Unable to get the Salesforce server security token

I am not able to get access token from salesforce instance, Can anyone help me out from this. I have tried many different ways, but not able to actually get it done :(. HttpClient httpclient2 = new DefaultHttpClient(); HttpPost post = new HttpPost("h

Make sure that Bamboo detects deleted items from Git Repo

I use Bamboo CI to manage my git repos for Salesforce development. It runs my tests after each commit and if successful, then deploys to an org. This all works wonderfully except for when I've deleted files, because Salesforce needs a special xml bui

Difference between Salesforce and Salesforce1?

If I were to explain to a lay-person, who is somewhat familiar to Salesforce, the difference between Salesforce.com and Salesforce1, without delving much into the technical aspects, what would be the best way to do so ?Both Salesforce.com and Salesfo


I'm trying to connect my asp.net REST api to salesforce. I'm succesfully going through authentification, but when I start to send POST requests, I'm getting an error {"errorCode":"INVALID_SESSION_ID","message":"Session e

Salesforce UserInfo session type in APEX

I would like to know if there is a way to find out in APEX when an particular user is logged in directly or via the "Login As" feature from the organization's user list. The UserInfo class doesn't seem to provide any methods for this purpose and

django-salesforce foreign key syntax

I'm using django-salesforce to get a list of Contacts (child) and the Accounts (parent) associated with them. In my models.py, what is the syntax for defining a field in the Contact class to hold the Account name? Here's my models.py: from django.db

Salesforce SOQL query returns all values, including NULL

I have a simple SOQL query: select Count(ID), CampaignId, Campaign.Name from CampaignMember where CampaignId in ('701U0000000MVoQ', '701U0000000MLFR', '701U0000000MVoL') group by CampaignId, Campaign.Name The result of the query brings back 2 records

Get a form item from the dialog box by using Jquery

I am using jQuery on a standard salesforce page. I can only place my jQuery script in the main page. When I click on an inline edit element, a dialog box opens up and this dialog box has a few input fields. I want to know how to access the input fiel

apex: commandButton can not return anything?

I have: <apex:commandButton action="{!whatever}" value="myButton" reRender="sectionX" /> And public String whatever(){ return 'ok'; } It doesn't work (returns 401 Unauthorized), but if I write: public void whatever(){ /

Conditional rendition with a redirect

Here is the set up. I have a standard page layout with custom buttons. When the user clicks a button, i want to check a value in the extension class. If the value is null or 0- i want a pages message to appear, otherwise i want to redirect them to an

SOQL - Convert the date to the local language of the owner

We use the DBAmp for integrating Salesforce.com with SQL Server (which basically adds a linked server), and are running queries against our SF data using OPENQUERY. I'm trying to do some reporting against opportunities and want to return the created

Organization of Apex classes under the namespace

Is there any way in Salesforce to group apex classes under a package or namespace? Can we use managed package for internal organization purpose?This is a limitation in the force.com stack that makes medium-large size projects painful, if not impracti

Salesforce Python library to get Salesforce data?

Is there a library or package which we can use with python to connect to salesforce and get data?I use beatbox Example to query for a lead by email address import beatbox sf_username = "Username" sf_password = "password" sf_api_token =

I want to expose xml / json nude on VisualForce

I am trying to expose self generated XML (or JSON) from VisualForce. However I cannot find the way to override the parent pages on an apex:page component so I am getting the whole menu, bars and all he extra html around. But I only want to serve the

Are there any TFS plugins available for the Force.com IDE?

Are there any TFS plugins available for the Force.com IDE? We are trying to centralise our CRM, and we would like to have TFS integration in Force.com IDE. Which plugins are available? Which have you found most useful. Does anyone know about this, wh

How to implement the scheduler in Apex?

I see scheduler like feature in salesforce but it is somewhat tied with existing features that salesforce provide and no sample source code is provided as far as my research goes. What I want to do is to create my own scheduler that sends simple emai

Apex debug log output does not appear on Eclipse

I installed visualforce plugin to Eclipse 3.6 and is working fine except that system.debug does not output anything. code static testMethod void testMonth() { Month m = new Month(system.today()); system.debug('foobar'); system.debug(m.firstDate); } s