I can not refresh my screen with opengl

i try to learn opengl but i have some problem because it s difficult to find information on it. I can creat a form on my screen but i can't update the screen, and i try a lot of thing. Here I use runnable but nothing work. Thanks for your help, here

Clean internal class implementing Runnable

I have got a Class for a CustomView that has to inner Classes, both implement Runnable to do a Job in a separate Thread. public class ValueSelector extends LinearLayout{ ..... private class AutoIncrementer implements Runnable { @Override public void

How to interrupt this runnable

I have read a lot of questions and answers in StackOverflow about interrupting Threads by throwing InterruptedException. But most of the answers are using just a for loop and from time to time they check if the thread is interrupted with : Thread.cur

Java - How to say that all sub-threads are finished

I want to run a few tasks simultaneously so I have a code that looks like this: for(final Task task : tasks){ (new Thread(){public void run(){ task.run(args); }}).start(); How can I know when all of the tasks are done (the amount of tasks can vary) s

Calling a method on a thread - it works, but why?

I have the following Thread subclass (simplified slightly for readability): public class ConnectionHandlerThread extends Thread { private Socket socket; private volatile boolean disconnected = false; private ObjectOutputStream out = null; private Obj

Multithreading extended panel

I'm trying to allocate a JPanel that implements Runnable interface in a JFrame. I'd made this sample for interpret my idea. I want to add a multi-threading panel that shows a text as demo to a window with a String as parameter of a new instance. The

How do I use a runnable to do work in a singleton?

I have a question about using a runnable to do work in a singleton. I have an EventCoordinator class that is a singleton because it is the one that handles all events (and because my assignment requires me to do so). Events get added to this coordina

Java Gui communication with the serial port

I have Class, that receive and send information from serial port: public class Terminal implements Runnable { static LinkedList<String> receiver = new LinkedList<String>(); public Terminal() { //... } public String getReceivedMessage() { Strin

Difference between thread creation phenomena and start them

What is the Difference between the two thread creations in the code below: public class MyThread extends Thread { int a=0; public void run() { System.out.println("Some Thread"); } public static void main(String[] args) { MyThread m=new MyThread(

How to stop a java thread 8 lambda-runnable

I would like to stop this thread: Runnable run= ()->{while(true)[...];}; run.run(); But there is no run.stop() method. Please suggest either an other as short as possible method to start and stop a thread or a method to stop this running... thing.Run

Launching a runnable in the background thread

I have, to my knowledge, implemented a runnable which is created on a new thread. However, the thread does not seem to be running in the background, and the actions taken inside the runnable are stalling the UI with heavy actions. See below: custList

Runnable posted in another runnable not executed

I'm trying to run a runnable from another runnable using Handler.post() method of my singleton but this second runnable is not being run until after the original runnable finishes. In the example code below I am calling MyManager,getInstance().startC

Run executable .jar file with Eclipse using libgdx

So my problem is that I want to export my libgdx desktop project as a runnable .jar file. I already made this work and it is working fine when I open the .jar file from my desktop. However, if I put the .jar file into my Dropbox or in any other direc

Read / Write lock implementation in Java

I was reading about locks in some webpages and tried to run a base case that some site described. I am new to Thread usage and so this is how the code looks for the files, 1) The Read-Write lock functions(non-reentrant, very basic) public ReadWriteLo

Run a runnable in Asynctask

I have a class AsycnIntegerCounter which extends AsyncTask, with doInBackground() and onPostExecute() overridden in the same. From my main thread, I am able to create a runnable object and execute it using the AsycnIntegerCounter's static execute met

Android: button turning on a wire

Could someone provide a sample implementation for rotating a button on a thread ? As of now I am rotating my button on the UI thread using the following code: Animation ranim = (Animation) AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(getBaseContext(), R.anim.rotatio

TextView update on a delay after a push of a button

I am trying to update a TextView at intervals of five seconds at a time after a button press, but when the application is run, the TextView will only display the last values of the loop that it is being run in. Here is what I am trying: private Runna

How can I put Toast in a Runnable service?

I have a service which contains a Timer and TimerTask for receiving data from Webservice in periods of time. everything works fine except Toast. I want to show a Toast to user in procSendMapMovements but i get exception. How can I use Toast in it? cl

removeCallbacks not stopping runnable

I am calling from a method: myHandler.postDelayed(mMyRunnableHide, 6000); which calls: public Runnable mMyRunnableHide = new Runnable() { public void run() { mTextDisplay.setText(""); DisplayX(); } }; if a button on screen is clicked I want to s

Run an exception from a Runnable.run () summary in Java

I've made an abstract Thread that processes some streams in its run() method. I'd like to be able to have the subclasses handle these exceptions rather than the abstract parent class, but I don't know the most elegant way to do that. Right now, I'm d

Java interface question

I'm confused (new to java): When implementing the Runnable interface, one must override the run() method to get thread execution capability. Implementing this interface makes your object a type Runnable (?). How does the thread functionality get "inj

optimizing bitmap loading using aSyncTask

I have been trying to optimize my single thread app which loads a bunch of tiles that makeup a large bitmap. The app was becoming very sluggish when it would load the new tiles into system memory. Im now looking trying to use Async Tasks for this pur