SharePoint IF and OR formula

I have been working on a calculated column formula and have gotten stuck. I have a list with several columns the formula is looking at. First column is a Due Date column that is a simple calculated column of Created date + 4 days The Second column is

Calculated SharePoint column

I have a simple calculated column in my SharePoint 2010 list. It takes the list item ID, adds 100 to it. When my users are creating items in the list, the calculated column does not get updated unless I go in, edit the column (do nothing) and save it

Creating a Sharepoint 2010 solution in Visual Studio 2013

I am trying to create Sharepoint 2010 solution in Visual Studio 2013. I only have SP 2010 installed on this machine. In Visual Studio 2012, I have the SP 2010 templates, but I don't have them in VS 2013. When I try to create an empty Sharepoint solut

MS Project Server 2013 and Sharepoint 2010

I try to know- can i write ASP.Net app wich use Project Server 2013 API and include it as webpart on Sharepoint 2010? Thank you.Yes you can providing the Project Server 2013 libraries are stored on the GAC or alternatively on the bin folder if you se

SharePoint server is not installed on this computer

I am new to SharePoint and I am using SharePoint 2013. I have installed the SharePoint server 2013 on one server and I want to create web parts from vs 2010. But my vs 2010 is present on different pc and I am getting the below error. "A SharePoint se

Updated document Sharepoint Sharepoint

I'm trying to do some changes to the properties of the documents that users edit in a Sharepoint 2010 Document Library progammatically using an Event Handler. At the moment, I'm trying with the event ItemCheckedIn. The problem comes when I execute th

Using Visual Studio 2010 with Sharepoint 2013

Do I need to upgrade Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012 in order to develop on SharePoint 2013? Is the new SharePoint 2013 designer plug-in compatible with Visual Studio 2010? Are any features locked out of SharePoint 2013 if I stick to using V

How to fill a site column from one list to another list?

I have defined a couple of lists for capturing registration details of the user. There is a list for holding personal details of the user and there is another list which holds professional details of the user. The two lists are used over two differen

Sharing Powerpivot reports

I have generated a report in Powerpivot for excel and want to share it with other members of my team. I do not want all of them to download and install Powerpivot add-on. I found out that the report can be shared over SharePoint 2010. For this I need

SPDisposeCheck tells me not to have a Sharepoint website

using (var web = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb) { //Some code } The SPDisposeCheck tool is telling me not to dispose of this object - but I thought this was a prime example of where you should dispose of an SP object!? Output from SPDisposeCheck: No

Querying share point data

I have a requirement to retrieve data from share point (I guess it is 2010, but will check with admin if relevant) and generate an excel report/chart. Say we have a bug tracking system in share point. Currently, I could create a view and see some sta

Export SPWeb SharePoint 2010 weird dll error

Ik get a weird error when running the following command: PS C:\> Export-SPWeb -Identity http://dfz-85:81/ -Path "C:\temp.cmp" This is the error i get, the .dll file keeps changing every time i try the command. Export-SPWeb : Could not find fi

sharepoint list Vs library-developer point of view

What is the exact differnace between sharepoint list and library in developer point of view?According this blog,, use Library for storing documents, and use Lists for data, for example, a database reco

Is this slider, cycle, carousel?

I need something like this ( The image rotator with nice faded text and the numbers for navigation. I did a view source and saw bunch of js. I dont want to use too many of those js as I have constrain what I can uplaod to

How can I completely remove a user from Sharepoint 2010?

I can delete a user from a site collection, but I can't seem to delete a user totally from SharePoint. For example: Let's say DOMAIN\joetest has a user ID of 15. I can delete that account from the site collection (via web gui or powershell), but the

pass the C # byte array in javascript

i have a situation in which i have a byte array of a image in code behind C# class of a webpage (pop up page) protected void ToFile(byte[] byteImage) { string strByte = byteImage.ToString(); this.Context.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascri

Download a document from SharePoint with the version number

I need to be able to download a file out of SharePoint (to send externally) that has the version number in the file name. Is there any way to do this without custom code? If not, how would I code this? File in SharePoint -> Specifications.doc Downloa

Sharepoint 2010 Custom Web Sharing - Access denied error

we've created a custom webpart to display announcements from all lists a user has access to, removing a few. The error we are having is that the webpart works fine on the page for the administrators, but when testing with regular user accounts, they