Create an array under a specific file group WHERE 1 = 2

I have an WinForms application which creates tables dynamically based on a given table such as: SELECT * INTO TempTable FROM MyTable WHERE 1=2 I want those Temp tables to be created under a specific filegroup though using the above syntax. The syntax

Why is the Oracle SELECT INTO statement wrong?

I write a code to create procedure in oracle, It's successful created but when RUN from sql developer to view output it's show error. ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows ORA-06512: at "TESTUSER.USER_FEEDBACK", line

Copy a SQL Server table and add and reorder columns

I know that if I want to make a copy of a SQL Server table, I can write a query akin to this: SELECT * INTO NewTable FROM OldTable But what if I wanted to take the contents of OldTable that may look like this: | Column1 | Column2 | Column3 | |-------

Insert in Select Stored Procedure Does Not Work Insert NULL

My first time creating a stored procedure here please go easy on me. I was trying to SELECT my data from Table 1 (EmpTBL), then INSERT it into Table 2 (EventTBL) I think the culprit is this line right here: @Ename varchar(250) = NULL, @Edate varchar(

SELECT the values ​​of an INSERT INTO statement

I need to select a few columns from a table1. I need to insert only one of these columns as well as some arbitrary hard coded data and insert it into table2 while also getting the original select statement back. Basically I would like to get the resu

Run SELECT after CREATE in Oracle PL / SQL

I am new to Oracle PL/SQL, although I have a lot of experience with SQL. At the moment I am trying to convert a couple of T-SQL statements to PL/SQL. I am trying to execute the following code, but I get some errors. If the table does not exist yet, t

Copy the constraints of the select table * into

Does select * into B from A also copy constraints of A on B ? If not, then how can I copy constraints?No, not in SQL-Server. You would need to specify the constraints and indexes on the new table manually. If you're using SSMS, using the Script As...

How to select the value of a variable in Oracle?

I'm new to Oracle. How can I set this variable and show its value? declare nextId number; begin select HIBERNATE_SEQUENCE.nextval into nextId from dual; select nextId from dual; end; It complains that an INTO clause is expected in this SELECT stateme

Insert in handset with select where

Let's say we have a query like this (my actual query is similar to this but pretty long) insert into t1(id1,c1,c2) select id1,c1,c2 from t2 where not exists(select * from t1 where t1.id1=t2.id1-1) Does this query select first and insert all, or inser


I have a tSQL query that takes data from one table and copies it into a new table but only rows meeting a certain condition: SELECT VibeFGEvents.* INTO VibeFGEventsAfterStudyStart FROM VibeFGEvents LEFT OUTER JOIN VibeFGEventsStudyStart ON CHARINDEX(

SQL Server 2000: select in the case in order by clause

I am trying to select rows into a temporary table with a CASE statement in the ORDER BY clause but records are not being sorted on insert. Declare @orderby varchar(10) , @direction varchar(10) set @orderby = 'col1' set @direction = 'desc' select iden

The SQL query data join has NULL values ​​that it ignores

I have a table in SQL Server that contains a column for a ledger code that is linked to the ledgercode table via keyfield. Currently the column displays the keyfield value instead of the code number I used this query to create a new table: SELECT [OC

PostgreSQL PERFORM function

I have this function in my database: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION "insertarNuevoArticulo"(nombrearticulo character varying, descripcion text, idtipo integer, idfamilia bigint, artstock integer, minstock integer, maxstock integer, idmarca bigint, p

SELECT INTO and & ldquo; undeclared variable & rdquo; Error

When I try to execute following query: SELECT id_subscriber INTO newsletter_to_send FROM subscribers I get an error: #1327 - Undeclared variable: newsletter_to_send What is wrong with that query ? INSERT ... SELECT

SQL Select in the field

I want to accomplish something of the following: Select DISTINCT(tableA.column) INTO tableB.column FROM tableA The goal would be to select a distinct data set and then insert that data into a specific column of a new table.You're pretty much there. S

There is already an object named 'tbltable1' in the database

I am trying to insert data from one table to another with same structure, select * into tbltable1 from tbltable1_Link I am getting the following error message: There is already an object named 'tbltable1' in the database. The SELECT INTO statement cr