How to implement a binary search on a list created from a file

This is my first post, please be gentle. I'm attempting to sort some files into ascending and descending order. Once I have sorted a file, I am storing it in a list which is assigned to a variable. The user is then to choose a file and search for an

Appcelerator performing a manual search

I have a search bar, table and a keypad (not the real keyboard). The keypad is manually built as a bunch of buttons with numbers at the bottom of the screen (numbers 0-9). When they click on a number, it sets the searchBar.value += which ever number

Get the contents of an element contains a string and select it

I'm looking for a way to search for a string in a table rows by jquery and get all of that contents and select the element that have it to get the other pieces! here is the html side: <script src="

Slow Python Search Loop

I am running a search on a list of ads (adscrape). Each ad is a dict within adscrape (e.g. ad below). It searches through a list of IDs (database_ids) which could be between 200,000 - 1,000,000 items long. I want to find any ads in adscrape that don'

Can there be a faster algorithm than a linear search?

I have heard that there is no faster algorithm faster than linear search (for an unsorted array), but, when I run this algorithm (linear): public static void search(int[] arr, int value){ for(int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){ if(arr[i] == value) retur

SOLR WordDelimiterFilterFactory

I use WordDelimiterFilterFactory to split words that have numbers into solr tokens. For example the word Php5 is split in two tokens "PHP", "5".When searching, the request that is executed by SOLR is q="php" and q="5&quo

Java - A * Search problem

Issue resolved. I've implemented an A* Search algorithm for path-finding in a simple grid-based game. It's my first time doing so, and the implementation works great most of the time. However, sometimes (albeit very rarely) it will get stuck when the

MySQL - How can I do this channel search?

I have a table which features 37 columns, of various types, INTs and VARCHARS and 2 LONGTEXT columns. The client wants a search to search the table and find the rows that match. However, I'm having trouble with this. Here is what I've done so far: 1)

How to create a search language?

I would like to create a simple filtering language in Javascript. I want to search inside a collection of products, say: product=[ {price:10,name:"T-Shirt",category:"Clothing",published_at:"07-08-2014",size:"10x30",

binary search from the text exercise

Write a program the reads whole numbers from a text file and then sorts the numbers. Then using the binary search algorithm from your notes (week6) Ask the user to enter a number and display what position the number is or not found if the number is n

Delete the object from NSMutableArray?

I have an array with following elements in ViewDidLoad method inputArray = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:@"car", @"bus", @"helicopter", @"cruiz", @"bike", @"jeep", nil]; I have another UITextF

How can I add a pagination to a search result?

I want to add pagination in this search engine. This is what I have tried: //get date $button = $_GET['submit']; $search = $_GET['search']; if (!$button) echo "Please fill out the form"; else { if (strlen($search)<=2) echo "The item you

Client side search of a table with jQuery

Assume I have a standard HTML table structure like: <table class="table table-striped table-hover table-bordered table-condensed"> <thead> <tr> <th>Name</th> <th>Type</th> <th>Added</th> <

.htaccess redirection for dynamic search pages

I need help with dynamic search pages. I need to change: /download.php?q=search to /download.php?mp3=search So only search pages need to change q to mp3. I would appreciate if someone could help. I want to do this through .htaccess Thanks in advanceT

find and replace code block in all files in Linux

This question is philosophically similar to a question that's come up time and time again here: Search and replace text in all files of a linux directory How to search-replace content within files in Ubuntu Linux? Linux search and replace a complex s

How to correctly build a MySQL search string with PHP?

I am trying to understand what is the best way to construct a query string with php when there are multiple columns I want it to look for. For example the database has id, name, email, date. And I have a search input field on a page which when submit

Generic LIKE with multiple fields and spaces in MYSQL

I'm having some trouble searching for any similar match in two fields. For example I have a table with the values: CAR MAKE CAR MODEL Ford Mustang (Shelby) Toyota Corolla Seat Leon etc etc. I want to be able to get the result "Ford, Mustang (Shelby)&

Search in a list

I am trying to implement a search menu for my app.I made a menu "seach",in onOptionsItemSelected I have: if (item.getItemId() { onSearchRequested(); return(true); I put in strings.xml : <string name="searchLabel">Li

Java: from Lucene Hits to original objects

I'd like to implement a filter/search feature in my application using Lucene. Querying Lucene index gives me a Hits instance, which is nothing more than a list of Documents matching my criteria. Since I generate the indexed Documents from my objects,

Any built-in function to test if 4 is in [1,2,3,4] (vector)

In Ruby I can do: [1,2,3,4].include?(4) #=>True In Haskell I can do : 4 `elem` [1,2,3,4] #=> True What should I do in C++?There isn't a built-in function doing exactly that. There is std::find which comes close, but since it doesn't return a bool it

FieldBridge for timestamping in Hibernate

What is the FieldBridge for timestamp in HIbernate Search? @Field public java.sql.Timestamp approvedDate;When looking at the BridgeFactory source code, it seems there is no default FieldBridge for timestamps. I think you should provide your own custo