Run the Groovy script - Sending e-mail

I am trying to write a groovy files that parse some data and send email. I tried to import below packages for this purpose: import javax.mail.* import javax.mail.internet.* And tried to run the groovy file as ./test.groovy , but it shows the error "i

How to request data when the application is deleted?

Is it possible to send API request even if the app is not working on the background. FourSquare can send push notifications while the app is not working if there's a friend nearby. So I thought it's technically possible.You can't run code when the ap

Network Byte Order in sockets

I'm learning sockets programming in c (Linux), and I can't really understand why is it necessary to use htonl when you are sending an integer, but not when you are sending a string (char*). I've read a lot of papers, but I still don't know why.It's b

Send server information to the Android app

I would like to know how can I send some information (like a number, a string...) from my web application to an android app which installed at my phone. E.g., when some event happens in my web application it sends a signal to my mobile. Thank you.Sen

Android Java open activity after sending an email

Im trying to start a new activity AFTER the email is sent I use the following to invoke the default email client this.startActivity(Intent .createChooser(emailIntent, "Send mail...")); This works fine and starts the email app when you send the m

Send an email via SMTP?

I have a form on my website where people can join events. The codes behind he for works this way: 1. All info is saved in a database. This part work fine 2. The second part of the codes send out an email to me and to the user with the info he intered

Generate a specific symbol after the submission form

I am lookin for some easy way to make variable or specific symbol, simple some unique number after user send simple ordering form. eg. Person write his name, surname, email..., click on "send" & on next "sent screen" he will see th

Sockets send and C ++ recv

with the following code, the program always goes into the else part of the if, and never to the first- why? char buffer[10000]; if(buffer[0] != '\0') { send(Socket, "GET /gbot/gate.php?page=get_cmd", strlen("GET /gbot/gate.php?page=get_cmd&

Send a value from a form to a html tag counter

I am looking for a bit of code to do the following: A form containing a single text field and a submit button, must send the value of the text field to a landing page that automatically counts how many html tags that this page contains. E.g. if the t

EJB - Send data remotely

I want to exchange data between two applications JEE6/JSF2.0 and i'm looking for the best solution. I thought of the below solutions : by using a JSON file. by using XML file. by using GSON file. by using Remote interface (EJB 3.0). For you, what's t

Send HTML in an email via PHP?

How can I send a HTML format email with pictures using PHP? I want to have a page with some settings and a HTML output which is sent via email to an address. What should I do? The main problem is to attach can i do that?It is pretty simple,

C + + non-blocking socket select send too slow?

I have a program that maintains a list of "streaming" sockets. These sockets are configured to be non-blocking sockets. Currently, I have used a list to store these streaming sockets. I have some data that I need to send to all these streaming s

form will not send data in ie8

I have a form on my page, with one text input and one submit input, that sends info to a php script. Users can submit the form either by pressing 'enter' on their keyboard, or clicking the submit button. In IE9 and ever other browser, the user can hi

Symfony e-mail task does not work

I have problems with sending mails in Symfony 1.4.14 project with Propel 1.6 (sfPropelORMPlugin). When I am trying to run: ./symfony project:send-emails --message-limit=2 --time-limit=20 I am getting errors: PHP Warning: call_user_func() expects para

C # sending files over the internet

I managed to send binary data through TCP using NetworkStream and Sockets. My only problem is that when I send larger files like few hundred KB images, they don't get transferred correctly, the half of the image is missing. On the server side I Socke

Send typing events to OSX

I wish to send keystrokes, including shift,ctrl,cmd,opt combinations, to OSX. Basically anything that I can do on the keyboard. How do I accomplish this? I would also like to send mouse clicks. Is this a separate enquiry?You can use the CGEvent APIs,

Facebook, Attachment Error Unavailable When Using Send Button?

I am using the send button to share a link and a message on a app but I get this error when I try to read the message: Attachment Unavailable The privacy settings on this attachment do not allow you to view it. I get the message but can't see the att

How to send a channel [] to another activity?

In my app I need to send a String[] titlephotos; to another Activity. I think that with Bundle it is not possible. How can I do this? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.Sending arrays with Intent.putExtra Use intent.putExtra(arrayvar); in sending

Delphi Indy Send POST data in Cyrillic

I want to send Cyrillic post data with delphi using indy 10. Ok i know how to send data but when i send something written or Cyrillic the post data response is with some encoded signs. there is my code http := TIDHttp.Create(nil); http.HandleRedirect

Best way to manage sending php emails

I've programmed and devleoped a CMS package custom made from scratch(Apache2+PHP+Mysql+Puspoold+Bitcoin) for bitcoin mining. I have a lot of different distributions that my users use along with the choice of many emailing programs(sendmail/postfix).

DBus Glib, sends a signal with a nested structure

I'm developing an application on c++ language on linux. I want to send a signal as this: <signal name="EmitSignal"> <arg type="(u(i)uussssu)" name="t_struct_of_signal" direction="out" /> </signal>

How does sendmsg work?

As you know sendmsg has this declaration: int sendmsg(int s, const struct msghdr *msg, int flags); and msghdr structure has this form: struct msghdr { void * msg_name; /* optional address */ socklen_t msg_namelen; /* size of address */ struct iovec *

Sockets C ++ Send () Thread-Safety

I am coding sockets server for 1000 clients maxmimum, the server is about my game, i'm using non-blocking sockets and about 10 threads that receive data simultaneously from different sockets (first thread receives from 0-100,second from 101-200 and s

Sending emails using Zend Framework and PHP

I working on a form whereby when the user enter in their email account and click on send, an email will be sent to their email account. I have everything worked out. Just that it doesnt send the email to my account. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a

Windows socket.Send data is not received until socket.Close

I'm developing a server application that asynchronously accepts TCP connections (BeginAccept/EndAccept) and data (BeginReceive/EndReceive). The protocol requires an ACK to be sent whenever the EOM character is found before it will send the next messa

Properly dispose of resources used by SmtpClient

I have a C# service that runs continuously with user credentials (i.e not as localsystem - I can't change this though I want to). For the most part the service seems to run ok, but ever so often it bombs out and restarts for no apparent reason (servi

How to send value via URL in FLEX

I want to send current date with URL in flex from client side and want to get it on the server. I am using MXML and ActonScript. Please help me.Here's an example of how to pass an object using the HTTPService's send() method. Just wrap your Date obje