How to add SHA-1 to the android app

I'm trying to create a dynamic link in Firebase, when I'm selecting the android app, it shows an error saying "Add SHA-1 to this android app", I've already added a credential, but I'm not sure how exactly do I "add SHA-1 to the app" Ho

SHA1 fast function without HMAC

i try to get SHA1 working in swift. without using CommonCrypto since it is not default in swift. please see (since it's a little to big to post) if i run a test case in Xcode: func test_sha1() { XCTAss

Can not connect with password sha1 Hashed

I have used sha1 to hash a password upon registration, here's a snippet of code from that: $password = sha1 ($_POST['password']); $query = "INSERT INTO admin (forename,surname,email,securityq, securitya,password) VALUES ('$forename','$surname','$emai

Android Google Map v2 signed apk does not work

Yet another question on GoogleMaps Api Key and release mode. I have my API key, correctly added the SHA-1 in the allowed Android Applications, copied the key in the manifest and the same in both google_maps_api.xml (debug, release) in Android Studio.

hash using sha1sum using awk

I have a "pipe-separated" file that has about 20 columns. I want to just hash the first column which is a number like account number using sha1sum and return the rest of the columns as is. Whats the best way I can do this using awk or sed? Accou

Unauthorized push notification, android

I follow this guide from google, to set up push notification service for android(GCM). But it is actually a bit wrong, because there is no Register app button, I think it was replaced with credentials in slide bar, then I press create new key button,

Compare images to find duplicates

I have a few (38000) picture/video files in a folder. Approximately 40% of these are duplicates which I'm trying to get rid of. My question is, how can I tell if 2 files are identical? So far I tried to use a SHA1 of the files but it turns out that m

How to filter and recognize hash strings in PHP?

At the beginning of every php script, I loop through the possible POST and GET inputs, filter them properly, so later when I need an input, I can use my custom, safe, filtered variable, (which is an array, that holds POSTS and GETS) and I do not have

Password Hashing, BCrypt to SHA1 / MD5

I have been looking at upgrading the password hashing security of one of my applications as I have been reading up about brute force attacks being considerably faster then they used to. Currently I am using sha1(md5($password)) and I see the benefits

Display encrypted passwords in PHP

A client I am building a website for uses password / promo codes for their "Members Only" section, allowing members to gain access to special content. I am storing said passwords via MySQL, encrypted using sha1. The client needs to see these pas

Why does printf ('% 02x & hellip;') change output?

/*HASHING*/ unsigned char *do_hashing(unsigned char *buffer){ unsigned char outbuffer[20]; unsigned char output[20]; SHA1(buffer, strlen(buffer), outbuffer); for (int i=0; i<20; i++) { output[i]=outbuffer[i]; } printf("The hash: "); for (int

SHA1 error implementation in C

I have been working on getting the sha1() function working from openssl/sha.h however I am getting random output and some warning. I have read quite a bit and tried some of the example codes but I get warning on all of it and it doesn't display corre

Maximum SHA-1 hash performance hints in Java

I'm writing a Java library that needs to compute SHA-1 hashes. During a common task, the JVM spends about 70% of its time in, 10% in, and 2% in

Encryption of the user's credentials using the SHA1 algorithm

I am creating a blackberry application which sends the request to the server. So authentication of the user is required. So for doing this i want to encrypt UserID and password using SHA1 in blackberry. The encrypted data which is made using SHA1 alg

sfValidatorDoctrineUnique and sha1 in Symfony?

In User.class.php i have: $this->setCode(sha1($this->getPassword())); This is ok. In register form i would like use sfValidatorDoctrineUnique. $this->validatorSchema->setPostValidator(new sfValidatorDoctrineUnique(array('model'=>'User', 'co

ASP.NET: SHA1 + Salt Hashing on multiple servers

So, I am the approach David Hayden posted on his blog ( to create a salt and hash the user's password by taking the user's raw password and the generated salt and using SHA1 to hash the val

Is it better to salt the chain when creating a secure hash?

I'm not really strong at cryptography, so there is my question. Our application - forum - sends our users notifications of new messages, if they opted for it. In the email there should be a link to unsubscribe from this messages. Now, I want that lin

Does GIT have twin problems?

In ClearCase evil twin occurs when two files are found with the same name in two different versions of the directory, and If the element OIDs are different but the names are the same. In GIT the SHA1 id is always unique and file with same name always

Perl Digest :: SHA1 Is Not Imported on OS X Leopard Server

I've been trying to get SVN to connect to Atlassian Crowd for authentication but have been running into issues with OS X Leopard Server (10.5.8) and Perl's Digest::SHA1. I've installed it from the source ( and if