The Polymer property as a css selector does not work

i am trying to use a polymer property active as css selector. This is working for :host[active] and for example 3 in my code :host[active] > #content. However I am not understanding why is it not possible for example 1 #content[active]? Here is my te

passing the jquery selector in parameter

I Want to pass a jquery selector to a function but it didn't work , what is the problem ? $(".university .seeMap").one("click",function(){ HideMap($(this)); }); function ShowMap(element){ $(element).html('See The Map   <i class=&quo

How to browse a series of entries with a table

I having a group of input with id like below writing[size][1] writing[size][2] writing[size][3] writing[size][4] I am using below code to iterate but failed $('input[id^="writing[size][]"]').each(function(){ }); How do I iterate through them usi

Is there a safe way to use selectors in Swift?

For the most part, Swift is a huge improvement over Objective-C in terms of type safety. One glaring exception is selectors. In Objective-C, using the expression @selector(notARealSelector:) will give a compiler warning. The Swift equivalent, Selecto

a selector combined with the hasclass () function

This question already has an answer here: chaining classes for .hasClass(); 3 answers JQuery .hasClass for multiple values in an if statement 10 answers I am now practicing my JS skills and Jquery. var clickcheckboxcount=0; var clickedcheckboxname =

I do not understand why this @selector does not work

I am creating several UIView's which I add a UITapGestureRecognizer with an action thats suppose to call a method in the viewController, but it doesn't seem to work. -(void)setupFreeMoneyView { NSArray *array = @[@"Facebook", @"Twitter"

CSS selector for nested ul li comments

So, I've got my Wordpress comment template like this: <ul class="children"> <li class="comment bypostauthor"> <span class="name">MYNAME</span> My comment <ul class="children"> <li cl

pass the parameter to the selection method of the context menu

This question already has an answer here: Question about Objective-C selectors; Can I use parameters and how? 2 answers how can i pass a parameter to the following selector? NSMenuItem *item3 = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:title3 action:@selecto

jQuery does not select the added controls / elements

Maybe it's my selector syntax, I dunno. When I add everything into a single statment, everything's added, but they can't be selected with the jQuery selector. If I split it up, the second append fails, but the first succeeds. $.each($.parseJSON(msg.d

The Objective-C selector is needed

I keep on getting the error instance method perform selector not found... Can anyone help me with clearing this error? #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import "add.h" int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) { SEL mySelector; id b = [[add

Hide the column of the table with jQuery

This was asked many times, I know but this is different! I made this: When you click on the minus icon, the column should disappear, this worked with php, but the code is a mess and I would like to get this working with jQuery, i found some other thr

JQuery multiple attribute selector, does not work: /

As far as I know, I'm following the correct usage form on:, but for whatever reason I'm not seeing, my code is not working. Each attribute works fine independently of one another (i.e. $(".tonight_st

Selecting the next instance in a class in jQuery

I have a table with alternating rows of course names and course descriptions. Here's some of the html (that I loop through): <tr> <td><a class="course_name_click" href='#'><%= %></a></td> </tr&g

jQuery child & gt; parent & gt; child

I have this html-code: <div class="im"> <div style="height:220px">HELLO WORLD! <a class="close">X</a> <a class="open" style="display:none;">V</a> </div> </div&g

jQuery - excludes entries with some selector value

I would like to select all inputs in my div and set them new value but also I want to exclude inputs with certain value something like this: $('#mydiv input:not(val("100")').val(myvariable); how to do that, is it possible in simple selector? tha

Java server write to manage multiple concurrent clients

I need some advice in building a Java server that handles multiple clients at the same time. The clients need to remain connected for fairly long periods of time. I'm currently using blocking IO and spawning a thread to read from each client that con

How do I make a simple C-function of an Objective-C selector?

I want to point to a plain ole C-function from Objective-C. Specifically, I am pointing to some OpenGL functions. I want to point to this function from an entry in an NSDictionary. So is there a way to turn a C function pointer into a SEL? Thanks, Do

display uiactivityview while loading another operation

i googled for hours now but i can't find a code example, which describes how to show an uiactivityview while an operation/method is loading. in my case i want to show it while i load a large image to an uiimageview. have you got an idea how to realiz

Is there a wrapper object for SEL?

I want to add selectors to an NSMutableArray. But since they're opaque types and no objects, that wouldn't work, right? Is there an wrapper object I can use? Or do I have to create my own?You can store the NSString name of the selector in the array a