Different values ​​for these two rounding expressions?

SELECT ROUND(152.7300, 2, 1), --returns 152.7300 ROUND('152.7300', 2, 1) --returns 152.72 Why does the second rounding expression result in downward rounding to .72 ? I imagine it has something to do with the VARCHAR input being converted to a numeri

Round to max thousand, cent etc. in PHP

I have a pretty simple PHP question but I'm not sure how to do that. I want to round to the max hundred or thousand depending on the value returned by the database. Here are a few examples of what I need : DB returns the value 11, I want PHP to outpu

Round a variant

Why does a number rounded to 1 digit still write to Excel with many digits. For instance: dim myvar as variant dim mysingle as single dim myrange as range mysingle = 4567.23494376 myvar = round(mysingle,1) myrange = "A1" myrange.value = myvar Ev

How can I round a number to the nearest 10?

In MySQL I would like to round numbers down to the nearest ten. e.g. 812 -> 810, but also 819 -> 810 Using the ROUND function does not do the trick.You could use TRUNCATE function as follow: SELECT TRUNCATE(819, -1); SELECT TRUNCATE(812, -1); Result

Java Math RoundingMode.HALF_EVEN prints an unexpected result

This question already has an answer here: Java BigDecimal setScale and rounding with half_even 1 answer i was trying to debug an issue with rounding for HALF_EVEN i java, as you could see below, the unexpected result is 377.35, we could have expected

Floating point and avoid rounding errors

It is widely known that users of floating point must watch out for rounding errors. For example, 1.0/3*3 == 1 evaluates to false in pretty much every modern programming language. More surprisingly for nonspecialists, so does 1.0/10*10 == 1. However,

How to round correctly with NET Math.Round (decimal & gt;

In .NET, why does System.Math.Round(27.2351, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero) yield 27.24 instead of 27.23? Third digit is 5 so we check for 4th digit that is 1 less than 5 so result should be 27.23 Is there any way to get this result. See My proble

The second argument ROUND takes only the constant + hive

The following: hive> create table t1 (val double, digit int); hive> insert into t1 values(10,2); hive> insert into t1 values(156660,3); hive> insert into t1 values(8765450,4); hive> select round(val, digit) from round_test; Gives this error

How to use the rounded value to join in SQL

i'm just learning SQL today and i never thought how fun it's until i'm fiddling with it. I got a problem and i need a help. i have 2 tables, Customer and Rate, with details stated below Customer idcustomer = int namecustomer = varchar rate = decimal(

The float type is saved as exp

I make some calculations and the result is 0.000137*0.000137= 0.000000018769 I save the answer in float y but it seems to be saved as 1.88788682e-008 I want it to be saved as 0.000000018769 I tried the type double but got same answer int main() { flo

Round in Java without using special functions or formatting

I have a class project where my teacher wants me to use type double for my numbers but it is required that I do not use and special functions or formatting when roudning amounts to the nearest dollar. Here's what I have so far: //Variable Declaration

Python Pandas: why np.round () 3.601626 at 2 dp returns 3.6?

I'm trying to round some floats in a df to 2 dp but all multiples of 10 are rounded to 1 dp, so 3.60 would be 3.6 and 12.40 would be 12.4... I have a df: Values A B C D Question A2 4.08642 4.144279 3.601626 3.983852 my code np.round(df,2) output Valu

Round if positive, round down if negative?

I'm trying to make it so the following figures are true: etc 5 = -2 6 = -1 7 = -1 8 = 0 9 = +1 10 = +1 11 = +2 And so on. What I'm using right now is : function AbilityModifier( n) { return Math.round( (n-8) /2); } which returns correct positive figu

Round a number using C #

This question already has an answer here: How to round up in c# 2 answers I have created an accreditation system where a user can take exams. On marking the exam i wish to return a percentage figure. So i am taking the correct questions figure, divid

How to round a float value in c #?

I have a problem rounding a float value. I have a float value that is set 0.8 but in the c# code it is somehow 0.80000000000000004. So i want to round it so it becomes 0.8. i have tried: float roundedFloatvalue = (float)Math.Round((Decimal)floatvalue

Delete integer and only display the decimal point in Python?

I am trying to calculate the square root of a number to where it looks like this: Enter number for square root: 2 --------------------------------- .41 However, with the current code I have: def calc(self, event=None): try: self.result_var.set("The s

scala math round error

Try this in scala: val value1 = -1.3323651E7f val value2 = Math.round(value1) val value3 = value1.toInt val value4 = Math.round(value3) value1: Float = -1.3323651E7 value2: Int = -13323650 value3: Int = -13323651 value4: Int = -13323650 Why are value

Double round operations

Suppose I have three doubles, a, b and c. double a = 1.234560123; double b = 7.890120123; double c = a * b; c = 9.740827669535655129 I want to work with numbers with only 5 decimal places. So if I round a and b using Math.Round(a, 5) and Math.Round(b

Django does not store .00 on whole decimal fields

I'm trying to force Django to always store numbers with 2 decimal places but if the number is a whole one then it isn't store the .00 def clean_myfield(self): data = self.cleaned_data['myfield'] self.cleandecimal(data) return data def cleandecimal(se

JSTL rounding number

This might be a dumb question, but let's say I have a variable seconds in my JSP page and its value is 779. Now I want to convert it into minutes and seconds by doing the following: <c:set var="${seconds / 60}" value="min"/> <

C ++ gamedev: truncate float to int

I'm making a game in C++ where is a tank that can moves on a stage. The tank has an angle (float, in degrees, and i'm supposing the tank is at 0ยบ when his cannon points to the right), a speed (float), and there is a time constant called "deltaT"

How to round a number to a certain distance?

I have a value like this: 421.18834 And I have to round it mathematical correctly with a mask which can look like this: 0.05 0.04 0.1 For example, if the mask is 0.04, i have to get the value 421.20, because .18 is nearer at .20 than .16. All functio

Rounded to the nearest whole number

I've been searching for quite awhile and can't seem to find anything on this. How do I round a number up to the nearest whole number? I'm using the number of objects in an array and dividing it by 3. Say [array count] is 10, and I want to get a 4 as

Rounded with an entire division

Is there is a simple, pythonic way of rounding to the nearest whole number without using floating point? I'd like to do the following but with integer arithmetic: skip = int(round(1.0 * total / surplus)) ============== @John: Floating point is not re

Check if the number is whole

I was surprised to learn that R doesn't come with a handy function to check if the number is integer. is.integer(66) # FALSE The help files warns: is.integer(x) does not test if x contains integer numbers! For that, use round, as in the function is.w

how to convert decimal points?

Possible Duplicate: c# - How do I round a decimal value to 2 decimal places (for output on a page) i have value of 1.564 and 1.565 i need round this value to 1.56 and 1.56,which function suitable for this in c#.To remove the less significant digits (

Convert / Quantify Floating Beach to Full Range

Say I have a float in the range of [0, 1] and I want to quantize and store it in an unsigned byte. Sounds like a no-brainer, but in fact it's quite complicated: The obvious solution looks like this: unsigned char QuantizeFloat(float a) { return (unsi