xpath: find the element with the attribute AND contains?

I am writing selenium tests, and I need to switch to an iframe with no id or name and which parent element contains variable id's (so not helpful. Also, the src attribute has variable data in it as well, so I can't target it directly like By.cssSelec

select the checkbox using selenium webdriver

i need to select checkbox which is having same ids HTML: <label class="table-checkbox-label" for="record-12034"> <input id="record-12034" class="table-checkbox" type="checkbox"/> </label>

Open Google links in a new tab

I want to open Google search results into new tab. I tried this code: WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); driver.get("http://www.google.com/xhtml"); Thread.sleep(5000); WebElement searchBox = driver.findElement(By.name("q")); search

How to pass the PhantomJS path to the Selenium grid

I'm getting an error when trying to set up a phantomjs node on Selenium Grid (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Selenium+Plugin) I've set up the following custom json configuration: { "capabilities": [ { "browserName": "

Browserstack Selenium Automation HUB

I am following browserstack's documentation on using automation and currently getting an error and am abit confused about the URI. My code looks like the following: using System; using OpenQA.Selenium; using OpenQA.Selenium.Remote; namespace Selenium

how can i send a facebook message using selenium webdriver

I am able to login on facebook, able to open chat but unable to send any message Below program code I have used: //Login on FB >> Working fine driver.findElement(By.xpath(".//*[@id='email']")).sendKeys("******@gmail.com"); driver

Scrape Site anchored with the selenium package in R

I am fairly new to R and am having trouble with pulling data from the Forbes website. My current function is: url = http://www.forbes.com/global2000/list/#page:1_sort:0_direction:asc_search:_filter:All%20industries_filter:All%20countries_filter:All%2

Waiting for a table to fully load using selenium with python

I want to scrape some data from a page which is in a table. So I am only bothered about the data in the table. Earlier I was using Mechanize, but I found sometimes some of the data are missing, especially in the bottom of the table. Googling, I found

Get the text of the div element with selenium

I am using Cucumber, with Ruby and Selenium. I've got the following HTML: <html> <body> <div class="breadcrumbtrail" id="breadcrumbtrail"> home </div> </body> </html> and the following step definitio

Selenium IDE can not find components

I'm testing an ADF application with Selenium IDE. At one point, the automated test case has to click on a button, which has a partialTrigger attribute pointing to a table on the page and after the button executes some background logic, the table is p

Use Selenium to press the tab, then write with Java

I want selenium to press "TAB" for me and then write something in the focused field, now I know that I can use sendKeys(Keys.TAB) But as I understand it That require a locator behind it, I want to test the tab order of my page and to do so, I wa

can not run Selenium tests on some browsers

i have tests made with Mink using Selenium 2 driver. everything is working OK under Windows 7 with Firefox, Chrome and IE and Ubuntu 12.10 with Firefox. the problems are: when i try to run test on Opera (Windows 7) it launches but it cannot find any

how to manage the IE download dialog with VB Script?

how to save file automatically in particular location using VB Script ? or How is it possible to Download file to particular location in IE without interacting with Download dialog ? Ultimately I need to save file in particular location from IE autom

Can not run CSSCount

I was trying to use this blog post. To get count of CSS locators. But of not avail, method is - public static int getCSSCount(String cssLocator) { String jsScript = "var cssMatches = eval_css(\"%s\", window.document);cssMatches.length;"

Automated Test Best Practices for the CRUD Web Application

G'day, I'm working with a fairly DB heavy web app and looking at setting up automated testing for it using Selenium. However, as an automated testing newbie, I don't know where to start. How do you categorize your tests to make sure they're logically

Selenium Tutorials

I have been trying my hands on opensource tool selenium, i was actually looking for selenium video tutorials. I haven't found any good resources. I know there is documentation for selenium. But am more interested in video tutorials. Any help in sugge

How to capture only part of an ID?

I'm trying to capture the id of an element that will be randomly generated. I can successfully capture the value of my element id like this... | storeAttribute | //div[1]@id | variableName | Now my variable will be something like... divElement-12345