Rails5 - Command with method and class parameters

In Rails, I want to order some tweets by number of likes desc using paramsand I am stuck.. I wrote a simple Class method in my model: class Twit < ApplicationRecord def self.most_liked order(like: :desc) end end And here is my method in my controller

Ruby each vs while loop performance

trying to resolve a basic problem of algorithm in Ruby, and testing performance. Just in case, the algorithm aims to find the smallest positive number that is evenly divisible by all of the numbers from 1 to 20. Here's the code : def remainder(number

Metaprogramming in Ruby with derived classes

I'm trying to write a method that prints class variable names and their values. As an example: class A def printvars ??? end end class <<A def varlist(*args) ??? end end class B < A varlist :c def initialize(c) @c = c end b = B.new(10) b.printvar

PHP exec () does not work properly but works in SSH IronWorker

I have a strange problem with a php exec() command. I'm trying to run a perticular gem called iron worker . exec('iron_worker upload Renode 2>&1',$output,$error); var_dump($output); This is the command i am trying to run, but unfornunately it doesn

How does ruby ​​handle zero division?

I am trying to find out how ruby handles zero division. Ruby returns different results based on the class. This is what I tried 0/0 # => ZeroDivisionError: divided by 0 1/0 # => ZeroDivisionError: divided by 0 1.0/0 # => Infinity 0.0/0.0 # =>

Configuring Rails for Ruby 2.0

Ruby 2.0 has been released, see: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/news/2013/02/24/ruby-2-0-0-p0-is-released/ What changes to my Rails App/Installation should I anticipate making after upgrading my system to Ruby 2.0?So here's what I had to do after upgrad

to remove table elements in ruby

I have an array and I want to remove some elements. I tried this but it doesn't work: @restaurants.each_with_index do |restaurant, i| if (restaurant.stars > 3) @restaurants.slice!(i) end end How can I do it?You can use Array#delete_at(index): see rub

How to update all instances of Unicorn?

In deploying via Nginx/Unicorn, an issue for me is how to get in touch with running instances. I need this to update the in-memory cache of the app. With Nginx/Thin, I run multiple instances on various ports and calling app instance by port, like: #!

Is there no practical method for! Nile?

I think I would see my code better if I would ask myself object.not_nil? vs !object.nil?. So my question: Is there really no convenience method for !nil? to sugar things up? Is it in front of my eyes and I cannot see it or am I just missing an import

I can not install ruby ​​1.8.7

I want to install ruby 1.8.7 and uninstall ruby 1.9.2 from main. Please don't suggest rvm as I do have that. But ruby 1.9.2p0 is sticked to my system.. I tried sudo apt-get remove ruby, it removes ruby, but when i run ruby -v it shows ruby 1.9.2p0 is

How to test this script JRuby is running on Windows?

RUBY_PLATFORM is java either way. Normally I can do system checks with uname but Windows doesn't have uname command. (and checking that uname didn't run correctly is pretty silly) require 'rbconfig' puts RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os']

How to install a Rails application when using RVM?

I've followed instructions from this question on SO to set up RVM, rubies and gem lists. I have created rubies 1.8.7 and 1.9.3. For the ruby 1.8.7 I have created a gemset called Organisator. I have activated the 1.8.7 ruby and gemset "Organisator&quo

Ruby Datamapper: Get the Next Record of a Collection

How can I get the next record from a collection while looping through a collection? eg. for record in collection current_value = record.value next_value = record.next.value #==> Would like this! # more stuff with record end You should be able to do i

two forms a Ruby model, separate validations for each

I have three fields in one form and two fields in another (same as the earlier form, but just missing one field). I want to validate only two fields in the smaller form, but the issue is that it is validating all the three. I have written the followi

Changing the character encoding

I am having problems changing the encoding on a text file in Ruby 1.9.2p290. I am getting the error invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 (ArgumentError). The problem (I think) lies in the fact that the charset seems to be unknown. From the command line if

Ruby structure for expandable architecture handler / plugin

I'm writing something that is a bit like Facebook's shared link preview. I would like to make it easily extendable for new sites by just dropping in a new file for each new site I want to write a custom parser for. I have the basic idea of the design

Syntax of method causing confusion

def current_user=(user) @current_user = user end def user_from_remember_token User.authenticate_with_salt(*remember_token) end def remember_token cookies.signed[:remember_token] || [nil, nil] end 1) I'm mostly confused with def current_user=(user). W

Wiki functionality with rails?

What are the best plugins or gems to create a wiki functionality with rails ? How to maintain versions ? How to show html difference between two version ? Any Idea ?I've got a wiki site which uses vestal_versions for versioning and this cool javascri

Ruby Class # new - Why is `new` a private method?

I made a Matrix class and I want to use it in various parts of my code. class Matrix def initialize(x, y, v=0) @matrix = Array.new (0..y).each do |j| @matrix[j] = Array.new (0..x).each do |i| @matrix[j][i] = v end end end end When this code is includ

Applications of Real Rails Complex Rails?

For my self-education purposes, I would like to investigate the code of a complex Ruby On Rails (preferably 3) business application(s) so that I can get the feel of how to do things in the real world with Rails. There are tons of "another blog"

Need to divide tables into sub-tables of size specified in Ruby

I have an array that is something like this: arr = [4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4, 45, 11] I want a fancy method like sub_arrays = split (arr, 3) This should return the following: [[4, 5, 6], [7,8,4], [45,11]] arr.each_slice(3).to_a each_slice returns an Enumerab

Should I use migrations to create folders?

I created a feature that requires two folders to work correctly. These folders didn't existed in the rails project so I had to create them. Now I need to push this functionality so that the other developers can use it as well. What do you think is th