Jackson json to the mapping of java objects

If I pass a JSON like `{ "entity":{ "name":"xyz", "age":21 } }` Then , is it compulsory that my POJO should have both "name" and "age" instance variables. I mean, if I have only "name"

Syntax for passing REST data in Robot Framework

See below code, specifically data part. Robot does not like this. *** Test Cases *** Add Patient Log Add Patient [Tags] Add_Patient ${number}= Generate Random Number ${4} ${data}= {"patients": [ new "sponsor": "test1", "

How to analyze this JSON in django?

I am sending data in the below format $.ajax({ url: "http://localhost:8000/loginrest/", data: JSON.stringify({'user':'admin','password':'zyz'}), processData: false, type: 'POST', error: function(xhr, error){ console.debug(xhr); console.debug(err

RESTFul Web Service with Ajax

I am new to web services and I am trying to use RESTFul webservices. I am trying to pass parameter to RESTFul web server in Java from ajax. Here is what I did index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8">

JAX-RS @POST does not return a string

I am trying to write @POST sync method which will take in 2 String parameters. When I access the 2 links from the browser, I did not get the return String "SUCCESS!". It seems the methods doesn't get called at all? http://localhost:9080/SampleWe

RESTful mechanism to download video (and properties) to vimeo

The procedure to upload a video to Vimeo starts out very similarly as the one defined for Youtube, but only up to a point. Below I describe the steps that worked, and outline the last video-upload step which does not: The Vimeo-upload dance begins wh

Swagger documentation with JAX-RS Jersey 2 and Grizzly

I have implementated a Rest web service (the function is not relevant) using JAX-RS. Now I want to generate its documentation using Swagger. I have followed these steps: 1) In build.gradle I get all the dependencies I need: compile 'org.glassfish.jer

REST GET wcf url does not work and error 404

I am trying to make a rest service and test it. Following is the resulted wsdl file, but I am not able to get the GetData method work. My WSDL file from http://localhost:21611/Service1.svc?wsdlis a working url. WebConfig: <?xml version="1.0"

Playframework Servicestack resting with MV *

We Love Play!! Have used for small projects and pleased with the performance and productivity. Need few suggestions or comments for the architecture for our new venture which is going to be on play-framework. Our new venture is to use REST Service st

Suitable Framework for Async, REST and JSON Web Services

I found similar question but there's no satisfying answer for me. I'm going to create some start-up web application and I'm looking for the most suitable** language and framework. What I've decided is that: UI has to be separated from backend Fronten

How to get the 'getJSON' response header

I need to access the size of response message I am getting from another machine (cross-domain request) using $.getJSON, although I can see the request and response in chrome console, it does not work. Here is my request code: xhr=$.getJSON('http://19

FOSRestBundle and Mongodb cursor object to json

I'm currently working on a RESTful API using Symfony2 with FOSRestBundle. I love Mongodb, so i've implemented just that, here is a snippet of my usercontroller. /** * @return View view instance * @View() */ public function allAction() { $users = $thi

Unable to make a REST call with a URL pattern other than / *

I'm trying to do a simple REST Web Application using Tomcat 7, Apache Wink, and the Jackson JSON Processor, but seem to be hitting a wall. If I look in my web.xml file, I see: <!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Applicatio

Web framework with user-friendly desktop deployment?

I'm building a web app with Backbone.js (I'm not tied to Backbone yet though). I need a back-end framework only for persistence to a database via a RESTful API. However, I also need to able to deploy it as a 'desktop' app for off-line use, i.e. runni

Home page in REST with Java (JAX-RS) using Jersey

I am implementing a Restful Web Service using Jersey. I want to show index.jsp as welcome page. <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" &q

Facebook SDK does not load & hellip; all.js GET fail

I'm using the same code provided in the here <div id="fb-root"></div> <script> window.fbAsyncInit = function() { console.log('got here'); FB.init({ appId : '197112467099018', // App ID channelUrl : '//WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM/channel.h

Publishing to a REST Web Service from .NET?

I was trying to hit a web service using the instructions here: http://help.seeclickfix.com/kb/api/creating-an-issue I came up with the code below: string paramContent = "api_key=afs684eas3ef86saef78s68aef68sae&issue[summary]=abeTest&issue[lat

REST vs Web Services

In relation to this question, I have a follow up question that I am still confused over. I have been asked to compair REST vs Web Services. From what I have learnt about REST, it is not a web service, therefore how can you compair the two? What does

The missing PHP REST variables

In this tutorial's processRequest method: ... switch ($request_method){ case 'get': $data = $_GET; break; case 'post': $data = $_POST; break; ... looks like $_GET variables are ignored when $_POST happens (at least this happening in my test setup - n

Multiple records with a query in the RESTful system

All the examples I've seen regarding a RESTful architecture have dealt with a single record. For example, a GET request to mydomain.com/foo/53 to get foo 53 or a POST to mydomain.com/foo to create a new Foo. But what about multiple records? Being abl

Geolocation service based on SOAP or REST?

Is anyone aware of a (preferablly free) webservice that would accept a SOAP or REST request. This request would contain an IP address, and the service would return an approximation of that IP's location. EDIT: I need resolution down to the city of po