Grails: How to change domain class

I have a very basic application made with Grails with only one class. class House { Float price String street static constraints = { } } I want to add the Boolean property called "favorite". So I add it: class House { Float price String street B

Scaffolding views of controllers (the model already exists)

I have a c# MVC 4 Web app with code first models and controllers which i done manually. Is there a quick way of scaffolding views from the controllers? or do i need to code it manually?If you have controller with action that returns data as list or o

rail scaffolds not generate in the plural

I would like to generate a scaffolded controller, view and helper named with not pluraled one, but singular one. Howevery, I got pluraled named files like below. I know they are based on the rails convention, but I just would like to create a diction

Grails why does not respond to work and does nothing?

I have a domain class TmMessage for which I use generate-all to create the scaffolded controller and views. The auto-generated show() method looks like: def show(TmMessage tmMessage) { respond tmMessage } Scaffolding is defined in my BuildConfig.groo

localhost: 3000 unavailable after generating a new scaffold

I am new to Rails and I'm following along with a tutorial on Skillshare ( At the point where I'm generating a new scaffold for a Post, I got all of the c

Understand the scaffolding in the rails better

I've read the rails guides but there are some things that when I actually do it myself I still do not understand. For example, how come when I visit my show view on localhost I get an error? Scaffolding created a show action in my controller that is

Rails form unsaved parameters

I'm very new to Ruby on Rails and I'm struggling with my scaffolded controller. I made a nested resource where my comments are placed in posts. class Post < ActiveRecord::Base validates :name, :presence => true validates :title, :presence => true

Stylesheet_link_tag: all against: media = & gt; all

I created a new Rails application from a scaffold, but the tutorial claims the following will appear: <%= stylesheet_link_tag "application", :media => "all" %> while I got: <%= stylesheet_link_tag :all %> What is the dif

Exploring the database entry schema at run time

We have built a database in SQL Server using two patterns we found in Len Silverston's Data Model Resource Book Vol. 3, one for Types and Categories: Classification and another for Hierarchies, Aggregations, and Peer-to-Peer relationships. Essentiall

controller creation does not work

I'm learning mvc3 from w3schools and following that tutorial. In the section "ASP.NET MVC Models" I have created the model like this. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.

About the CRUD generator at Yii

i am starting to use Yii framework and the gii tool to create the crud functionality for several tables. The issue is that i need normally to modify the generated code. For example, i have noticed that all the forms use only text inputs. For example,

Perform creation operations on two models via an action

I have two models : Category and Picture which refers to two tables, Categories and Pictures respectively. The Category model has a navigation property to Picture model. Now, I created a controller using Scaffolding feature with CRUD operations for C

Paging in a MVC3 scaffolding view

so using EF4 I create a scaffolding controller/view, so my question is how can I Add Paging to my view in easy/fast way?? the controller generated public ViewResult Index() { return View(db.Perifericos.ToList()); } the view: generated @model IEnumera

What is the explanation of this block?

I have created some modules using scaffold, but I can't understand how can we use respond_to without relating to an object or anything? respond_to do |format| format.html { redirect_to posts_url } format.json { head :ok } end I have researched about

LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework for the new MVC 3 project

first of all, my background is: pretty large database (~100 tables with ~10-20 columns each) on MS SQL Server and it's always gonna be SQL Server and database first. i have some experience in WebForms and LINQ to SQL, but i'm sick of constructing for

ActiveScaffold works with Rails 3?

Does ActiveScaffold work with Rails 3?The ActiveScaffold github page readme now lists Rails 3.0 - 3.2 support, which was based on further development of vhochstein's fork.

Cancel scaffolding in Rails

Is there any way to 'undo' the effects of a scaffold command in Rails?First, if you have already run the migrations generated by the scaffold command, you have to perform a rollback first. rake db:rollback You can create scaffolding using: rails gene