The central element as wide as the box allows it

Hey guys I need you help. I'm currently working on a small project so that I can learn "Atomic Design". I've encountered a problem now. I have a table. <table class="search-table"> <tr> <td colspan="2"> <

How can I make a full size slide for phones?

How can i make slide photo full size for phones ? Here have i link of my website: Ekizceliler if you watch it website with phone then see you the slide picture very huge, how can i make the slide picture in good size?to make a responsive slider , in

Responsive Bootstrap - Does not work

I've created a very simple landing page using Bootstrap. As I was designing it I was working on the responsive breakpoints and in Chrome, they all looked and worked great. Now that I've uploaded my site, I realized that the responsive isn't working.

HTML HTML theme translate text into English

I have downloaded a responsive HTML theme which is originally in Latin, to customize and develop a website. I put the title as"Decalog" (Name of the site) <title>DecaLog</title> But when I apply changes, My chrome browser automatical

Cover the background size on mobile

I have a problem with my website. The picture looks great on the desktop but on my phone it looks terrible because its zoomed in. How can I solve this? It donĀ“t work with background-size:cover; The div with the background have two classes .content{ c

My bootstrap table 4 will not be reactive

I use Bootstrap 4 HTML template and would like to have a nice table displayed in 320x480. Here, the table I try to insert in that page won't be responsible even .table-responsive class has been added. Would you please tell me what I did wrong ? <scri

Lower toolbar Div appearing on the iPhone but not on Android

I am making a web app that is adapted/responsive to mobile. I have a toolbar that is positioned on the right side of the screen on my computer browser, and it is supposed to be placed fixed at the bottom of the screen on mobile. The strange thing is,

Sensitive image center

My images won't center with margin: 0 auto; or padding: 0 auto; Also it doesn't work if I do text-align: center; in the <div> around it. I think this is because the images are responsive. So how do I get these images centered? @media only screen and

Wrong answer from my website

I have ran into an issue with my responsive website. My .bottom part in the responsive view weirdly "jumps" back and forth. Here's what I mean by that. Picture 1 and now picture 2. It's worth mentioning, that the only thing that was changed was

Thead table equal to tbody using jquery. How to do?

I have table something like this: .table { width: 300px; } thead, tbody { display: block; table-layout: fixed; } tr { width: 100%; } th { border: 1px solid #454545; color: #545454; background-color: #e4e4e4; padding: 2px 6px; table-layout: fixed; } t

Bootstrap - collar size in relation to the parent collar

EDIT: I solved my problem. Explanation at the bottom. Sorry for my english but it is hard to explain :/ When basic column take "md-4" size and is too small, then input child should break line and become 100% width. But if basic column will chang

Resizing two images on the same line on Bootstrap 3

I'm trying to put two images at the same line with Bootstrap, using two different columns. I aligned them, used some background color two see the result, etc. But, when I change the resolution to see the responsive effect, they not resize by equal! t

Responsive Animated Svg-Map

first of all: Merry Christmas! I'm trying to do a clickable map which is responsive. I'm failing to keep the positions of the svg images stable, see here: I have no idea how to solve this. As you can see, the over

Clickable background image & amp; Sensitive

Was try to make a background image clickable. I used the follow: <a href="" title="me Consulting" id="range-logo"></a> as html code and the following: #range-logo { background-image:url(http://mid

Web Responsive Design: What and how?

I'm just getting deeper into web design and I keep reading the term 'responsive' everywhere. I know this is a little bit of a broad question (please flag/comment/edit if it is too broad to validate answering here on stackoverflow), but what does 'res

The website covers the whole page, I do not want it

I am developing a website and I want to put it in a wrapper or container so I can limit to let's say 1000px and not the entire webpage. HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <div class="wrap"> <html> <head> <meta name="viewport&qu

Center an overlay overlay

I'm trying to center this hover over lay with hardly any luck. It seems I have to keep declaring media queries when I know there is an easier way around this. Any suggestions would help. You can find the code below. Thanks! .empty_canvas_content { -m

The @media screen query does not work

I've made a site (fairly new to html/css) and certain @media queries aren't working. Idea being to display container1 95% of screen, on a screen less than 500px.. thanks in advance! See code below: #container1 { float: left; max-width: 45%; min-heigh

rotated text in the sidebar - css

I want to make a sidebar where the text is rotated and centered inside the sidebar. I want this in text and css, not background image or something... How would something like this be done in css? I have tried to use transform: rotate(7deg); and stuff

How to make the width of a div in the middle reactive

Hi I'd like to know how to implement in CSS a way to make the width of a div in the middle of two other divs auto adjustable. .container { width: 100%; } .left, .right, .middle { float: left; // or display:inline i don't know... you tell me } .left {

Sensitive background video

Is there a way to make a video responsive? On a mobile phone, the video is too big. I tried giving it width : 100% and height: auto, but then there were white bars. WebsiteIt will auto adjust the height based on the width. HTML <div class="flex-vi

Reactive grid of squares in a grid of reactive squares

I am trying to make a grid of responsive squares, with each square in the grid containing another grid of responsive squares. Think of a sudoku board, which has 9 squares, each containing 9 squares. I started with this: Grid of responsive squares and

Reactive images, adjusted inside the parent

Looking for CSS-only solution for images to scale while retaining their aspect ratio but fit inside the parent container. Images should never stretch outside of the parent. Refer to demo, the first two work, while the last one is skewing it's width i

Bug responsive design

I am really desperate about DIV elements positioning bug when trying to create a template for a new responsive layout web design. The URL is: The problem: when you resize the window to be less than 800