Columns in RWD grid view (CSS Responsive)

I am learning CSS and have come across to this lesson in W3school. I am struggling to understand what are the purposes of having so many column classes in grid view: .... .col-1 {width: 8.33%;} .col-2 {width: 16.66%;} .col-3 {width: 25%;} ...... And

Custom Media CSS Query Conditions

I want to change some CSS properties of an element based upon the width of its parent element for responsive design. For example, The parent element will have a minimum width of 200px and will stretch to at max 500px regardless of the screen size/wid

Li tags in the navigation bar are not responsive

I have a navigation bar and when I make the screen size smaller, the list items overlap into the left of the navigation where there is the logo instead of keeping to their positions. Here is the HTML code: <header> <div class="navbar navbar-

Shift div up to fill the empty space in the Bootstrap layout 3

I have a Bootstrap layout that reorders itself the way I want it to when it goes to 1-column at the smallest media query size of xs: [A] [B] [IMG] [C] [D] [E] At higher screen sizes, I want it to look like this: [A][IMG] [B][E] [C] [D] Instead, it cu

Change the font size to fit a variable width container

I'm trying to fluidly scale the font size to fill its variable-width container using jQuery TextFill. Trouble is, I think this only works with fixed-width containers. I want to use this on a site with a responsive grid. Here's my test, which confirms

Bootstrap 3 - responsive mp4 video

I tried to find a good solution on the bootstrap site but I didn't get an answer to this yet. I think I can't be the only one struggling with this, but I couldn't find anything that helped me. I'm trying to embed an mp4-video on my website. The probl

How can I center a responsive image

I can't figure out how I can make a responsive image and at the same time make the image centered regardless if it is viewed on a cellphone or on a computer with a wider resolution. I'm using css class .img-responsive but that always does align the i

bx slider with div background image problem

I have a background image but for some reason I can't see it as I have given 100% height to make it responsive. <ul id="slider"> <li id="first"><div style="background-image: url(

Form does not work as it should

Question: 1. Why is the "required" function not working in my contact form? 2. Why can I not make use of the full width of the input-field. See img. I can only write on the left half of the input field. HTML: <div id="content"> &

How can we do the responsive height of the header

I have the header structure of my page as <header> <div class="clouds"></div> </header> The clouds do not change by the change in width of the screen. I want to make them responsive. How can I do with CSS. I currently use

CSS - Floating problem for a responsive design

Problem: Fiddle: As you can see in the problem image above, I would like to position the image alongside the title but keeping the structure of the html for a responsive layout. <div class="l

why the media request will not work on mobile and tablet

my media query works as per expected on my desktop however not in the mobile phone or the tablet.Please check out the live code here if the screen is bigger than 1024px it should be green my tablet screen is but the backgro

HTML responsive font size for mobile devices

I have an application that runs on Android and IOS. The application has some WebView components that displays HTML From what I found there are "em" and "viewport" units as well as "@media" in css. I'm new to HTML5 and CSS3, c

how to get back to the default values ​​with jQuery

I'm using jQuery to apply element-level inline styles which will override the underlying css class style definitions. All good so far, but then I want to un-do this, and to animate back to the properties that would be defined by the CSS rules, removi

How to make perfect div for footer?

I'm trying to get the div for my footer (id="Footer") to be 10px from the bottom of my screen. For example, if my page content cannot fill the height of the screen, I want the div to be 10px from the bottom. If my page content extends further th

How to make navigation links sensitive to browser resizing

I am trying to make a website I am developing responsive, so far the elements that I want to make responsive to change in the the browser window are working well, except for the navigation text size and position... The HTML make up for the web page l

Svg Icons for Mobile Design

Should I use svg icons for responsive mobile design ? because of retina display. I read that it is good idea for small icons like header or title etc..Are you talking exclusively about iOS - you mention retina? I do not know about this platform but S

Using the FitText jquery plugin to resize the text

I'm trying to use the FitText jquery plugin to get resize some text. The problem is that the text only gets blown up after a window resize event. // Resizer() resizes items based on the object width divided by the compressor * 10 var resizer = functi

Tables in a responsive web design

I've followed the typical way a form has been setup in an application, which is to use a table that looks like this: <table> <tbody> <tr> <td>Field</td> <td>@Html.TextBox("Field")</td> </tr> <tr

Fluid images: How to define width and height?

I'm trying to build a fluid layout, for which I am styling big images with: .fluid_img { height: auto; width: auto; max-width: 100%; } This works fine, the problem is that I can no longer use the width and height attributes in the html img tag (they