SQL: How to query the selection of the first line every hour?

I try to find how to select a first row of every hour from my recording devices that record data every minute to database. my example data : Val Date_time 1734618 2017-06-09 14:01:04 1734609 2017-06-09 14:00:05 1734601 2017-06-09 13:59:04 1734593 201

Query Database in select onchange

I'd like to know how can I approach this better and what are my options. I cannot use AJAX requests for this. I have a dropdown select populated through a SELECT query from the Database. The dropdown displays the user's display_name as the label and


I'm struggling with the following sql query to display a search result from a mysql db This works SELECT * FROM lagerbestand LEFT JOIN verkaufspreis USING (materialnummer) WHERE lagerbestand.level='2' AND (lagerbestand.materialnummer='$suche' OR lage

SQL UNION - illogical results

I have an interesting problem with UNION in SQL. My Statement is of this form: with tab as ( (select FldA, FldB From Table1A inner join Table1B on Field1A=Field1B) UNION (select FldA, FldB From Table2A inner join Table2B on Field2A=Field2B) ) select

SQL join two records

I have a query that outputs me rows like this CODE|FIELD1|FIELD2|FIELD3|FIELD4|FIELD5| A | DATA1| DATA2| | | XYZ | A | | | DATA3| DATA4|data5A| I would like something like this CODE|FIELD1|FIELD2|FIELD3|FIELD4|FIELD5| A | DATA1| DATA2| DATA3| DATA4|d

Selection of the mysql line containing the user ID in a field

I am working on some type of private conversations site and I am storing conversations on a table (Messages are stored on another table) That's the format: Id: Auto incrementing Title: Varchar, represents the name of the conversation Members: Saves t

PHP variable error when selecting table

I have a blog where I'm selecting the articles from a database using PHP. The problem is that becuase of my search terms I'm hitting an error. Here is my code: <?php if(isset($_GET["cat"])){ $cat = $_GET["cat"]; }else{ $cat = "

MySQL selection statement using table values

I have a field in my database called populations_served. It can contain up to four values - Adult, Adolescents, Children or Geriatric. For example: ROW1: Adults ROW2: Geriatric ROW3: Adults, Children My search form has checkboxes for these options: <

Selection option not working properly

when I want to select an option from 1st dropdown menu it also select option in 2nd dropdown menu. *need to work dropdown menu separately. *need to select radio button when click on text from dropdown menu. Here is a jsfiddleThe problem in your quest

SQL query to filter users who have already received an e-mail

Suppose: You tried to send a mass mailing, but something went wrong, and only some users got the mail. You sent a mass mailing recently, but now new users have signed up, and they need to receive the mail as well. How do you filter those who have alr

Push the deleted items in the temporary table after MERGE

A simple query on the INTO clause. When i try the below statement, the items get pushed into CustomersBackup2013 whether the table exists or not. SELECT * INTO CustomersBackup2013 FROM Customers; However, when i try using the into clause in a MERGE l

Mysql subquery, select the identifier

So, i need help doing a select inside a subquery, i know this is kinda basics but i can't manage to do it by myself yet. (Reparacao=repairs and lojas=stores, from portuguese to english) I want to get the number of repairs that each store has. However

Using page anchors in & lt; Select & gt; drop-down list in html

I have a static HTML page that contains a lot of tables. I would like to use the html tag <select> to create a simple dropdown menu which jumps to a specific table further down the page. What command sets the user selection to jump down the page and

Multiple PHP Selected Fields

I am working on a booking script in PHP and I need to get their values. To be clear the select is not multiple value select where you select many values in one select. It is just plain and simple select fields in a form. The problem is i can't be sur

Enter the common value from two similar columns

I have a table, matches, which contains sports fixture data with fields including home_pom (home player of the match) and away_pom. I need to call a query to find the top 5 values across those two fields (i.e. the 5 people with the most player of the

Returns SUM of the meta_value based on post_id

I am trying to show the sum of meta_value (which is numeric) for all the instances where post_id is the same in table postmeta. From looking at other replies the following seems to be what should do this but I just get nothing returned <?php global $

jQuery - select the class except the specific child

I'm using the photo slider code from here: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2010/10/07/slider-gallery/ and trying to modify it so that the link below the images loads up in a new window. For example: <div class="content"> <div><a href=

Cakephp - Random selection of the database and View

I need create three random links to other posts, in my post view function. Controller: $random = $this->Post->find('all', array( 'order' => 'rand()', 'limit' => 3, 'conditions' => array('Post.status' => 'ok') )); But i do not know, how t

C # ranking table with 2 columns

I have a two column table containing CustomerName and Age columns. I have all the data in a DataTable. I want to sort it by descending Age and then each age group is sorted by name. So all people aged 30 will be sorted alpabetically and be between li

Android SQLite helps to select the last 10

hello i use this code for diplay my conversation list private Cursor getMessages( SQLiteDatabase db, boolean justNewMessages) { final String table = Constants.TABLE_CONVERSATION; //index final String[] columns = { Constants.TABLE_CONVERSATION_FIELD_I

c # select a value in combobox

My combobox in c# windows forms is filled with data from my database... Display Members are strings, value members are ints I now have to preselect it before showing the form. I have tried: combobox.DisplayMember = string; combobox.Text = string; com