Detect a missing file based on its date

I need to manually monitor a random windows-based backup program for failures and the only way to do this is via checking for the daily backup file it makes. A batch file would be simplest for me to implement. It would need to scan a directory for a

Change the character set on Microsoft R Server 9.0.1

Q: How to you change/update the character set on Microsoft R Server? Issue: I am trying to read a CSV that is delimited with '§' but the R Server is not able to interperet the '§' character when I work remotely. Similarly for other characters like 'ø

How to send my Logcat data to my server in Android?

This question already has an answer here: how can I send log information from my Android app to my server? 4 answers I'm new in android... i want to see my application logcat to my server. so that it became easy to see the errors.. please explain ste

set up an http server using java

I am trying to set up an http server using java. I am currently using the Vert.x package. This is my first experience with http server so i am kind of lost and don't really know how to proceed, hence i am seeking guidance. I have scrambled a a piece

Best way to distribute Android creatives via a private channel

My app is now in the alpha status and I would like to distribute it to a few people (QA, alpha testers...) without making the app public. I know, that google play offers a private channel to distribute apps in alpha/beta state to some people, but acc

Proximity alert for saved locations on the server

I did some search but could not find a suitable answer. My App should compare with multiple locations for proximity. This means I will not be able to save all the locations into my app to confirm the proximity using locationManager. I want the proxim

Static and dynamic IP address issues

Let's say we are hosting on a Personal Computer and Server Program is written in Java. 1.If we host server using static IP-address then does that means we can change machine and replace it with other ones, restart machine as many times we want and ou

Wakanda server side timeout?

Wakanda 1.0.3 OS X. Question: I have a long running process on the server side, which is called on the server side. It could run as long as 4-5 minutes. What are the limits for Wakanda Server in terms of how long a SSJS will wait before it times out

Deploying the Node JS Application Server

I have a dedicated Godaddy server. I need to run a node app on it. I can do that by SSH running node app.js The problem is that when the ssh connection is disconnected ... The app stops working. How do I run it so that it does not stops.Create a shel

Comparing two large files takes more than four hours

I have an online store that has about 15,000 products that get's updated everyday. Currently I upload the new list everyday, but it poses some issues (like downtime being a huge issue) and I wanted to come up with an alternative. I created a script t

Basic tcp / ip server in swift

I've been trying to write a simple TCP/IP server in swift but I couldn't come up with a solution. I've already tried searching on both here and the rest of the web but I couldn't find something that works for the latest swift version which I am worki

nginx giving 403 if the repertoire is present

I have the following configuration that should be working but i still get a 403 if the directory is present in the url path. Eg: If users directory is present i get 403 instead of it loading the index.html. server { listen 80; ac

c # service to listen to a port

I believe what I am looking to create is a service that listens to a specific port, and when data is sent to that port, it sends off that data to another script for processing. For some reason though, the service times out when I try to start it. My

Zip inside the zip (php)

Hi everyone it's been a couple of days I'm trying to solve a problem without having any response, I'm not excelling at php but I am doing my best. I want to put automatially for download, and without saving on the server a zip called Bigzip Inside th

How to create a batch file from the shell script

I have a script to run on a unix box that looks for the most recently-added file in a directory and writes the name of that file to a new file. It looks like ls -t|head -n 1 >> ../latestfile.txt However I now need to get this to run on a windows box

Where can I put my own website?

Lately I've been learning html and CSS but I forget some important stuff, so does anyone know a server where I can start a website from scratch to practice my coding? It would really help me to keep up with the lessons. Thanks!Can't comment due to re

DNS Server Application Layer

what will happen if all DNS server in the world crash simultaneously? how it will change ability to use internetFirst of all let me to explain why it is an unlikely event that "All the DNS" crash at the same time. Each domain name is resolved by

Keep StreamSocketListener in the background on Windows Phone 8

I want to run a server on Windows Phone 8. It is important that the server keeps running even if the user opens another app or the screen lock turns on. Relying on an internet connection is not an option. It should work in a local network. UseCase: T

Multithreaded Java server

I'm writing a game server in Java. As common in game servers, I must take data received by one client and distribute it over the client's room (other clients). Currently, each client spawns its own thread and works on top of that. I'm having trouble,