Attach the pdf to the email. The message does not work

This php script works just fine sending my pdf file by e-mail. The problem is the script doesn't send any message as specified in $mainMessage. Why do that problem occur, with the script only sending the pdf file without any message? // Settings $nam

Mail has stopped working with an exim error

I'm using the mail library with Sinatra. It was working before; I'm not exactly sure what change may have caused this error, but now when I look at mail.err, I see this: Mar 6 07:35:01 App exim4: ALERT: exim paniclog /var/log/exim4/paniclog has non-z

Print a table in sendmail

I am trying to echo an array in sendmail's message body. I created a function to print a POST array: function printArray($array, $pad=''){ foreach (array_slice($array, 3) as $key => $value){ echo $pad . "$key: $value <br>"; if(is_array(

SSMS failed job - DTSX package timeout

I have a job on SSMS that is a DTSX package in Visual Studio and in the last day it has started failing due to the following error. I cant find any timeout settings to extend the timeout either. Date 26/08/2014 13:02:01 Log Job History (JOB B) Step I

PHP Sendmail Arguments Linux

/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i I know the -t argument tells Apache that email can be sent through php. What does the -i argument do? And are there any more arguments worth knowing about? One other I know of is -f [email protected] which is a sendmail fro

Unable to set the mail header in PHP

The Content type is handle as a part of message , how to fix that ? thanks From - Wed Jun 05 12:29:59 2013 X-Account-Key: account1 X-UIDL: 50933ddb0000053d X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: Return-Path: <[email protected]

Drupal 7 drupal_mail stripping HTML?

I have a custom module that I'm trying to generate an HTML email from using the drupal_mail function (D7). Mail is coming through, and even shows text/html, however something somewhere appears to be stripping out the HTMl before it gets to an inbox.

Send an e-mail with an embedded image without using an editor

I am having troubles sending email with embedded image. I tried some solutions using word editor but they can't solve my circumstances. I can't use SmtpClient becuase a client does not want it. He has exchange and needs to have sent email in sent fol

Send an e-mail with CodeIgniter using 'mail' or 'sendmail'

I built an intranet app that needs to send email (low volume). I will not be able to use the SMTP server of my organization, so I need to send these emails via sendmail or mail. However, when I config my email as: $config['protocol'] = 'sendmail'; I

Email goes to spam instead of inbox

We have a domain name "" at and we have created a sub domain which points to We have an application running on third party server ( This application wants to send

Best way to manage sending php emails

I've programmed and devleoped a CMS package custom made from scratch(Apache2+PHP+Mysql+Puspoold+Bitcoin) for bitcoin mining. I have a lot of different distributions that my users use along with the choice of many emailing programs(sendmail/postfix).

CodeIgniter Could not send an email

I am using fedora in my DEV machine and tring to send mail via codeignigter. the sendmail is working fine, the PHP mail() function is working fine as well. but for some reason, codeigniter isnt working with the following settings that it also configu

Problem with the DKIM socket

I have a problem with dkim-milter. My maillog file is filled with logs Dec 5 23:59:59 NS1 dkim-filter[31424]: Sendmail DKIM Filter: Unable to bind to port inet:[email protected]: Address already in use Dec 5 23:59:59 NS1 dkim-filter[31424]: Sendmail DK

How to send an email in the background in AsP.NET?

I am using ASP.NET Web forms, When a user submit a page, an email will be sent to many people which is slowing the post-back, what is the best way to send the emails without slowing the reloading of the page? thanksYou can use the System.Net.Mail.Smt

Zend Mail problem with a foreign character + a comma

Zend Mail throws an exception (because mail() returns false) when the to name is set to something with both a foreign character (like "å") and a comma (","). Re-produce with code below. $mail = new Zend_Mail('utf-8'); $mail ->setFro