How to sign and validate RSA PKCS # 1 v2.0 signatures in Java

I'm trying to sign and validate signature in RSA+SHA1 with PKCS1 v2.0 padding. I haven't found in the documentation (JDK or JCE) which algorithm/padding I have to use. It seems that I've to use OAEP padding but I didn't succeed: For validation, I've

How to properly link an external library using CMake?

I'm trying to use the Chilkat C++ library to do a cryptography assignment, but I cannot seem to get the library to link properly. As of right now the header file CkRsa.h cannot be found by the compiler. I've spent a few hours searching across the int

How to load a public key in PEM format for encryption?

Until now I used JSEncrypt which is able to load a public key from a PEM formatted string. And then use it with RSA in order to encrypt a string. For example : <textarea id="pubkey">-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNAD

ASN1 / DER Grammar for the RSA Key

I am looking for ASN1 grammar file for DER ASN1 encoding of RSA keys I am looking for grammar file so that i can compile it using ASN1C compiler and subsequently write my own 'c' code using GMP to extract public key out of a given RSA key file. It wi

Whole char * and char * to conversion to whole number

I'm using the Crypto++ library, and I created this simple class: class EncoderRSA { public: EncoderRSA(); void keyGeneration(); void substitutePublicKey(Integer e, Integer n); Integer encode(std::string plainText); std::string decode(Integer cypher);

RSA key pair & ldquo; diversification & ldquo;

Symmetric keys (AES, 3DES, ...) can be diversified by a specified diversification input. It is usually done this way: DivKey = Enc[PlainText = Key, IV = DivInput, K = Key] However, this is based on the fact that each 16-byte array is a valid AES key.

RSA: encrypt on iOS, decrypt in Java

I have a public key that's sent from a Java server. The base64 encoded strings match before I decode and strip out the ASN.1 headers. I store the public key in the keychain with SecItemAdd. So I'm trying to encrypt the data using the public key and d

how to load .cer at x509 with openssl

I have a .cer file starts with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and end with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----", now I need to load it to check signature with openssl, those are what i've tried: FILE *pub_fp = fopen(certpath.c_str(), "r&quo

Lehmann's algorithm does not make sense

I tried implementing the Lehmann test but it doesn't work the first time round. I followed what everyone described Calculate r = [ a^( (p -1) / 2) ] mod p If r is not 1 or –1 then p is definitely not a prime. If r = 1 or –1 the likelihood that p is n

Truncation error when taking square root in python

I'm trying to use Fermat's factorization method to factor a RSA exercise with n = pq = 17113393402958118715148546526344227921781458985077442510282855190555424972779474416264134494113 Here's

RSA encryption in C ++

I want to encrypt (RSA) a character to an integer using its ASCII value. Eg. 'a' is encrypted as 48. For encryption: c=pow(m,e)%n where c is cipher text, m is the plain text and (e,n) is the public key. If pow(m,e) is large say 67^7, it won't fit in

Lower limit of RSA message length in M2Crypto

I am trying to encode a message using a public key provided to me by an external site using Python M2Crypto's RSA. Essentially, I am doing something like this: from M2Crypto import RSA import os rsa = RSA.load_pub_key(os.path.join(BASE_PATH, 'externa

Extracting a public key from a key pair in the key chain

The Problem: Retrieving a public key For an iPhone App, I need to create a rsa key pair, store it in the key chain and retrieve the public key. Fortunately, Apple released a Crypto Exercise Sample where everything i need can be found (class SecKeyWra

& ldquo; Bad data & rdquo; CryptographicException

First, I have only written the code below for academic purposes. The reason I say this is because I am not putting this in a production environment, and therefor am "bypassing" some of the overhead that I would need to do if I was, I simply need

How to sign data with .p12 file in Java?

How to sign data with .p12 file in Java? Java seems to support only until pkcs11, I just can't find the standard library for pkcs12. There's nothing in ''... for decoding .p12 file to get private key to perform signing. Any solution? I'm

Is RSA encoded data exchangeable?

Up to now, I thought that if I have RSA-encrypted data, this data would be easily exchangable between most platforms (.net, java, pc, unix..), because of the commonly used algorithm. Through investigating for another questions I had, I'm now confused

Restrict SSH access by machine

I'm trying to set up a server that will be logged into by people paying for a service I offer, but I want to make sure that only those people who I want can access it. I obviously can't simply give each one a different user account because they could

RSA interoperability between VB.NET and PHP

I use OpenSSL with PHP to generate Public/Private Key in PEM Format. In PHP I create Public/Private Key : // generate a 1024 bit rsa private key $privateKey = openssl_pkey_new(array( 'private_key_bits' => 1024, 'private_key_type' => OPENSSL_KEYTYPE_

Python RSA library?

from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA private = RSA.generate(1024, os.urandom) Now how do I export or import keys? Everything is there except these 2 functions! private.exportKey() private.publickey.exportKey() Preferably in --armor format :) Any ideas? T

Cryptography - RSA Algorithm in Java 1.4

I am using Java 1.4.2_10 and I am trying to use RSA encryption: I am getting the NoSuchAlgorithmException for the following code: cipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA"); This is the error: Cannot find any prov

RSA Algorithm Library for Java

I want to provide my application with simple licensing mechanism based on RSA algorithm. Are there any free RSA libraries?Just use the javax.crypto and packages. It's in the Java standard platform. KeyPair keys = KeyPairGenerator.getIns

C # RSA encryption using module and public exponent

I have to implement a digital envelope using AES and RSA, but I am having problems with the .NET implementation of the RSA algorithm. I have managed to encrypt the data (AES) with the random symmetric key, but now I have to encrypt the key with RSA.

C # RSA equivalent code to Crypto C ++ API

DWORD nSize; LPBYTE lpData; HCRYPTKEY hPublicKey; nSize = ReadFromFile(lpszUserPublicKey, NULL); if(nSize == -1) return FALSE; lpData = new BYTE[nSize]; ReadFromFile(lpszUserPublicKey, lpData); if(!CryptImportKey(hProv, lpData, nSize, NULL, 0, &hPubl