Full speed on ITG3200 with Arduino

I am using a ITG3200(Sparkfun breakout board) for my project. I was trying to boost the sample rate of ITG3200 to over 2K HZ. I have already soldered two 2.2K pull-up resistors on the sensor and close the clockin pads. I encountered a few problems he

raspberry-pi - sensor details with Raspberry pi?

Is it, in any way, possible to get a sensor details (e.g. manufacturer, type, model, function, etc.) using a raspberry pi? Thanks.No it is not possible i guess. Because for getting information, that sensor details should be in the consideration of ra

Get the value of an ever-changing whole number

I'm working with android sensors, specifically TYPE_STEP_COUNTER. The value returned by TYPE_STEP_COUNTER is constantly increasing and there is not way of resetting it (as far as I know). What I need to do is get the number of steps taken from the po

Activate the proximity sensor on the click button

I am trying to register the proximity sensor listener only when a button is clicked. But nothing seems to happen. I ahve tried exploring the internet for something of the sort but could not get anything. What am I doing wrong? Please help! The xml fi

Proximity sensor in Swift (from Objective-C)

I'm a relatively new user to swift and now, I need to take advantage of the proximity sensor of an iPhone. I don't matter the distance, but I want to know when something is near the iPhone. So I found this code in Objective-C that worked, but I need

UDP lost the data restore

I'm making application that receives sensors data (like gyroscope) via UDP and I need to restore data that was lost. How to do that? For example, how to handle it in space rocket? You can't ask for retransmission because it will take too long when de

Navigate to the GPIO pins of Pi (A) from Pi (B)

My setup : DHT 11 Sensor on Pi(A) and I want to access the sensor directly from Pi(B). DHT11 SENSOR <---> AAAAAA <---> BBBBB What I have done : I can successfully get data of the sensor from Pi(A) by using Adafruit's libraries. (or by running

Telosb with GPS

i am currently working with my thesis, my thesis is all about measuring ocean current through the use of a Wireless Sensor Network Mote, specifically i will be using Crossbow's TelosB. How can you interface a GPS module with Telosb? what GPS module i

Redesign Ti SensorTag

This is my first question in Stackoverflow :) I'm trying to make few modifications to the Ti Sensortag but I have few questions please: 1- is it possible to make the sensortags communicate with each-other without a gateway? (lets Say I put Sensor1 in

Tilt an image on a title at any angle

I am trying to tilt an image at any angle but I am not able to do so Here I am providing the code i have worked on. @Override public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) { if (event.sensor.getType() == Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER) { float x = event.

Access the ambient light sensor in iOS

I'm working on a project in which it is really necessary to access the ambient light sensor. I searched a lot in Google and Stackoverflow, but couldn't find any useful information. Is it even possible to do so? I also tried to calculate the ambient l

Arduino and Ubuntu appearances

I had a general question about coding with Arduino Uno-R3 on Ubuntu. I'm thinking of getting one ebay. I do see a lot of similar ones (not arduino branded) but at lower price. I intend to use it by plugging it into ubuntu 12.04 and fix some simple se

Push data from a sensor to the database

I would like to push my data from sensor to a non-sql database. Let me give a overview of my project outline. Sensor-->Databse-->Webserver(node.js+express)-->IOS device(RestKit) As it can be seen, I have a web server developed using node and expr

Android: GPS Timestamp vs. Time Stamping SensorEvent

I just realised that on android the timestamps you get from a GPS Location update are in ms since epoch whereas the timestamps of SensorEvent updates(e.g. of the Accelerometer) are in ns since startup. I would like to convert the GPS timestamps to th

IOS adhoc wifi sensor data

My iPhone connects over adhoc wifi to a wifi sensor module. The challenge is to code an app that uses this sensor module. But I'm not sure what specific API's to use to best architect this implementation. I've started looking into the CocoaAsyncSocke

Is there a stable way to detect shaking?

I've tried to detect shaking event using accelerometer. I've found that when I give a contiuous shake to the phone, the value difference of the acceleration is quite stable. But when I rotate the phone, there's always a big change on the value( the v

Reactivity of the Android Dump sensor

I have an application in Android that dumps the sensor values to the SDcard memory of the phone and kills itself when I press a button on the screen. I am using Sensor_delay_fastest to get maximum update of the sensors. My problem is that since I'm d

Android - How to approach the fall detection algorithm

I want to be able to feature a fairly simple fall detection algorithm in my application. At the moment in onSensorChanged(), I am getting the absolute value of the current x,x,z values and subtracting SensorManager.GRAVITY_EARTH (9.8 m/s) from this.

Get the battery temperature on Android

How do I get the temperature of the battery in android?http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/BatteryManager.html public static final String EXTRA_TEMPERATURE Extra for ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED: integer containing the current battery tempera

Android - SensorManager strange behavior of getOrientation

I need to retrieve the orientation of my phone. At the moment i wrote this : public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) { switch (event.sensor.getType()){ case Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD: this.mag_vals = event.values.clone(); this.sensorReady = t

View a list of Android sensors

I'm trying to display a list of available sensors but it's like there are not! I was thinking that it was because of the emulator, but i tried it on the phone and the result is the same. private SensorManager mSensorManager; TextView mSensorsTot,mSen

Is there a Java SE sensor API?

Does anyone know of a "standardized" Java API for working with sensors, and which is closely tied to Java ME as is the case with JSR 256? I'm writing a Java library for interfacing with a sensor network consisting of several different types of s

Calculation of the length according to the data of the sensor

I've got an IR sensor which writes its current information to a token which I then interpret in a C# application. That's all good -- no problems there, heres my code: SetLabelText(tokens [1],label_sensorValue); sensorreading = Int32.Parse(tokens[0]);

IPhone temperature sensor

My question is very similar to this one: iPhone Proximity Sensor. There's clearly some manner of thermometer within the iPhone that's readable by the OS. Has anyone uncovered the super-secret undocumented APIs to read this sensor?I doubt this sensor