MySQL: Count () The subquery returns nothing

I want to count all user id's and all entries in the table country. But when I execute my query it doesn't display any result. SELECT ( SELECT COUNT(userId) FROM tbl_user ) AS countUser, ( SELECT country FROM tbl_user ) AS country I appreciate every

MYSQL SELECT to get all the results

This question already has an answer here: How to select multiple rows from mysql with one query and use them in php 3 answers I'm doing a search function in my app that searches name, surname or number from an input given by the user. All works fine

How to select the result between two range numbers?

I need to select the result based on the column col1 value. col1,col2 is text field type. +-----+-----------+------+ | id | col1 | col2 | +-----+-----------+------+ | 1 | 1200-1220 | XXX | +-----+-----------+------+ | 2 | 1455-1460 | YYY | +-----+---

fill a selection list from JSON

I am receiving some JSON data as follows: { "COLUMNS": [ "COMP_ID", "COMP_NAME", "FIRST_NAME", "LAST_NAME", "EMAIL_ADDRESS" ], "DATA": [ [ 68, "Comp Name 1", "Nicole &quo

How do I do this query mysql `SELECT`?

I have two tables one for 'district' and other one for 'province'. My table structure is district - district_id, province_id, district province - province_id, province My question is how I make a query when I available a district_id? I tried it somet

Passing parameters on onChange of html select

lets say i have got two html pages which both contain the same select box: <select onchange="this.options[this.selectedIndex].value && (window.location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"> <option value="/site1.php&

Need help to understand. Select the C # method

I am having difficulties understandting what type of statement this is and how to use the .select method. var lines = System.IO.File.ReadLines(@"c:\temp\mycsvfil3.csv") .Select(l => new { myIdentiafication= int.Parse(l.Split(',')[0].Trim()),

Table without ID in another table

in my SQL Server 2008 I've got two tables. Table: All kinds of Users with unique ID's Table: Blacklisted Users with ID's Now I'd like to get all Users that are not on the blacklist. Just doesn't work like I want it to SELECT A.ID, B.ID FROM Users AS

row_number () FROM keyword not found where expected

I have an sql-statement, which should select all content of a table ordered by the row number. So i used the row_number function. But I get everytime the error Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00923: FROM keyword

Make the xaxis values ​​selectable in a code d3js

This is my code I have xaxis1 that contains months names: January..December. I want to make evry month value selectable so I add this function :".xAxis1") //selecting xAxis1 division .selectAll(".major") //select all the tik

SUM and GROUP BY and Column Difference

i have a table t1 ag_name ag_start ag_end a 10 20 c 30 50 a 60 70 c 70 75 i want to have this : ag_name numberOfCards a 20 c 25 which means a has (20-10) + (70-60) = 20 Cards. then please help me with the QUERY ?? select ag_name, sum(ag_end - ag_star

DynamicLinq C # does not work in join

I am using in my C # projects DynamicLinq. When I do a simple select using "order by", "skip", etc. works perfectly. But if you do join restona simple error: Error 3 Instance argument: cannot convert from 'int?' to 'System.Linq.IQuerya

Postgres SELECT GROUP BY Top-Selling Article by Publisher

I have 3 tables: publisher (id serial pkey, pub_name text) book (id serial pkey, id_pub INTEGER NOT NULL REFERENCES publisher (id), book_name TEXT) rank (id SERIAL PKEY, id_book INTEGER NOT NULL REFERENCES book (id), week DATE, selling INTEGER) And w

Run a subquery in MySQL that returns multiple rows?

I am executing a query that obviously contains a subquery in MySQL. Let me just jump into the code: SELECT DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), (SELECT due FROM checkOut JOIN People ON checkOut.p_id = People.p_id WHERE CASE WHEN DATE_SUB(date_add(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 4

Simplifying the query on multiple columns

I have a table of classroom names that I want to compare against several known instruments. My table has a total of 11 columns but four of the columns contain the section leader instrument names(instrument1...instrument4). I want to create a SQL stat

Get the selected country from the database in the selection box

Hi all and thanks for your time. I'm using the following query to get information from my database: $sql = "SELECT, amember_countries.title, gold_profile.username, AS userCountry FROM amember_countries L

Select non-zero distinct rows SQL Server 2005

I ran into the following problem. I have a table like this: ID ID1 ID2 ID3 ID4 ID5 1 NULL NULL NULL NULL 1 2 NULL NULL NULL 2 NULL 3 NULL NULL NULL 2 1 4 3 NULL NULL 2 NULL 5 3 NULL NULL 2 1 6 NULL 5 NULL 2 NULL And I need to get distinct rows it ter