How to set cookies in the Safari browser

I want to set cookies in safari browser.. i using php code as below.. which work fine in mozila and chroome. but i cant understand what wrong in safari browser. here is simple code of setcookies <!DOCTYPE html> <?php $cookie_name = "user&quo

Base64 Image Tag in Safari Not Appeared

I made a tsp which decode Image to base64 byte array String. It works in Chrome and Firefox. However in safari 8.0, it does not work. My jsp looks like below : String sFileInfo = ""; String name = request.getHeader("file-name"); String

CSS Safari rule vh-units?

Does anybody know if there is a fix for Safari vh rule? #what{ min-height:70vh; } All working ok, in all browsers, but only in Safari it is not recognized? Is there a fix for safari, that we can use VH rule in css?Instead of Vw/Vh, use rem with this

Radio button does not work in Webkit browsers

the problem is simple to explain, i have done a form, but the radio buttons are not showing in safari, and in chrome they are showing but they're not clickable.Is it a problem of css? The radio buttons are just as normal as they should: <input type=&qu

CSS for iPad / Safari is used by small screen laptops

We're using the following HTML meta tag and style query to allow us to target the iPad/Safari browser (for a few minor variations in the iPad compared to windows/linux browsers): <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial

JQuery animation effects do not work in Safari

I've been pulling my hair out on this one. I have been using jQuery to fade elements in on page load. Everything works elsewhere except for in Safari 3 on Windows. Basically actions like .fadeIn, .animation don't work but .show and .css do. EDIT: I h

Can not render SVG image in Safari

As the title states, I have a svg image, but I am not able to render it in safari, and opera. But it works perfectly fine in Firefox. I found this post Doctype problem displaying SVG with Safari which has mentioned to change the content to xhtml. So,

crossover video in Safari

Does anyone know if Safari supports crossorigin attribute on the HTML5 <video> tag? I serve video from a server that responds with all needed CORS headers, and I use the markup below to embed the video to my page. The page is served from a different

Applying a CSS3 Transformation to an SVG Element in Safari

I am using SVGs to build up a cartoon style street scene, and I wanted to have clouds scrolling across the scene. To do this, I was using a setTimeout or requestAnimationFrame (dependant on browser) to update the SVGs (x) position, but the FPS counte

How to disable the cache on the IOS safari?

Is there a way to disable caching on ipad/iphone? I want to run some automated tests for non-cache experience.I just stumbled across a way to disable cache in Safari on iOS: iOS Open Settings Navigate to Safari > Advanced Enable Web Inspector Switch

As the comment box of the button is not displayed

I have the xfbml version of the like box on one of my sites. All the settings should be correct. The problem is that according to a customer, the comment box does not show up after clicking "like" on Safari (Mac). To be more precise, the actual

HTML 5 / QuickTime audio caching in Safari on iOS

I'm desperatly trying to find a solution for a web application that has to run on an iOS-Safari (e.g. on iPad, iPad2 and iPhone 4): It's a web application I wrote some time ago which lets the user search for and listen to short music samples (MP3s, a

The onclick event does not work in Safari?

Cann't figure out why this is working everywhere but Safari?? I have this HTML: <a href="javascript:;" class="tweet-btn" onclick="authenticateTwitter();"> <img src="img/sign-in-with-twitter.png" alt="&

Jquery Cycle Problem or css problem in Chrome / Safari for Mac

Hi i have used the jquery cycle plugin to create multiple simple sliding galleries. In Chrome/Safair on Mac the browser is not loading the images. Here is the link the js i am using is here, although it could be a css issue..? I am struggling to find

Prevent the offline ip web app from opening a link in Safari

I'm developing a website that will work with mobile safari in offline mode. I'm able to bookmark it to the home screen and load it from there. But, once opened from the home screen, clicking on certain links will jump out of the app and open in mobil