Change the size in bytes of a column in SAS

The default byte size of a string column is 200 bytes. So it causes a problem: if text is longer than 200 bytes, it's being cut. I need to increase it to 300 with code(not with buttons). How can i do it? I tried changing format and informat, but that

SAS: converting the date to digital

I have a column that contains date values. So when imported as numeric, it shows 20668, 20669...etc. if I format it as yymmddn8, it shows 20160802 etc. However, what I really want is a numeric variable that shows 20160802. I have tried to create othe

% sysfunc CATS deletion characters

Consider the following text value '1/3/2016' from a dataset. This is a badly formatted date value that i cannot correct using ANYDTDTE. as I am on SAS 9.0. In this string the day and month are also the wrong way round. This is actually 03JAN2016 in d

Add & quot; quotation & quot; in SAS using Find and Replace

I have a lot of 6-digit numbers in a SAS program: 898300 898311 898312 898313 898314 898315 898316 898317 898321 898322 898323 898324 898331 898332 898333 898341 898342 898343 898400 898401 898402 898403 898500 898501 898502 898503 898600 898601 8986

PROC ARIMA for multivariate analysis

I am trying to forecast sales for various products. I noticed that the dataset has some seasonality so I am trying to use ARIMA modeling. I have 6 products and I am trying to get SAS to forecast all 6 products at the same time. Is there a way to do t

Viewing specific columns from the CSV file in SAS

i have a question to ask, i'm dealing with a small csv database where i need to perform some calculations with SAS, i have exported an excel file to CSV format and i want to load some columns in SAS to work with, the problem i have encountered is the

Use the SAS macro variable in Proc SQL Teradata passthrough

I have a SQL statement that I wish to automate using SAS EG (9.4). The following statement has been tested in Teradata SQL Assistant and works. select * from TD.DATA where date='2015-06-01' Now I wish to push this through a proc SQL pass through, and

Sas workspace on SaS EG

We have default SAS workspace of x TB. We also have alternate 10X TB workspace on same server at different folder location. Can anyone please help me with syntax that can be used in SAS EG to point to the alternate workspace instead of default one?Th

Entrance chain with space in SAS

I am inputting strings into a data set in SAS. Here is my code. data match; input string1 $1-6 string2 $10-15 string3 $18-21; position1=prxmatch('/^a/', string1); position2=prxmatch('/a$/', string2); position3=prxmatch('/^a.a$/', string3); datalines;

SAS forward looking Standard mobile deviation

Hi does anyone know how to calculate the standard deviation over the next four quarters for each quarter? Thanks :) My attempt is below: date1 is the sas date for the quarter in a year Proc sql ; create table th.totalroll as Select distinct permco, d

how to create a custom frequency table in SAS

Assume I have a data called orig with variable x and s, s being binary as follows: x s 12 1 3 0 3 0 34 1 12 0 I want to create a new table or data which will be similar to the frequency table of orig. The first column will be the variables appeared i

Make a SAS data column in a macro variable?

How can I convert the output of a SAS data column into a macro variable? For example: Var1 | Var2 ----------- A | 1 B | 2 C | 3 D | 4 E | 5 What if I want a macro variable containing all of the values in Var1 to use in a PROC REG or other procedure?

SAS why the length of invalid data

data temp; length a 1 b 3 x; infile ''; input a b x; run; The answer said "The data set TEMP is not created because variable A has an invalid length". Why it's invalid in this small program?Length for numeric variables is not related to the disp

Delete records by field against another table

I have a very basic knowledge of SQL but for the purpose of handling a large amount of data, I need to use it. Here's my issue: I have two tables, as follows: table1: id begin end 100 1998 2013 101 1996 2009 table2: id date price qtt 100 1996 10 200

How to get the median is SAS?

How to get median is SAS? I wrote a script but it doesn't pront me the median here is my script: FILENAME book1 URL ""; DATA book; INFILE book1 firstobs=2; INPUT year numberBooks words copies annual a

sorting error at the end of proc sql for inner join

I ran the following code and an hour later, just as the code was finishing a sort execute error occurred. Is there something wrong with my code or is my computer processor and Ram insufficient proc sql; create table today as select a.account_number,

SAS Generate a new column based on existing groups

I'm currently working on a report using SAS, which has such a table as below: Name Country Pct Flag A USA 40 Y A CAN 30 N A CHN 30 N B BRA 70 N B JAP 30 Y I would like to generate a new column Name_Flag, which is equal to the flag for the record with

concat two numbers in sas proc sql

I have a table that has two numeric values called year and month. I would like to create a new table that has one value called ym which is just the concatenation of year and month. Here is an example: proc sql; create table test as select CONCAT(year

How to assign numeric values ​​to the alphabet in SAS

I'm trying to convert a character string to a numeric variable and then sum the values of each character to use as a unique identifier for that field. So for example, I would like A=1, B=2, C=3.....X=24 Y=25 Z=26. Say my string is "CAB" so after

SAS hash joins the form LIKE or =:

is it possible to do a SAS hash lookup on a partial substring? So the hash table key will contain: 'LongString' but my target table key has: 'LongStr' (the target table key string length may vary)You can but it's not pretty and you may not get the pe

SAS: Data step and additional line

i have an data step. data One; set Two; /*some code*/ run; How to add additional row after last row of new table? Is it possible to do optimal? (One table may have many rows ~ 100k - 10M) Thanks! ( it is TOTAL row, yes )Simply appending the total lin

SAS format: full name of the entire month

what is the best to format full month name to integer in SAS? 'January' --> 1 'February' --> 2You could do this without a format: data test; monthtext="January"; month=month(input("01"||substr(monthtext,1,3)||"2000",dat

what is the equivalent of the SAS parameter estimates in R

Please how can this be written in R proc glm data=DataTX; class DAG; by HID; model Bwt = DAG/ss3 solution; ods output parameterestimates =TX_BW_corrFact; run;The equivalent to proc glm for most purposes in R is lm, which fits linear models. It looks

SAS Basic Question: Why MACROs?

What is the uniqueness and advantage of SAS MACROs over SAS procedures? If macro's purpose is to reduce the effort to repeat tasks for different inputs, can't this be done by written as procedures too?SAS users do have the ability to create their own

Export the variable with trailing spaces and quotes

How can I export a character variable WITH trailing spaces and quotes? eg: data x; format x $quote17.; x='ruby'; put x=; run; (log extract) x="ruby" What is the most efficient way to get the following result? x="ruby " data x; Format x

Function point analysis in SAS

Would some be able to help me with some links on how FPA is done for SAS related projects.If someone of yuo have already done I guess it would be even more usefull if yuo could share some tips on how it could be doneHere is an introductory article on