How to change the radio button label using JQuery

I have exhaustively search the net for answers and have not found a single working solution as of yet. I have written numerous ways in attempt to change the label of a particular radio button. I am trying to edit the default "Specify your own value:&

Creating a cascading dropdown in sharepoint

How do I go about creating a cascading drop-down within a list in Office 365 SharePoint? For instance, if you have a country drop-down and you select United States, you get the 50 states listed. Then if you select Maryland, you get the cities within

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel

I have developed a SharePoint provider hosted (MVC) app and hosted web application in iis of azure VM (WIN SERVER 2012). When we try to use application using an app, It throws below error. Server Error in '/' Application. Could not load file or assem

SharePoint IF and OR formula

I have been working on a calculated column formula and have gotten stuck. I have a list with several columns the formula is looking at. First column is a Due Date column that is a simple calculated column of Created date + 4 days The Second column is

SharePoint 2010 incompatible project in Visual Studio 2015

I have installed Visual Studio 2015 (Professional). But when I open SharePoint 2010 project on VS 2015, it's showing project is incompatible. Could you please tell any solution or idea to load the project in VS 2015?Your project is not loading becaus

SharePoint Designer 2013 keeps asking for credentials

SharePoint designer 2013 keeps asking for credentials when I try to open site to modify it I have SharePoint designer 2013 and front end server SharePoint 2013 I tried the following steps to fix it but also not working with me: scenario one: Get Tool

Sharepoint 2013 Custom Standard User Interface Icons

i'm currently building up a design-solution-feature for SP13. it deploys master pages, layouts, css files etc. my question is: is there actually any way to implement custom standard UI icons? e.g.: for the ribbonrow or settings icon on the top right

ReferenceError: _spPageContextInfo is not defined

I have the following code in my js file: var configNews = { url:_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl, newsLibrary: 'DEMONews', listId: '' }; // Getting the ListID $.ajax({ url: configNews.url + "/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('" + configNews.newsLibrar

Can not Create Web Part Without Sharepoint 2013 Privileges

i got a simple question I have a server, i access it via remote desktop, when i try to create a new WebPart in visual studio 2012 got this error : i tell my IT administrator, to give me the rights privileges, He said he can't give me the administrato

the remote server returned an error 414 uri request too long

I am using SaveBinaryDirect method to upload file to SharePoint library. I am getting error like below the remote server returned an error 414 request uri too long Can anybody help me pleaseI wouldn't call this a SharePoint problem necessarily, more

sharepoint rest search value

i'm having a minor issue. I'm using REST/JS to populate a dropdown box, which requires first getting the lookup of a column in a list. //Product Model Cascade document.getElementById("productDD").onchange = function() { var prod = this.options[d

Save all editing operations for the custom list

I have custom list in SharePoint 2013, there are many edit operation on each item for the list , I want to save all the operation's, then I can extract to Excel file ( like report for these operations ). My question is: Can I do it with No-Code solut

get sharepoint list data in html

My boss asked me today if it is possible to use Sharepoint list data into an external HTML website... The client have a sharepoint intranet and an HTML website. They are publishing news on their sharepoint but they'd like to recover the news (sharepo

SPAppToken (context token) is null

I have a Sharepoint 2013 on premise environment for which I am developing an provider hosted app using Visual Studio. The Visual Studio project has an app project which contains a custom ribbon button that goes to the web project. The web project is

how to connect sharepoint with php

Do anyone know how to integrate Sharepoint and Php. I am trying to develop php app which can connect to Sharepoint.In particular since basically I am website developer, I want my all websites to be connected with Sharepoint. So, simply I want to crea

Unable to uninstall Sharepoint application - Invalid state

Our Sharepoint 2013 Application failed to install and is stuck in a odd state. I followed the recommended approach for deleting the application using powershell commands on the hosted Sharepoint server, but it doesn't execute properly. Visual Studio

SharePoint server is not installed on this computer

I am new to SharePoint and I am using SharePoint 2013. I have installed the SharePoint server 2013 on one server and I want to create web parts from vs 2010. But my vs 2010 is present on different pc and I am getting the below error. "A SharePoint se

using the rich text box in Sharepoint 2013

I want to use a rich textbox in Sharepoint 2013 as seen in the figure below. How can I do that? I have already used the code below. <%@ Register Tagprefix="SharePoint" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls" Assembly="Micr

Sign in and develop with SharePoint Server 2013

I recently setup a sharepoint server 2013 on our company and have found really good examples how you can override the suitbar with custom links. Now that I'm trying to implement those examples i get to that point where Visual Studio 2012 and Office d

Create SharePoint 2013 applications

I have started to use SharePoint 2013. I want to develop an apps for SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio 2012. How i start to develop SharePoint Apps 2013?Following Links may Help you to Create Apps Setup the development environment in SharePoint 201