Convert SVG to PNG with RMagick in memory

I'm having a frustrating time converting an SVG string into a PNG string using RMagick: def convert_svg_to_png(str) img = Magick::Image.from_blob(str) { self.format = 'SVG' self.background_color = 'transparent' } img.to_blob { self.format = 'PNG' } e

Extend a gif with ImageMagick

I am working on a project that has multiple plugins, and one of the plugins needs to composite two animated images on top of one another. The problem is that one of these will be user-defined and will most likely not match up frame-wise to the other.

Unable to install rmagick, pkg-config: command not found

I'm trying to install rmagick on my Mavericks machine. However. I get this error /usr/local/bin/Magick-config: line 41: pkg-config: command not found /usr/local/bin/Magick-config: line 47: pkg-config: command not found /usr/local/bin/Magick-config: l

MiniMagick - can not load such a file

I'm trying to use MiniMagick to resize images and I did the following in my controller file: require 'rubygems' require 'mini_magick' and img = But when I invoke the controller the following LoadError (cannot load such fi

Unable to run the server rails after trying to install Rmagick

I'm on windows and I downloaded and installed rmagick-win32 RMagick-2.12.0-ImageMagick-6.5.6-8-Q8 from here ( which I unzipped and installed using 'gem install rmagick' When I try to run rails s,

Allow users to crop and resize Ruby on Rails images

Sorry for the fairly generic question but I was wondering whether anyone had any recommendations on how to best allow users to crop and edit their own images. What I would like to happen is that when a user uploads their image on my app for the app t

Rmagick could not generate a native gem on OSX Lion

I am trying to work on my gallery, and I need to install rmagick. However I have been unable to do so as I am getting a error with a fail to build gem native extension. I have see the other postings but their errors are different from mines. I am not

RMagick & amp; Sinatra: send a picture to see without store

Currently I am writing a Sinatra app that gets some pictures from user and returns a new picture. There's part of haml form: %input{type:'file', name:'user_image'} And there's a code from handler: (montage is another picture) source_userpic = params[

Rmagick and the carrierwave installation in dreamhost vps

I am trying to install carrierwave not on my machine but on a vps hosted on dreamhost. Here the Gemfile gem "rmagick" gem 'carrierwave' Here the error when bundling: Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extensio

Ruby RMagick format conversion still leaves the border

I have the following code to convert PNG to JPG using Ruby RMagick and the converted image always have a border around it. Anyway to avoid it? Mac OS X 10.8.2 ruby 1.9.3p286 (2012-10-12 revision 37165) [x86_64-darwin12] rmagick (2.13.1) MacPorts 2.1.

Unable to find ImageMagick version - rmagick installation fails

Super confused and a first time Ruby user... I already have rmagick installed as denoted here: actionmailer (3.2.6) actionpack (3.2.6) activemodel (3.2.6) activerecord (3.2.6) activeresource (3.2.6) activesupport (3.2.6) arel (3.0.2) builder (3.0.0)

carrierwave thumb problem

This question was asked, but no answer given...I'm having the same issue. I'm using carrierwave for uploading files everything works great until i wanted to create thumbs images are saved in a tmp direct, but kept at the same size... My avatar_upload

Bundle can not install RMagick gem on Mac OSX 10.7

I've installed ImageMagick with ImageMagick installer script I am on OSX Lion 10.7, using RVM, Ruby 1.9.3p125. The problem seems to be with MagickWand.h here is the complete log /Users/pdjimeno/.rvm/rubies/

Generate thumbnails imagemagick / carrierwave when requested

I am using the carrierwave gem with Rmagick in a Rails app. I've set up a new version in my uploader file: class ImageUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base include CarrierWave::RMagick storage :file def store_dir "uploads/#{model.class.to_s.under

Rails & amp; RMagick

I've been doing some cool stuff with rmagick on my rails app. I tried starting up my project with 'rails server' and I got this error. I believe I have imagemagick and rmagick installed so I don't know why I see this error. /Users/devinross14/.gem/ru

Can not install Rmagick and Imagemagick on Windows 7

when I run gem install rmagick-2.13.1.gem from the directory in which rmagick-2.13.1.gem is I get an Error saying that it failed to build gem native extension, below which it says c:/Ruby192/bin/ruby.exe extconf.rb checking for Ruby version >= 1.8.5

Problem When Viewing Photos in Paperclip - Roads Error

I have set up Paperclip and ImageMagick successfully on my system, and files are uploading correctly, being resized, and and being saved into the right folders. I try to display those images in my view: <%= image_tag @customer.logo.url(:medium) %> N

rake db: migrate fails: looking for RMagick - why?

I just created a simple migration to an existing project. This project uses RMagick, and when I call rake db:migrate the migration fails thus: Dans-iMac-335:myserver apple$ rake db:migrate (in /Users/apple/Documents/projects/electionjoy/glowing-mist-

attachment_fu and RMagick

After finally getting RMagick installed on my Mac I have set up attachment_fu according to the tutorial here: when I try and upload a file via the upload form I get around 80 messages like t

RMagick + Rails + Heroku?

I'm trying to figure out how to get rmagick on my app, and then make it work on Heroku?For Rails3, you have to add this specification: gem "rmagick", "2.12.0", :require => 'RMagick' Note: require is CAsE SeNSITIvE

How to manage memory leaks in RMagick in Ruby?

Im developing web-application with Merb and im looking for some safe and stable image processing library. I used to work with Imagick in php, then moved to ruby and start using RMagick. But there is a problem. Long running scripts causing memory leak

Mongrel Hangs with 100% CPU / EBADF (Bad File Descriptor)

We have a server with 10 running mongrel_cluster instances with apache in front of them, and every now and then one or some of them hang. No activity is seen in the database (we're using activerecord sessions). Mysql with innodb tables. show innodb s