Managing ScrollEvent on TableView takes CPU time too much

I have a TableView named tableVerre and I want to have every row of it checked for a criteria ( stock column value ) and execute some code on them as I scroll so I wrote this code but it makes the program consume a lot of CPU time, I'm not familiar w

Scroll down div with jQuery-set content

First of all, I really don't know much about JavaScript or jQuery, so sorry in advance for any stupid thing I could say :) I have a div with a set height of which the content loads on page load using AJAX. My objective is to have it scrolled to the b

Problem of scrolling the header

I have a sticky header on a site. But when there is a very specific amount of content below the bottom of the viewport (approximately equal to 2-3x padding-top on my html) the scroll oscillates up and down if one tries to scroll slowly. It works well

The jQuery scroll function does not fire (scrolling too fast)

I am seeing that if a user scrolls too fast, the below jQuery function does not fire. Is this a performance issue/bug within jQuery detection of the event or do I need to do something with my code? ...Or, is there a better way [at least performance r

How to keep an item at the top of a ListBox

I have some headers with some items underneath in a list box, however when my user scrolls down the list box I would like the headers to stay at the top of the list box until a new header comes along and pushes it down. My header is in the form of a

Drag a div using scrollleft jQuery

I'm pretty new to jQuery, so this is probably a noobish question. I want to move a div left and right, manually (not animated). Specifically, I want to be able to click a Left button, and it moves left 100px, or click a Right button, and it moves rig

Change the opacity div on the scroll

How can I make it so that when you scroll down the page, the next DIV fades on top of the previous? I've set up this fiddle to illustrate it better: So for example if you're halfway down the page, the background is blue

scroll parent window to anchor in iframe

Parent and iframe are on the same domain. Iframe has dynamic height and no scrollbars of its own - scrollbars are on the parent window. Despite much searching, I can't find a way of scrolling the parent window to an anchor in the iframe on loading. i

getView called with the wrong position when fast scrolling

fairly new Android developer here. I've come across a strange problem that I'm not sure how to work around. I've read a lot of problems around here that sound like they are the same problem I am having, but the solutions to their problems never seeme

UIScrollView or UIImageView?

I need to place a photo in the screen and it should be able to be scrolled or zoomed, I know UIScrollView does these, so I alloced one, but how about my photo? I guess I should not just set the photo as the backgroundColor of my UIScrollView, and I h

How to have a scrollable JTextPane?

I would like to have a JTextPane that have scroll bar, how can I do so ? Thanks.To insert a scroll bar on your new JTextPane, just use a JScrollPane: JTextPane txt = new JTextPane(); JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(txt); JTextPane API: http://downl

Scroll to the bottom of a page and unlimited scrolling

I'm trying to make a web page that works with unlimited scrolling. Now the problem is, it doesn't seem to work right now: window.scroll(function() { alert('Scrolling'); if ($(this)[0].scrollHeight - $(this).scrollTop() == $(this).outerHeight()) { ale

Corrects horizontal scrolling in the web page

I am currently working on a side project and i ran into something annoying: When my browser size is smaller than around (1280 | something) the content is not entirely viewable. I can scroll to the right to see whats there, but not to the left. html:

to make a scrolling JTextArea

How would I make the following JTextArea scrollable? private JTextArea getJTextArea1() { if (jTextArea1 == null) { jTextArea1 = new JTextArea(); jTextArea1.setBounds(new Rectangle(225, 162, 68, 29)); jTextArea1.setText("text"); } return jTextAre

VS2010 almost always zooms in on the parchment

You know the neat text zoom feature in VS2010 where you hold down Ctrl and then use your scroll wheel? Well, this seems to happen by default (and without ever pressing Ctrl) to nearly every file I open. Usually I open a file and have to scroll to som

How to use the scroll trackpad in .Net

My WinForms app uses the mouse wheel, subscribing to the Control.MouseWheel event. How can I get it to work with scrolling methods from other input devices, in particular "finger along the edge" scrolling on the (Synaptics) trackpad on my T61? I