CakePHP Session Timeout Not as programmed?

I'm experiencing session timeouts in CakePHP quicker than I code. I have this line: 'Session' => [ 'defaults' => 'php', 'timeout'=>24*60*60*30//for one month ], ....But it is logging out around 30 minutes of inactivity I believe, at least it feel

pass user credentials to all node.js views

I'm trying to build an android application using node.js web services,the first interface allow the user to connect to a host using ip address,login and password, so he can get all the databases,i want to save the object credentials to use in all oth

How to separate nodejs sessions

I have a very simple nodejs chatbot that learns things about a client that is connected to it. For example, if a client says "My name is Bob" and then asks the chatbot "What is my name?" the chatbot will say "Bob" the problem

disable add a new line in the session table in laravel

I have laravel 5.0 . and set sessions drivers to database . I have some link that no require to insert new row in sessions table . how i can disable inserting new row only for .Create a new route/middleware type for sessionless

Pass session variables via PHP Mail

I'm having an issue passing $_SESSION variables through a multiple page form process using PHP mail. The emails are coming through fine, although they not displaying the variables. My goal is to have users fill out forms on multiple pages, and have t

SESSION login vulnerable?

I have built up a login on my website where I set a $_SESSION['user'] variable if the login was successful. Now I protect all the content for logged in users by if(!isset($_SESSION['user'])) { header('Location: login.php'); } This means that if there

How to stop uniqid () from regenerating in PHP form

I want to generate a random key for the user to use during registration. The code compares the generated key with the user input but the key gets regenerated when the user submits the form, so they are never the same. I tried to protect the generator

Timer in a code

I want to create an timer in the java application , as per which a user can login to the application just for a predefined time. and once the timer value reaches to zero ,he/she will loose its session object and will automatically gets logged out. du

I have a problem with the session variable in the remote server

I am a starter in PHP language. I was trying to develop a small application. For that (lets say, page 1) I was posting some data to a PHP file from the page 1 through an Ajax call.Then I want to access the same value from that PHP file in another HTM

Single-page connection getting Constant 500 server errors

What I'm Trying To Do I'm creating a single-page members' area with a login form. When logged in, the only thing the user should see (at this stage) is a button to logout. What's going wrong Whenever there is a match in the database (e.g. the usernam

getting the session variable even after the session destroy

I am newbie in php. I can not under stand a thing that session variable is outputting even after session_destroy() and session_unset().Here is my simple code for test `session_start(); SESSION['name']='sovon'; session_destroy(); session_unset($_SESSI

Logout in codeigniter

I am trying to design a login/logout page in codeigniter framework.My problem is that when I logout of the web-page I am getting redirected to a login page. When I go back I am getting a page which says: Document Expired This document is no longer av

Session_id () error

Though I'm not so specific about session_id(), i am using a code in php like this in a.php i'm using this code $_SESSION['sid']=session_id(); when i'm in b.php, i am echoing the session sid and then unsetting it like this.. echo $_SESSION['sid']; uns

Manage PHP sessions with Jquery and Ajax

So im trying to figure out whats wrong here! Im using Ajax to log users in and out and refresh some part of the document as they do. Everything is working fine but when i log out i have to click my link twice in order to see the changes. It look like

How to use sessions in PDO?

I am still redoing and getting rid of old mysql_* commands in my code. I tried to transfer my session login form old code and this is what I got so far: public function login($user, $password) { if (!empty($user) && !empty($password)) { $password

MVC3 destroying the session on redirecttoaction

I have an issue with sessions in an MVC3 application. In one controller I am receiving a post request then adding the value to session before redirecting to the controllers get method. The issue is that in the GET request the session value returns nu

What size of a cookie can / should I create?

When users log into our site we retrieve an object from our database that contains various settings that are used throughout the site. In order to reduce server load from going back to our database each time the user interacts with our site, we are t

Session Variables for the Unit Test Controller in MVC3

I am unit testing my controller. In one of my controller methods I am setting Session variables: public void Index(){ Session["foo"] = "bar"; return View(); } How can I unit test this? The problem is that the Session property is null w

Get a pyOpenSSL Client to Use SSL Session Summary

I've been trying with no success to get my pyOpenSSL client to use TLS/SSL session resume when making several connections sucessively (it's sending http requests) to a Tomcat application server. I'm pretty sure everything is fine on the server end si

How to edit MachineKey for Session State Server?

I'm trying to implement a SessionState server to allow multiple web servers to share the same state. At first this will be the different dev machines, and later it'll be the different web servers in the web farm. So far, I'm making good progress I th

Status server in the webfarm scenario?

This is a fairly basic question about state server but assume there are 2 servers behind a load balancer. How do I configure the session state server? So, I have machine1 and machine2. I would assume that I would need to install the state server on 1

How to resume a session on Facebook Connect iPhone

I'm using Facebook Connect for the iPhone in one of our applications. When the user logs in using FBLoginDialog, we pass the iPhone's session_secret to the server and our server then has access to all of facebook's functionality. However, when we use

IIS6 Logout Button ASP.NET Basic Authentication

I have a requirement for an explicit logout button for users in a ASP.NET web app. I am using IIS6 with Basic Authentication (SSL). I can redirect to another web page but the browser keeps the session alive. I have googled around and found a way to d