Golang C (.so) imports the call segmentation violation

Hello I'm going to work with thirdparty library (.so file) with golang in linux environment. So I tried to practice a bit with something trivial, like importing functions from linux native libs. And got stuck on importing and calling sqrt function. H

Equivalent to C ++ header files in Java?

I've got a large Java library and I want to develop several smaller applications that interface this library. The library will be present on the target device's class-path as JAR, but I would like to avoid the need to have the entire library (either

How to use a static function in a library

I have a library libxx and inside that library there is a static function foo(). I want to write another function bar() which uses the function foo() as a subroutine. Is there any way to do it without writing bar() on the file which the function foo(

Check if the shared libraries are compatible with a binary?

Background:I have a large project which links dozens of shared libraries, both from external sources and from our own projects. Before delivery of a new software version I usually do make clean all and roll out all the executables and shared librarie

Compatibility of the shared library

I have an API that 3rd parties use to create shared libraries which are dynamically linked into my application. These shared libraries declare public functions that return their implementation of a pure virtual class defined in the API. The applicati

Thread safety in Android libraries

I'm trying to implement a native shared library(.so) for the Android system. Naturally, there are some code blocks that need to be thread-safe. I found out here that pthreads locks, mutexes, or condition variables are not supported. I'd like to know

error loading libpng16 shared libraries

I am trying to compile and run this code under ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded and installed libpng version 1.6.12. I am able to compile the code using gcc test.c -lpng but when I try to run it, I get this error: ./a.out: error while loading shared librar

Versions of shared and executable libraries on Linux

Let's describe the following scenario: I intend to create an application for the Linux platform The application will contain a core shared/dynamic library and the executable. The library will act like an engine, providing common and essential classes

C ++ capture enum value as an exception

I am trying to use an external C++ library which have defined its exceptions as: enum MY_ERRORS { ERR_NONE = 0, ERR_T1, ERR_T2, }; Then in the code exceptions are thrown like this: if(...) { throw ERR_T1; Being new to programming in C++, I would do s

Get the full list of .so dependencies for Qt?

This question already has an answer here: Determine direct shared object dependencies of a Linux binary? 4 answers My Qt application should run on Linux distributions that don't have Qt installed and even have older version of glibc and so on. So I d

Java library for calculation of derivatives and integrals

I want to develop a small application in JAVA, for personal use, that solves the derivatives and integrals. Can you tell me some good library to do this, and some example? ThanksCommons Math contains the ability to integrate using different methods -

C ++ compilation at runtime

So I watched this video months back where Epic showcased their new Unreal Engine 4 developer features. Sorry I could not find the video but I'll try my best to explain. The one feature that got my attention was the C++ "on the fly" modification

Websphere Shared Library

I have a web server which host 3 different applications, they all need one same library called "bridge2java.jar". I decided to use shared library to avoid ".dll (bridge2java.dll) already load in another process error". I followed steps

Shared Libraries and Linguistic Standards

AFAIK, neither C99 nor C++ standards are aware of shared libraries. Why is that? EDIT: What is a good practice of writing shared libs without duplicating Linux/Windows versions? Thanks.I can think of a few reasons why this makes sense in 1999 (as in

to embed .so into another .so without dependency?

i have a c program that relies on a second library whose compilation i can control. i want to be able to compile my program into a shared object library without it linking to the second library. in other words i want a single monolithic shared object

Library as a dependency for another library

I have a big project compiled into libProject.so-file (shared library), I made some modules (shared libraries too) which use code from all libProject. Can I set libProject as dependence for moduleProject.so file? (gcc)Sure, just link with it like any

How can I get rid of LD_LIBRARY_PATH at runtime?

I am building a C++ application that uses Intel's IPP library. This library is installed by default in /opt and requires you to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH both for compiling and for running your software (if you choose the shared library linking, which I di

Shared library terminology

What is the difference between "shared library text" and "shared library data"? Also, what does it mean for shared library data to be "pre-relocated"? This question is in reference to a couple of AIX-specific features involvi