How to scale a number / range of numbers in c

I want to be able to display the altitude in ft ranging from 0ft to 20000ft on my LCD module. The numbers are read from a potentiometer that I can rotate to change the values. At the moment the potentiometer displays from 0 to 1023 but I need to scal

How exactly does Auto Scaling work in AWS?

I read the docs but still didn't understand anything. The AWS forum takes time to answer. Here is my scenario: I had code in an EC2 instance but needed to join the instance to a scaling group. There was one already created so I just joined mine to th

spdiags and scaling features

According to libsvm faqs, the following one-line code scale each feature to the range of [0,1] in Matlab (data - repmat(min(data,[],1),size(data,1),1))*spdiags(1./(max(data,[],1)-min(data,[],1))',0,size(data,2),size(data,2)) so I'm using this code: v

UIWebView content does not vary between different iPhone sizes

So I am working on an iOS app that uses the UIWebView to serve HTML content. Why UIWebView and not WKWebView? well I want this app to work on iOS7 and above. I have just updated my Xcode to Xcode 6.1 and I cannot get my webView to scale to fit the av

Heroku: How to properly evolve the application node.js?

I'm hosting my site on heroku and we're experiencing severe performance issues. Basically it's a node.js/express app serving both static html (AngularJS) and REST APIs to be consumed by the client. Deployment is near so we started benchmarking with J

Scaling dates in MatLab

I have two sets of data: one with 120 data points per day (10 minute logging intervals) and one with 96 data points per day (15 minute logging intervals). I already have a functional matlab script to plot two data files with the same number of points

How to disable OpenGL filtering when scaling textures?

I already have these lines in here when I'm loading the texture: glTexParameterf(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, GL_NEAREST); glTexParameterf(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL_NEAREST); But when I scale the image here during rendering: g

Scene, View Window, Camera, Scaling and Nexus 7

I am a newbies in Android and I am learning how to use libgdx as well. I found a few tutorials that use the "DisplayScreen extends AbstractScreen" coding technique, and they use Stage and Actor for displaying output. My interpretation of this co

Scale an object in three.js

I am getting Matrix3.getInverse(): can't invert matrix, determinant is 0 three.js 3976 error when I am trying to scale a cube object. var object = new.THREE.Mesh(geometry, material) xScale = 0.1; object.scale.x = object.scale.y = object.scale.z = xSc

Java round up the results of a division when it should not be

So I have some code for scaling graphics to the size of a users screen by dividing the size of an 'Ideal' screen by the size of the users screen. Hers is a code snippet of what I'm doing: public void setScaleFactor(GameContainer ui) { scaleFactorWidt

Bilinear interpolation

I got this code for scaling image by bilinear interpolation.I know this works but i can't figure out one thing what if the approximated pixel value is an edge(by edge i mean it is in the last row or last column) pixel in the input image then i can i

Scaling ElasticSearch

I'm searching for information on how ElasticSearch would scale with the amount of data in its indexes and am surprised how little I can find on that topic. Maybe some experience from the crowd here can help me. We are currently using CloudSearch to i

Highcharts and Canvg ladder problem

This is kind of a specific issue but I imagine it might come in useful at some point for someone else if I can find a solution. I've got a need to convert some of my Highcharts graphs into PNGs on the browser end. The idea is that when our authors ar

Drawing a bitmap without scaling on Android

I was trying to drawbitmap on a canvas. In the emulator, it seems that the image is blurred. Is it likely that the android automatically scaled the bitmap? I did try to disable the scaling such as < supports-screens android:smallScreens="false&quo

Scale CCMenuItemSprite elements in a CCMenu

I'm having problems using CCMenu with scaled CCMenuItemSprite menu items. I'm trying to scale the menu item sprites differently based on which device the game is being played on (the iPad needs to scale it to about 1.5x, whereas on the iPhone it's ab

svg / raphael: scale path + get the resulting / calculated path

Let's say I have this svg path (some icon) as a string: "M16,1.466C7.973,1.466,1.466,7.973,1.466,16c0,8.027,6.507,14.534,14.534,14.534c8.027,0,14.534-6.507,14.534-14.534C30.534,7.973,24.027,1.466,16,1.466zM16,28.792c-1.549,0-2.806-1.256-2.806-2.806s1

Transformation of the Pygame scale (Python)

I'm writing a simple program in python which takes in data over the serial port and updates the screen. Because I want this program to look the same on whatever computer it runs on, and it needs to be fullscreen, I had the idea that I wanted to draw

CSS:% of width and height in menus with images

I have a site which should be suitable for mobile visitors, and therefore should scale to the dimensions of the user's screen, both in width and height. Furthermore, I have 2 navigation menus (1 left, 1 right), and some fixed info on the bottom (like

One point of failure while scaling the application on AWS

We have a Rails-based application, deployment infrastucture binds to AWS. Current schema included the following layers: load balancer (HaProxy) Rails-application (EC2) x2 MySQLd database (EC2 master-slave) Redis, DelayedJob background processes Wowza

SQL HOW at the rate of performance

I am seeking a way to find bottlenecks in SQL server and it seems that more than 32GB ram and more than 32 spindels on 8 cores are not enough. Are there any metrics, best practices or HW comparations (i.e. transactions per sec)? Our daily closure tak

WPF: Prevent scaling of the edges of scaling

I'm rather new at WPF and I need some help. I have a ViewBox on my for and inside the ViewBox an Ellipse and a Border. When I resize the form I want the Ellipse and the Border to scale automatically (what it does). But I don't want the BorderThicknes

Optimizing the performance of the CakePHP application

I just got this quite large CakePHP app (about 20k lines of code), which isn't very clean and there is no documentation at all. The app is running in production, but it has really major problems with performance. Server is Quad core with 8GB RAM, but

Where to join - in the database server or application server?

I am facing a performance (it can lead to scaling issue later on) issue at the moment. The application I am working on is quite complex and it's running on SQL Server 2005. I need to join 6 - 7 tables to get the desired data. Each table contains more