Mysql Count: shows only one result

I want to know what is the right query in counting data in a MySQL database. for example I want to count the data that has a remark of absent. so the result should be. |stud_name |total_absent| |John Bandola |13 | |Jeff Oliveras|10 | |Wendy Lizardo|5

Premade drop down select with all languages

This is not a technical question. I just can't find what i am really looking for : a premade list of all spoken languages (Preferably in french). Kinda like this :

When a beginning of chain differs from another?

I have in a database MySQL a column containing a product-name with his respective color e.g. desk GM dark blue desk GM dark green desk GM yellow desk GM pink desk GM yellow desk HY sad blue desk HY yellow desk bull red desk bull happy green The produ

multiple selection in a two-dimensional array in php

In PHP, I am having 2 array $ex1 = array(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h); $ex2 = array(c,e,f); Here how can I integrate this with multiple select option in PHP page Here ex1 is the multiple select array like <select multiple name=slt[]> </select> And ex2 val

SQL query group by results

Im quite new for all the hibernate and SQL scopes, so forgive me for the silly question. I want to make a sql query using hibernate which will group all the results by the groupUserName. I have the following tables in my DB: ms_GroupUser: +----------

Python; Problems of control of dead plugs via select

I have some code which will connect to a host and do nothing but listen for incoming data until either the client is shut down or the host send a close statement. For this my code works well. However when the host dies without sending a close stateme

php update in mysql missing something

I'm trying to update product information into the mysql database from edit page, but I'm showing it does not doing anything and even is not showing any errors. What did I miss? <?php $dbcs = new mysqli("localhost", "root", "pas

Active radio button with jquery

I used all of the helpful answers on this site to try to build a jquery script to select radio buttons, but for some reason they don't work. Am I doing something wrong? For the sake of simplicity I've started back from square one. I've attached the f

Incremental primary key in the mySQL table with PHP

I'm attempting to use a form post to add rows to a mySQL table. Each row has a primary I'm calling quoteID. When a new form is submitted, it should add itself as a row in the table, with a quoteID of one greater than the previous quoteID. It current

How to cut a part of a string in MySQL?

In MySQL, I have a text column with "bla bla bla YYY=76767 bla bla bla". I need to cut the number 76767. How can I do it in SQL?You can use select substring_index(substring(mycol, instr(mycol, "=")+1), " ", 1) to get the firs

outputs of 2 selections in a table

I have 2 tables like this: [people1]: |First Name*| Last Name*| | | | |Martin | Green | |Peter | Blue | [people2]: |Name* | | | |Linda | |Jane Yellow| and what my desired output of a SQL command is: |Name | | | |Martin Green | |Peter Blue | |Linda |

empty select when another selection is modified jquery

Hi I'm trying to empty an input select with this code: $(document).on('change', '#firstselect', function(){ if($('#secondselect').length > 1){ $('#secondselect').empty(); var html = '<option value="9997" selected="selected">ES

Where cell is not equal to .. MySQL Query (! =)

Can someone tell me how I can do a MySQL query that selects all row with an id != 1? Please give me example of it.You didn't provide much detail, but it seems your own title answers the question: use WHERE id != 1. It works in MySQL, but the SQL stan

MySQL query: select only the pages of the first generation?

I want to select the children pages (first generation) that derived from parent pages but not the children pages (second generation, 3rd, etc) derived from the first generation, for instance, pg_id pg_title parent_id 1 A 1 2 B 2 3 C 1 4 d 1 5 e 1 6 f

Select all columns that start with XXX using a wildcard?

I have several columns in my databases with similar names. How do I select those based on the word they start with? Here's an example table layout: I tried selecting all info for a particular thing (food kind in this example) using $Food = "Vegetable

The c # query returns nothing

here is my query: select reporttime, datapath, finalconc, instrument from batchinfo join qvalues on batchinfo.rowid=qvalues.rowid where qvalues.rowid in (select rowid from batchinfo where instrument LIKE '%TF1%' and reporttime like '10/%/2010%') and

Select a query in MySQL

Two tables Table1 ID FileName 1 abc 2 abc 3 abc 4 xyz Table2 ID Table1_ID isDeleted 1 1 1 2 2 1 3 3 0 4 4 0 I need to get the count of filename for the isDeleted=1 by passing any ID of table1, i.e for all the values(1,2,3) of ID, i need the count as