item is created in listA Condition > if any item in the listB exist with customer name as andrews then Action > update that item in listB with field colA = orignal va

sharepoint ide other than the sharepoint designer

Source control in Sharepoint Designer (SD) is arguably more a headache than a solution; especially when more than one person is editing the same code. In my case, I am mostly using SD to edit static files (css, js and html). I suppose it depends on t

Document Library: subfolder - & gt; target audience

I have a following requirement. I have a document structure where I would like to grant read only permission to specific group on sub folder within document library. I am using Sharepoint 2007 Example. Folder : Business <--- Document Library under bu

Custom SharePoint form that displays data from another list

I have a SharePoint task list. Each task in the task list is for a Client, and there is a drop-down on the task entry form to select the client. The drop down is populated from a Clients list. Each client has a tier. Tier is a field in the Client lis

Shortening the jQuery function

I've written the following functions to remove non-breaking spaces from the html code in a SharePoint site (SharePoint designer litters whatever code you write with non-breaking spaces whenever you open the masterpage or page layouts! You end up spen

SharePoint: site layouts

Hi I was wondering which Layout I could use to get the search box in the top right hand corner. I used (Welcome Page) Blank Web Part Page) as the page layout but its missing the search box in the top right corner. Also another question: How can I add