SQL Get Lines According to Conditions

I'm currently having trouble writing the business logic to get rows from a table with id's and a flag which I have appended to it. For example, id: id seq num: flag: Date: A 1 N .. A 2 N .. A 3 N A 4 Y B 1 N B 2 Y B 3 N C 1 N C 2 N The end result I'm

Join two select sql statements

I have two sql statements that I wish to join via natural join but for some reason the following is giving me an error: (select city_name from city left join country on country.country_name=city.country_name where country.continent='Europe' and city.

Select something in a nested selection

In my database, I have a table salaries which stores all past or current salaries from the employees, and a table employees which stores my employees. I am trying to select all employees that got a promotion: select first_name, last_name from salarie

Have two id user tables and the link between them

I have the first table 'users' | id | name ------------------ | 1 | james | 2 | johnny | 3 | Carl | 4 | Lea And my second table contain the linked users linked_users | id | linked_id -------------------- | 1 | 2 | 1 | 4 | 2 | 3 I need to get two fiel

MySQL search corresponding to several keywords

Looking for posts matching two keywords (both, not just one of them). I guess the reason why the following MySQL query returns no matches is that keywords matching "climate" and keywords matching "recycling" are not the same rows in th

How to convert the data type varchar to timestamp mysql?

I have database mysql with table 'tblevel' with column 'waktu' with varchar data type. and the column hold values like this: 30-01-2014 12:19:09 The value will be converted to timestamp, because I have to do that for data viewing in graphic, in this

php select array by path

May I get help to know whether this is possible? I want to select array dynamically. For instance, $oj = (object)['A' => (object)['B' => (object)['C' => (object)['D' => []]]]] $E = 'A' $oj->$E // this will work $E = 'A->B' $oj->$E //

add a selection option on the body

I am trying to append select field on body, when any of options is selected. But this is being appended on selected option itself because i am appending it with options. I don't know how to append it on body now. How can i append select field on body

Update multiple lines using select PHP and MySQL

Below is the code where I am trying to change the values of one column in multiple rows but I am a little bit stuck. File 1: <form name="update-location" method="post" action="recibos_location_update.php"> <div align

MYSQL Select Join Multiple Request Update Error

i am trying to update a variable row, in a variable table. This is my query: // EDIT: removed double... UPDATE `ec`.`category_id` AS `category_id`,`e`.`title` AS `title`, `r`.`first_name` AS `first_name`, `r`.`last_name` AS `last_name`,`r`.`email` AS

union of two select queries with different fields

I have two tables empmaster and allocation. I used union to do sql operation in order to get results from two tables. empmaster has empid and other empdetails. Table allocation contains empid from empmaster as foriegn key another field called per_all

Get data from a text value in php

I am totally stuck here and found tens of samples on posting to get and set values. What I am trying to do is - Let a user enter a vehicles year model into a textbox in my form (set to post) I then need to get this value to a variable state $vehicle_

Select records based on the priority of the column

First of all, the title of this question is horrible, but I didn't find a better way to describe my issue. There's probably a very easy way to do this, but I couldn't figure it out. This is very similar to this question, but I'm running on sqlite3 (i

Can Mybatis annotation mappers return arrays?

I would like to return an array from an annotation based Mybatis mapper to avoid the memory overhead of boxed primitives. Is this possible? I tried @Select("select id from some_table") public long[] selectIds(); with no luck.It can as of version

MySql request - INSERT INTO command but only without duplicates

I have this workable query which is inserting proper data into 'selections' table according to some conditions: INSERT INTO selections (auctionid, selections.order) VALUES ((SELECT id FROM auctions, game WHERE auctions.BetfairMark = game.BetfairMarke

make an unordered list as & lt; select & gt; using CSS

Is it possible to render an unordered list so that it appears to be a <\select> dropdown, by using CSS, but not using libraries such as jquery or mootools? Thanks. Neil.No. CSS is purely used for layout changes, and is incapable of adjusting HTML. S

MySQL - search for duplicates

RESOLVED! THANKS EVERYONE. I need to search for duplicates - table as follows: id, q1, q2, q3, text id is unique and I am only interested in finding duplicates where the field text is the same. Any suggestions as I have no idea where to start! Thanks

Select the second largest of a table without limit

How we can select the second largest mark or whatever from a table without using the LIMIT ? I know it is possible using LIMIT, but is it possible without using that? Suppose we have the columns id and marks.Assuming marks is unique, following query

Select the contents of the text box when it receives the focus

I have found a similar question to mine in Making a WinForms TextBox behave like your browser's address bar Now i am trying to modify or make it some more different by making it general. I want to apply same action to all the textboxes in form withou