Force refreshing of the JMI entityManager collection

I am using SEAM with JPA (implemented as a Seam Managed Persistance Context), in my backing bean I load a collection of entities (ArrayList) into the backing bean. If a different user modifies one of the entities in a different session I want these c

EntityManager Refresh after JPQL bulk DELETE?

After executing the following operation in my Seam/Glassfish/JPA container: @ApplicationScoped public class JpaGlossaryDataAccessObject implements IGlossaryDataAccessObject { // ... @Transactional public void deleteColumn(String glossaryName, String

Transaction / DB Issues in Asynchronous Methods with Seam

I have a strange behaviour with Seam 2.2.2, JBoss 5.1, MySQL and MySQL JDBC connector 5.1.12 and asynchronous methods (using quartz) and pojos. I've got a pool of 10 async threads for various tasks. They normally work fine, performing db quer

Make fun of the compilation

I'm working with some legacy code and I need to test that some expensive service is called (it makes network calls, send emails, etc.). I'm able to inject a fake service instead of the original one by means of the framework in use (jboss seam 2). See

Delete the Richfaces pop-up window when it is set to readonly

I want to render a richfaces calendar in readonly mode, when I use the readonly attribute it works, but is still displaying the calendar when clicking on the text input. I've been looking but I didn't find any property to disable this behaviour, with

Generate and download the file with jboss stitching

I need to add an 'export' function to an existing web app using seam. The purpose is to export search results to a csv file. I have no problem generating a csv, but I do not know how the send the csv back to the user. I do not want to store the csv o

The Seam app can not be deployed on JBoss AS5

UPDATE: This problem goes away when I deploy as an exploded EAR i.e. by unzipping the EAR, WAR and JAR files into their constituent components. Weird. I have a Seam application (using 2.2.1-Final) which I'm trying to deploy on a brand-new JBoss AS 5

.pages.xml - restarting jboss

I use an ant script for my seam application to explode or deploy the project. The problem is that it also deploys some temp file: .pages.xml in my WEB-INF directory which makes JBOSS server to cycle.. Do you know what can be the cause or how can I av

Hibernate / JPA / Seam - Validate an entity by program?

I have an entity in my JBoss Seam-based project that makes use of Hibernate Validator annotations throughout. Although I've got directives in my JSF pages to require elements, etc. I'd like to be able to do one last failsafe validation before calling

Clicking on MenuItem without clicking on the text

I've got a Menu, and I want to click on the menu, but not on the text if you guys know what i mean. The MenuItem has a border, or something like this, but when I click on it it won't redirect to the page I want unless I click on text. Is it possible

How can I implement a switch user function in Seam?

Spring security provides this switch user feature which I used in previous projects. I checked the document of Seam 2.2.0.GA and found a RunAsOperation class for this purpose, but how can I implement a switch user function (something like su - <usern

Richfaces DataTable PDF export

I'm using Seam 2.2.1 for a little project of mine. I know there is a excel export for richfaces:dataTable but is there something like this for PDFs too? I don't really want to write a PDF export with iText. RegardsYou can easily export the generated

How to create a SOAP Web Service Client in SEAM

I've been looking all over for this question... How do I build a soap web service client in SEAM?? it seems like a straightforward question-answer but I cant seem to make it work no matter how I try... If anyone has an example of what should be done

Force a transaction to roll back validation errors in Seam

Quick version: We're looking for a way to force a transaction to rollback when specific situations occur during the execution of a method on a backing bean but we'd like the rollback to happen without having to show the user a generic 500 error page.

Loss of custom class annotation for proxy classes

I am using Seam to inject beans to my controller using @In annotation. The injected class has a custom annotation, when calling injectedClass.getClass().getAnnotation(annotationClass) it returns null. When debug I found that Seam passes a proxy insta

Seam: connection using the external SSO application

I have a Seam application that have to use an external one to login. The logic is as follows: My app sends user to external SSO URL User does what it takes to authenticate there On success, the external app redirects user back to my app with a random

Need to run Seam Web Service on Weblogic

HI, I am having a webservice running successfully on JBoss App Server. However, when I try deploying the webservice example on Weblogic 10.0 MP1 after making the necessary changes I get the message that "No business interface, component interface or

When I persist, the entity does not appear in the list

I'm trying to add a new entity and then after a successful commit, redirect them to the list action. Here's a summary of what I'm doing: @Name("offerAction") @Scope(ScopeType.CONVERSATION) public class OfferAction implements Serializable { @In p

Best backend java webframe for the GWT interface?

What is the best java based web framework backend for a GWT frontend? Possible Backends: seam, jsf, spring web ... ? Specially I am interested in practical experience and PROS and CONS. Btw: - No dynamic typed Languages please - Have anybody tried se

Couture - No active event context

I am having problems with my Seam application, I'm not sure if it is from using Maven along with Jetty for testing or simply a misconfiguration on my part. The error I am getting is rather simple, when Seam attempts to close the event context, it exp

Benefits of Upgrading from Richfaces to a Newer Version

I have a client that's running an application based on JBoss 4.0.5, Seam 1.2 and RichFaces 3.0.1. Their system is having performance problems due to the fact that a lot of data is coming back from the server to be displayed on screen and it seems lik